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Criteria for Judging a Baby Contest

What You Need to Know About Baby Contests

Some people are curious to know what judges look for when a photo is submitted for a baby contest. Read on for information how judges choose winners and how to become a judge yourself.

Baby competitions come in many forms. There's pageants, talent shows, online photo judging events, and the list goes on. Different competitions call for different judging criteria.

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Baby Photo Competitions

Being able to identify the subject in the photo is key. Is the subject centered? What do you see first? Ensure the composition of the image is the best it can be. This can be done by having the photo make sense to the viewer. Can you tell what the child is doing in the photo? Strong composition is important. Do some research on how best to approach this. Try to keep the portraits simple and uncluttered.

The focus should be clear, concise, and crisp. Unless it's a motion shot, the subject should be easily identifiable. There should be no blurring, no white spots, lines, or any other abnormalities. Keep your child the focus of the photo. Judges look for this.

How well does your photo tell a story? The photo should catch the judge’s eyes and tell them a story. Whatever the child is doing should be easily recognizable. If there's an emotional response to the photo, even better. Judges look to see if the photo has been presented as creatively as possible. They want photos that are fresh, intriguing, and unique.

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Baby Pageants

Baby pageants are the most popular type of baby competition. Judges must consider many factors when judging a pageant. With children there's a few more criteria standards that needs to be met versus adult competitions. Psychological and societal development are key. The judges will observe the children to see how far along in each of these categories the child is. Cognitive, gross motor, fine motor skills, social functioning level and speech and language are all considered.

Along with psychological and societal development, the normal criteria most people are familiar with play a large part. Talent, different outfits, award winning smiles and a star personality are must haves for the hopeful contestant.

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Talent Shows

Think your child has what it takes to win a talent competition? There's five different criteria categories that must be met by most judges. These include personality, originality, stage appearance, audience response, and overall performance.

You should ask yourself a few questions before choosing a talent for your baby. The judges have most likely already seen quite a few acts over the years. Is the talent something that can be seen often without being boring? Will the talent grow with the child and change as they get older? Is the talent unique and creative? Is it something your child loves to do. Can your child perform in front of an audience? Will the competition let you be on stage with the child or do they have to go alone?

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How to Become a Judge

To get some experience start by looking for competitions, events, and talent shows that let the public do the judging. Also, start researching organizations that's looking for judges for other events. Check national magazines, local newspapers, the Internet, and anything else that comes to mind. The more you put yourself out there, the better the chances are someone will pick you to be a judge for them. Write to as many people as possible.

Read up on judging techniques. Once you're a judge make sure you understand what the organizations are looking for in a baby competition winner. Follow these guidelines. Factor in every child in the event and do not skip any of them. If you know a child or the parents of a child in a competition stay objective or excuse yourself from being a judge. Have fun with the project assigned to you!

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Then The Curtain Fell

After the baby contest has ended, remember to thank the organization or company that allowed you this wonderful opportunity. Thank the winner and the other contestants as well. Be gracious and humble. If you've done a great job as a judge, this might secure judging offers in the future. Get experience under your belt and a solid reputation as a fair and honest judge. Always remember ethics and morals.

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