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Courage & Inspiration for Abused Mums Heading to Family Court: A Picture Poem

I have made a photo story to share with you all. May it inspire strength in those who are preparing for court, and may it make you all smile...


May I soar through the upcoming court proceedings...


With the easy confidence shown by majestic eagles...


May the magistrate be as wise as an owl...


And not make me feel small, insignificant or on trial...


May my ex's efforts to appear No.1...


Serve only to prove he is perpetrating scum...


May he be clumsy enough to slip up real big...


May his lies make the magistrate take time to think...


May he see that an atheist who swears in God's name...


Cannot be trusted, whether in life or in game...


To his outrageous requests may the magistrate reply,

Sir, you're more likely to see a pig fly...



"Thoughts Become Things" is a truth to take far...

A wish is a thought, so wish on a star...


Now go and have fun with those that you love...


And know that they love you best cos you're "Mum"!


And as for your ex, be he Harry, Dick or Tom...

Let him be the one to worry that he sits on a bomb...


As for you, keep doing what mum's do best...


And let the universe take care of the rest....


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Sarah Campbell on December 11, 2010:

Heaven Sent !!!

I been praying that God really show me he's with me ...for understanding and strength ..and I came upon this WOW Thankyou and Praise God !!!

mkohajda from Baltimore on November 20, 2010:

love all your information and inspirations

minesgm from Texas on September 18, 2010:

Nice one. I love my dad too. And i hope your kids will find the love of dad and mom in you. Thanks for sharing.

It's just me from Alaska on August 11, 2010:

Hi Safe at Last It's Just me. My ex husband is in jail again but he gets out in a couple of months. His sister has found me but I don't think he will be able to travel this far, he's in debt up to his neck with the courts because after he attacked his girlfriend he attacked the female cop that showed up to arrest him. But I'm still worried and trying to keep a hopeful attitude.

Kaie Arwen on July 05, 2010:

MEMORIES..................... loved this! I think you should add this link; I've been dying to link it to something for the longest time!

Keep your chin up.......... it's a long, hard process in which you'll find little humor. I'll be thinking of you............ email if you need to! Kaie

Mentalist acer from A Voice in your Mind! on July 05, 2010:

You Will do Well in court because you have the proper attitude and emotional adjustment...Live In Peace:)

Mel Stewart (author) from Western Australia on July 05, 2010:

Saddlerider, sadly what you say is often true, but not always.

Personally, I am fighting to keep a promise I made to my kids. They never want to see their dad again. He has hurt them to much. They have not seen him for 6 months and are happier than they ever have been.

Most dad's are great. I loved my dad and I miss him heaps.

The first time I separated from my kids dad I bent over backwards to ensure they could continue their relationship with him. This time, with all he has done, it would be cruel of me to force them to continue their relationship. Their counselors agree.

He tried to induce suicide in me. In fact he premeditated it for 4 years. Now he brags about the fact he almost succeeded. Why? He thought I owed him a house. Never mind that when he left I took on ALL our debt and HIS too, and my mortgage was worth thousands more than the house.

He told my children that he wished I was dead. He told them they were stupid for loving me.

After he left, my children told me they wished he was dead. I told them we don't think like that even about people who behave in a way that is nasty or mean.

I also told them it is ok to still love their dad but hate his behavior. ...

I allowed him to hurt them. Now I am taking responsibility for that. I must. I'm their mum and it's my job...

saddlerider1 on July 05, 2010:

I loved the way your put Divorce/Custody/Maintenance and all that Family Court implies. But remember it works both ways for either gender. I to spent weeks over months going through an UGLY divorce. The cost's were out of this world. We both fed our assets to the sharks Judges and lawyers. We lost they won as usual. Why? because they churn and churn and add fuel to fires that already have burned out of control with divorce.

The only ones that really lose are the children, no matter who maintains custody of them. Sad to say we can get ugly all we want against each other, but we are the losers to the Family court. There has to be a better way outside of the judicial system that just makes us more angry and takes away our dignity and our money.

Thank you for this share, it was a fun spin in pictures on a very sad and ugly procedure. I hope someone won in your case:0)) Cheers

I rate this UP for creativity.

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