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Dinosaurs and Big Trucks That Dig in Adventurous Board Book for the Little Ones

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Fun Read to Add to Your Infant/Toddler Collection of Board Books


Fun Board Book for Infants/ Toddlers to Encourage Beginning Reading

I always encouraged parents of infants/toddlers to begin reading to their child as soon as possible when I was a teacher in early childhood classrooms. I always provided board books in my infant/toddler classrooms. Board books are made of sturdy cardboard and are almost chew-proof. Most come in a size that toddlers can carry around. Providing books that toddlers can carry around is a great way to get their attention and encourage interest in reading.

Michael Whaite's Diggersaurs Explore is a fun read in board book form to add to your child's collection. All children are fascinated by dinosaurs and big trucks and digging equipment that they might see at construction sites or along the road. The illustrations for Diggersaurs Explore are similar to the characters that your child might be familiar with from the movie CARS. Each digging machine has a happy face with large smiling eyes and big teeth.

Each kind of large digging truck and equipment is featured in the story. Each truck or digging equipment has a physical feature that is similar to a dinosaur. The trucks and digging equipment encounter all sorts of adventures as they move along. Large rocks, mounds of dirt, grassy hills, and even a huge wall are all part of the work day. The diggersaurs finally reach the beach and they find a very surprising "creature" that they help to free from years of being stuck. A surprising and happy ending takes place and a new friendship is formed.

Diggersaurs Explore is written in simple text and short sentences for easy reading. The brightly colored illustrations are filled with details to hold the interest of young children. The text is written in heavy black letters with large print. The large print is especially important for young toddlers and infants to see and begin to recognize letters.

Diggersaurs Explore was published by Random House Children's Books and is recommended for ages infants through age 4. It has an ISBN of 978-1-9848-963-1.

Brightly Colored and Large Illustrations Add Interest to the Story

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Tips for Reading to Your Infants and Toddlers

It is never too early to introduce reading to your infants and toddlers. Board books are the perfect choice for your little ones. Even the classics that were introduced to preschoolers and older children are now available in board book form.

Whaite's Diggersaurs Explore offers a wealth of extra reading techniques that parents can introduce to infants, toddlers, and early preschoolers.

*Call attention to the large letters in the title of the book. All of the letters are capital letters of the alphabet. The letter "X" is printed in red for special notice. Pointing to each letter and naming the letter is a beginning part of reading to your little one.

*The text is written in rhymes for language development. Children who are beginning to speak will enjoy the rhyming words and it is fun to give them an opportunity to repeat the rhyming words and add some clapping when saying the words.

*Some words are printed in extra large print and can be used to teach dramatic reading. Speak louder and point to the words that add drama to the story.

*Some words from the text are words that name sounds such as "chug", "toot", "crash" and "buzz". Add some expressive reading when reading these words and if your toddler is beginning to speak, encourage them to repeat your sound words. "WHOOSH" is a fun choice to encourage creative sounds. Point to these words as you read along.

*Collect toys for your infants and toddlers that are similar to the digging equipment featured in the story. Don't leave your girls out of the toy collection! Girls can also work in construction. Play with the toys as you read along.

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