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Polygamy and the Church

I am a Christian, a Nigerian and have a drive towards Kingdom Assignment and Enlargement


Polygamy is the practice of marrying multiple spouses, when a man is married to more than one wife at the same time, it is called Polygyny while when a woman is married to more than one husband at a time, it is called Polyandry

Polygamy has its root in the old testament where many of the father's of faith fall a victim of polygamy. Traced back to Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon and others as document in the bible. But nevertheless we also have father's of faith that did not engage on polygamy such as Joseph, Isaac and others. In the new testament polygamy is not pronounced as we have it in the old testament but yet in this present day we have it in almost all chistain extended family having one or two into polygamy, so many things as reenforced this type of family as against nuclear family of one wife, one husband and children.

If we really want to look deep into polygamy and christian living we have to go to the foundation and check for reason why they came up. To do this the old testament will be our foundation so as to get proper understanding.

Following proper study of the Scripture, you will come to agree with me that the reasons for polygamy can be narrow down to some of these reasons, which include the following:

From the old testament, Sarah instigated Abraham into Polygamy because she could not wait for God's promises, likewise Christians today still carryout this same act of marrying out someone else to their husband in the name of looking for a child. For an individual not to be able to wait for God is as a result of not having real encounter with the WORD of God. The Devil did not meet Adam, he met Eve likewise Sarah was the one that suggested Haggai to Abraham. A partial or poor understanding of God's word or instructions will birth impatient. As a result the Second wife is indirectly or directly introduced which birth polygamy.

At freewill without any pressure Esau choose to pick more than one wife for himself against the instruction of his father Isaac. So many instances like this happens in this present day christians where believers choose to disobey the Scripture and make reference to old testament to support their untamed emotions towards the opposite sex.

Scripture refer to finding a wife not wives but they kept looking for wives to satisfy their selfish interest. Sometimes dissatisfaction with owns spouse calls for another one which means he never found a good wife from the begining simply because the searching was done carnally.

Many Christians has placed culture and traditions above scriptural instructions. This took place in the old testament when Laban by culture denied Jacob of Rachel because Leah was the first daughter. Many African Christian Homes see having more wives as a medium to raise more children and empowerment for farming. So many traditions enacted it as a law to take over a late brother's wife as there own, which likewise birth polygamy.

This system or pattern of multiple wives/husbands (Polygamy) has more evil result than positive result looking from the Bible and this present age christians lifestyles. Let's look at some of the results of polygamy.

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it has been observed even from the Bible that the product of polygamy has produce various result as against God's expectations of a good Christian home as compare to a nuclear family of one man one woman in a Christian setting. Some of this negative influences on christian living includes:
Disunited Home
Instigateg Rape
Facilitate Murder

Disunited Home:
This is one of the greatest influence of polygamy because the stigma is always there among the children simply because they came from different mother, even between the two wives or husbands which always birth rivalry and jealousy which leads to bitter envy. So many present christian Homes could not fufil the word dwelling together in unity but rather disunity. Many of the biblical figures suffered this problem, like the house of King David.

Instigated Rape:
looking at the same King David family, polygamy could not make the son of David (Amnon) flee from the temptation of forcefully sleeping (Rape) with his half sister. This stigmal of half sister encourage his lust towards her. Likewise this polygamy has replicate such act in my christian homes today where forceful sex (Rape) is common mainly between half sister and brothers and many home has just choose to manage the scene within the family from going public. Polygamy has brought more damage to Christian home that we can imagine.

Because of thirst for revenge, like we have for the same King David family,the act of murder forced itself into the family. Also like the case of Joseph and his brothers, bitter envy was the order of the day, they envyed and instigate the option of murder. If it were just a nuclear family the story would have been different. Christians should desist from polygamy, it is required of us to be of one husband and of one wife and likewise woman of one husband as long as they are alive.

Looking at this two major approaches which include:
Preventive Approach
corrective Approach

Preventive Approach;
This approach involve obeying the biblical principle of a Man of one wife. The lord created in the garden of Eden Male and Female not Male and Females nor Females and Male. As earlier stated the foundation of marriage counts , is it on Christ, is the bed also not defiled and the finding of the wife is properly done through prayer. The foundation counts alot which will determine if the room will be created for polygamy or not.

Corrective Approach;
This has to do with an already existing polygamy situation, such family have to reintroduce Christ as the head of the home. The love of Christ must be allowed to spread across all in the family so as to rebuild all the broken walls of unity in the family.

Polygamy in christian family has never been the idea of God but of man and the devil. But the love of Christ is spread abroad for all, he saved the woman caught in adultery, so likewise the woman he met by the well with multiple husband was also saved by Christ. Not withstanding he died on the cross for all, including christian homes with polygamy. Let his LOVE continue to lead the home.
Psalm 133:1-3, 2nd Samuel 13:1-39


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