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During the Pandemic, Sharing Household Chores With Husband

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Remote Works 2021

Remote Works 2021

Many changes have occurred in society after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Those who initially worked in the office, are now required to work from home, as well as learning that is transferred online.

Now, this lifestyle change turns out to have an impact on the domestic affairs of a family.

If usually father, mother, and child only meet in the afternoon into the evening, now almost 24 hours are always together.

This is indeed good for increasing the bond between each family member, but on the other hand, there are new problems that arise.

The problem that must be faced by mothers who are also working women.

During the change in the work-from-home lifestyle and online schools, women who play the role of mothers, wives, as well as employees have quite heavy responsibilities.

Therefore, to get through these difficult times, cooperation between the wife and husband is needed to share roles in domestic affairs.

Both must be willing to share household chores, starting from cleaning, cooking, accompanying online school children, so that the heavy burden is not only felt by one party.

However, the reality on the ground is different.

Through a survey conducted with the title "Division of Domestic Roles between Husbands and Wives" with 234 male respondents, it was found that only 35% of married couples experienced changes in the division of domestic roles.

Where 35% of the couples share household tasks while carrying out the dual role of earning a living and taking care of children.

While the other 65% admitted that there was no change in their roles.

This is certainly quite burdensome for women who have dual roles, namely working and being housewives.

During the pandemic they have to do domestic tasks, supervise children studying, and carry out their duties as employees.

The many tasks that women have to do, of course, make she's very tired.

Therefore, women who have dual roles must be able to explain to their partners the importance of dividing the domestic roles of husband and wife during this pandemic.

According to Clinical Psychologists, many benefits can be obtained from the division of domestic roles during this pandemic even for the long term.

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For couples, the division of domestic roles during this pandemic can improve good relations and harmony in the household.

This division of domestic roles will make the couple much more solid and far from conflict because language is not just verbal language but with non-verbal, body language (actions in sharing domestic roles)

In addition, with the division of domestic roles, the development of children is also much better.

The good relationship between mother and father at home is shown in the family, one of which is by sharing domestic roles, during this pandemic can affect the happiness of children as well.

For children's development, it will also be better, when the parents are happy, solid, the child must be happy too, because some of the child's problems, whether psychological or parenting, must come from the parents.

Then how to explain the importance of division of tasks to husbands so that the various benefits can be realized?

Pay Attention to Mood and Situation

In explaining the importance of the division of tasks to the husband, the wife must first understand the mood of her partner.

If the husband feels he is in a bad mood or the situation is not supportive, no matter how well you explain, your partner will not be able to accept it.

How to explain to a husband the importance of the first division of domestic tasks, before entering the content, we must know the husband's mood, the situation, if the situation is tense, conflicted, of course, whatever we explain in any way or the best words, it will be mental just.

Avoid Using Angry and Offending Words

We also advise you to be able to communicate well in explaining the importance of the division of domestic tasks in the household.

Avoid using words that corner or offend your partner.

Look for neutral words, don't corner your husband, so we have to know how to get the sentence out without offending him.

Knowing the Condition of the Partner

Before you demand your husband do various tasks, you also need to know how difficult his condition is.

We have to first ask what his condition is, because each person, even though they are the same gender as men, the type of work must be different, some are heavier, some have been busier since this pandemic, have meetings from morning to night, some are So it's more relaxed, we can't equate conditions in all households.

Household is Cooperation

After you have considered the 3 things above, the next step is to explain to your husband that the household is cooperation.

Domestic work is not only the responsibility of the wife but also the husband.

Household is cooperation and domestic chores are not only the role of the wife, it is not old anymore, but such thoughts also are old and not by the development of the times, because we are included in one household bond, we are all together. Equally committed to working together.

Well, you can try some of the things above to communicate the importance of dividing domestic tasks with your partner to reduce the burden of dual roles you have during a pandemic.

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