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Easy 5 Ways to Overcome Laziness

Laziness is a part of life, Enjoy it. In this articles you will know what is laziness some psychological and dietary ways to lessen it.



What is laziness and its cure

Hello and greetings to my readers.

I have asked one question below please answer this in comments.

Well before starting are you engaged with anything else. You may continue with your tasks if you are comfortable while reading this lazy article.

I have lots of things to say in this article but i feeling lazy to tell you. So will finish this in the minimum way.

What's the cure of laziness?

Or I should ask you what do u like to do with more easy or like to do again and again. Well u may answer it below.

But this question has the answer to laziness. Do what you like and this will remove laziness.

After doing this you will like to do the task you don't like or feel lazy about.

1. If you don't like studies, then watch TV. After a few time you'll like to study or you may do vice versa.

2. Then what do you like to eat. Eat what you like then study or do your work. You'll enjoy your work.

3. What's your favorite program? Watch a while and then do what you feel lazy about. You'll feel happy. And you may do your job or study more efficiently.

4. You should also run, walk or exercise to remove laziness.

5. Keep a good diet plan with you. take all required vitamins and minerals you body requires. Also drink water in sufficient quantity during the day and keep a track of it.

But what is laziness. Laziness is not accepting to do certain work because of various reasons. Laziness is just to delay work or not to do any work on time.

How to do the work then? Do the way you like. Lazy people are much smarter than hard working people. Yes they try to do the work what others do in a simple and easy way.

Also lazy people are much good planners. They plan the work as if it should be done removing all time wasters in it.


More Ways to Remove Laziness

Further if you want to remove laziness in yourself or your loved ones then help them. Let them divide their task in different sections and part. For example if your child have to study 5 chapters then tell him start with first chapter learn it and then play a little or do some other work and then go to other chapter. Likewise you may do in office work.

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While working in office if you start difficult to do any work. Then just relax eat something or go for a round do what you like and then do you task with the help of someone expert. You'll live and enjoy doing your work in this way.

The best effective way to remove laziness is to develop a passion in your work. If you don't like to cook start making a recipe which you like or try new recipes.

Walk, Run and Exercise.

These 3 words will remove your laziness. Yes go on a walk or run a mile or exercise. You may even Do this three task as and when you want its not necessary to do daily but you may Run 3 times a week or so if you feel you don't have time.

Enjoy a few Nuts


Intakes to Beat Laziness

Eat a lot of Nuts

Eat nuts like almonds, apricot, cashews, hazelnuts walnuts, etc. You may take handful of these in your pocket and eat whenever you like.


Yes drink water. You don't realize but we do not keep a track or we do not drink water in sufficient quantity during the day. Water creates a freshness in mind. It gives relaxation to the mind.

Apples and Bananas

Bananas and apples gives strength to mind. they make us feel active throughout the day. Bananas has potassium, vitamins and fibers. And also "An apple a day keeps laziness and Doctor away."

Essentials Vitamins and Supplements

Also consult a good nutritionist and take Essential vitamins and supplements. Diet is very important and it helps in removing fatigue.

Tea and coffee

Enjoy your tea and coffee and remove laziness, but in moderation. They'll give you mental freshness and ability to do any work and make feel tasks new again to learn more.


dashingscorpio from Chicago on October 28, 2020:

"Do what you like and this will remove laziness. - That's true!

Unfortunately it will not cure (procrastination).

More often than not for us to have the life WE (want) we are required to put in the time and effort to do things we dread to accomplish our goals. Every athlete spends more time (training) than playing their sport, every actor spends more time auditioning and rehearsing than acting for a live audience or in a film.

Ambition + Self Discipline + Persistence are keys to succeeding.

Laziness is usually the result of a lack of motivation, interest, or ambition. Don't be a passenger in your own life! Take the wheel!

"If you want something bad enough you will find a way, and if you don't you will find an excuse." - Jim Rohn

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