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Creative Grandma Uses Technology to Read to Children With Stories and Devotions

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Stories with Momo The Crippled Lamb

Creative Grandma Uses technology to Connect Children With Books and Devotions

Sometimes retired teachers have a need to stay connected with children in a different way after leaving the classroom. Martha Greer is one of those teachers. She has been inspired by her own grandchildren to use technology to connect with other children by using the magic of Youtube to read cherished books for all children to enjoy. I have known Martha since fifth grade and we lived on the same street in our hometown. We both are retired teachers and share the common interest of children's books. Her new project is delightful and I am very excited to be able to share her new venture into the world of technology and Youtube to share her favorite children's books for everyone to enjoy.

I presented questions for an interview with Martha and her answers to my questions are included in my article. Parents will enjoy reading about her inspiration for her new project.

1. "What started you thinking that you would like to do this project?"

Martha: "I started thinking about this project long ago. I was not thinking about videos at the time. I was just thinking about reading to children. Reading to children has always been a passion of mine. I retired from 25 years of teaching in 2015. Former students and parents of children who I had taught kept encouraging me to do a blog with possible videos and going to schools to read to children. At Thanksgiving this year my grandchildren wanted me to begin doing some videos of me reading books so they could share them with their classmates and friends. I felt the Lord leading me to do something for children, so this was like a 'Godwink' and I could not say no. So here I am with 'Stories with Momo' videos."

2. "How do you choose the books that you want to read for your videos"?

Martha: "My books for the beginning videos are books that I already have in my home and ones that my grandchildren loved and wanted me to read to them. I am currently readbing books by request."

Insights Into Martha's New Adventure With Sharing Her Favorite Books Through Videos

Martha: " After teaching kindergarten, first, and second grade,and running an after-school program, along with teaching Sunday School, Bible School, and running summer camps, I have quite a collection of beloved children's books. I have always loved the written word. I now have my own library of children's books. I have recently been giving some away by sharing them with schools, neighbors, friends, and my grandchildren. I am making room for new ones as I get requests."

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Question: "How do you want any devotional themes to be put into your videos for children"?

Martha: "First, my devotionals are not just for children. There are many of what I call 'mature' adults out there who enjoy having a devotion as well as hearing an 'old' children's book read to them. So while I want to include young and old, there is just a natural lean in the direction of children in my audience.

I am definitely a teacher of the word of God and I try to include devotional themes into almost everything I do or say to children. When choosing books, I choose those with devotional themes. it is usually seasonal such as Advent, Lent, easter, or even Valentines Day. I use stories and books to jumpstart discussions about devotional themes or subjects. I enjoy teachable moments. I believe a book can be the beginning of a teachable moment discussion."

I hope that parents will find Stories from Momo to be a fun activity that they can share with their children.

See you on Youtube!

Sharing Martha's New Adventure Is a Special Connection

Martha and I knew each other in elementary school. We lived on the same street in our home town and our mothers were both teachers. We re-connected after many years via FaceBook. I was excited to learn about her new adventure and wanted to feature her in an article for my column on Hub Pages. We share a love of children's books and both of us used books in our classrooms for many years to introduce children to the love of reading.

I hope that my readers will look for her videos on YouTube with Stories with Momo.


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