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Easy Readers for Back to School in Fun Lost Kitties Stories

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Lost Kitties Bring Adventures to Reading

Reader for Level 3 readers

Reader for Level 3 readers

adventures with the Lost Kitties

adventures with the Lost Kitties

Easy Readers to Start the New School Year

Parents and teachers want to get the kids back to reading as soon as possible for the new school year and these two delightful and popular adventure books with the Lost Kitties will get children into reading. Both are categorized by Level 3 in the reading series. Creative adventures, longer sentences, and a more complex story plot make these two easy readers a great choice for early readers.

Lost Kitties #ADORBS with a delighful stories of cookies, dancing, and butterflies is full of adventures for fans of Lost Kitties. Each chapter is short with easy to read text. Readers will find longer words to decode. Join Bonbon, Pixie, Tummy Tum and other Lost Kitties characters as they engage in busy activities and adventures. The brightly colored illustrations will also engage early readers with each adventure. Memez learns a life lesson in self-esteem after participating in a dance contest. Dance moves should make one feel like themselves.

Lost Kitties #ADORBS is recommended for early readers ages 7-9. It was published by Studio Fun International and has an ISBN of 978-0-7944-4418-1. Collectors of the Lost Kitties all-Star Readers will want to add this one to their collection.

Lost Kitties #NOMZ brings more adventures to fans of these easy readers. Join some favorite characters as they explore restaurants and fast-food choices in the first chapter of adventure. Other favorite Lost Kitties learn to use a toaster in the next chapter. Bowly and Noperz decide to be friends in the last chapter. Lost Kitties #NOMZ has an ISBN of 978-0-7944-4430-3.

Tips for Encouraging Early Readers for Back to School

Parents and teachers will want to add these early easy readers to their classroom libraries. Both are categorized as Level 3 in the All-Star Readers series. Fans of the Lost Kitties will be encouraged to get back to reading with these two additions to the collection. The :Level 3 Readers are designed to engage readers. The vocabulary words that are colorized in each adventure are familiar words to children in the 1st grade. Longer sentences with a variety of adjectives, verbs, and subjects challenge your early reader. Longer words to be decoded with learning letter-sound sound relationship will also challenge early readers to become proficient with decoding words.

*Read a chapter each day. Call attention to the words in bright colors for discussion of the meaning and context of each.

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*Engage children in discussing their favorite Lost Kitty. Invite children to tell why their choice is their favorite Lost Kitty.

*Offer an opportunity for a creative writing activity for children to write a new story about their favorite Lost Kitty. Invite them to use the vocabulary words that are printed in bright colors in the stories.

*Bring cookies to share with the class after reading the adventure with Bonbon's Baking Blunder while baking cookies.

*Offer the children an opportunity to have their own dance contest along with Memez. Call attention to the life lesson that each person's dance moves should make them feel good about themselves.

Bright and Colorful Illustrations Bring the Adventures to Life for Fans of the Lost Kitties


Collector's Guide for Fans of the Lost Kitties

The Lost Kitties Collector's Guide is a comprehensive book with fun details about all of the favorite characters in the Lost Kitties reader Series. The guide presents each kitty with descriptions of the kitty and adventures that each has. Hobbies, favorite toys, and their life dream are featured with each description of a favorite kitty. There are 100 Lost Kitties in the series.

Parents will want to add this comprehensive guide to their home library to encourage children to collect all of the adventures in easy readers. Fun trivia facts about each Lost Kitty add to the fun of reading about all of these favorite characters in the guide. All 112 pages in this creative guide for fans of Lost Kitties have all of the information that fans need to get to know their favorite kitties. Lost Kitties Collector's Guide has an ISBN of 978-0-7944-4366-3.

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