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Tips on Taking DIY Newborn Pictures

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Through taking our own maternity pictures, I have found tips along the way that helped us save money.

Taking Your Own Newborn Pictures

The main reason we chose to take the pictures ourselves was the expense. In our area, newborn pictures can be quite expensive, and with our new budget after having a baby it would not work. If only it would have been as easy as point and click. There are many helpful tips that I wish I would have known about taking our daughters' newborn pictures ourselves.

Tips on Planning the Photos

  • Timing is probably the most important one. This is the one that my husband and I probably messed up the most. The ideal time to take pictures of your newborn is 0–4 weeks. We waited a little bit after that, and it made things more difficult than necessary. During 0–4 weeks, newborns are typically more cooperative. They tend to be more willing to position their hands or body into the shot that you want.
  • Another important factor for taking pictures is natural lighting. I would choose the spot in your home that has the most natural light to take the photos. Natural lighting really helps the quality of the picture to look more professional.
  • Plan everything out beforehand. This includes the outfits, props, and location. This will help with a smoother photo session. When it comes to outfits and props, I would suggest keeping it simple. I wouldn't try too many outfit changes during the session. This could cause your baby to become fussy. If you can't narrow your outfit/prop choices down, I would divide your photo session between multiple days.
  • I would suggest that you set everything up before you get your baby dressed. If you are using props, I would have them available and ready to be used.
  • I would plan out the shots that you want to capture beforehand and plan the order that you will take them. If multiple shots require your baby to be in the same position but use different props and backgrounds, it would be beneficial to take them back to back so you disturb your child the least amount possible.

Christmas Newborn Photo


Tips on Photo Ideas and Assistance

  • Do not get too stuck on coming up with theme ideas. If your baby is born during or around a popular holiday, you can use that to your advantage. Our baby was born a few days from Christmas, so our main theme was focused on that. Other themes do not have to be holiday-related. For instance, you can do sports, items with your baby's name, or dress them up as a favorite character in a cartoon. There are endless options. Keep it light and fun!
  • Ask for help. Trust me from my personal experience: It was super beneficial asking my close friend (my daughter's aunt) for help with the pictures. Not only did she help with keeping my daughter entertained while setting up the scene, she also came up with ideas for the props. On the flip side, I would not ask too many people, because that could bring more problems than actually helping. You know what tasks you need help with, so use that as a guideline for how many people to ask.

Unicorns and Confetti


Don't Stress

  • Your pictures do not have to be perfect. Even the flops turn out cute. Your baby will only be little once. When your child is a toddler, adolescent, or teenager and you are looking back on the newborn pictures, it will bring excitement even if they are not exactly professional and perfect.
  • These pictures are for your baby to look back when they are older and for you to save memories of them as a baby, so do not put a lot of pressure on yourself to make them flawless. Just do your best and trust me you will enjoy them. All of them. Some of my daughter's pictures that are less than professional quality are my favorite. They bring back memories that happened while taking them.
    • For instance, one of my cats sat down in the middle of her shoot before we finished setting up, and other times the cats had run past while trying to capture that perfect shot. I could have been mad that they messed up the photo, but instead, I got a great shot of my cat wearing a crown.

"Glameowour Shot"

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