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Children are priceless gifts given by God to man, please protect them

When the news of the arrival of a child in any family goes to the family members, then there can be no greater happiness for the family who really wants to feel

When the news of the arrival of a child in any family goes to the family members, then there can be no greater happiness for the family who really wants to feel the childhood again and if anyone is the happiest in it. So the grandparents of that child to be born are the grandparents and the happiness that happens to the parents of that child to be born, it is impossible to find the same kind of happiness in anyone else and also in the parents if I have to say about any one. Who can be the happiest then I would say to the mother of the child to be born because that mother is just feeling her baby in her stomach for 9 months but today the day is going to come in front of her when she can take her baby to her. I will see in front of my eyes how excited my family was about the birth of my child and will tell you what preparations we have made.

when my child was about to come into the world, my whole family was very happy with me, my parents, brothers and sisters, my grandmother, everyone used to feel as if someone in this house would do everything in their bus and win everyone's heart with their parrot speech. A little lovely guest is coming, the whole family was feeling the heights of many places of happiness, some say that they will decorate the whole house, some say that they will feed everyone with sweets, some say that every year his birthday will be celebrated with great pomp.

And I was expecting a new big bundle of my joy. My sister had cleaned out the small bedroom near her and we were ready to set up our baby room. I am presenting everything here in the form of a suggestion in front of all of you, which may be possible to prepare the house for your child as well. and will keep your baby safe and comfortable.

1. child safety

You will have to do everything that is necessary for the safety of your child, do not buy or buy a bicycle for your child, give toys to him or not, but protect him first, keep his room clean and tidy as soon as he comes from outside. You can not catch him, have come from outside, first of all go to the bathroom and take a bath, only then you can touch him, you clean his milk bottle twice a day, that too with a good detergent powder. Create a suitable environment for the child by yourself like cleaning the surroundings, cleaning the fan, cleaning the bed because you and we all know that the chances of spreading bacteria are high in all these places and because of this any bacteria on your baby may have an attack and your child may fall ill.

2. baby toys

Number two after the safety rule, you can buy some play items for your child like you can buy a crib for him or a teddy bear or any such toy so that the child will not get hurt while playing if you are less than 1 year old It is better not to give any heavy toy to the child.
For a baby under 1 year old the first thing you can do is buy him a crib. In the early months of baby's birth you can choose to use the crib and place it near his bed, so my advice is that you'll need a crib .

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3. You're Becoming His Shadow With Your Child

Yes, it is very important from all that you should never leave your child alone, keep an eye on him, you should not leave him with the help of your midwife or any servant, your child is small, he will put it in his mouth if he finds anything Take care that there is no such thing around him that poses a danger to him, by lifting all the small things of the house, keep it in a big cupboard or high place which is away from your child's grip, by doing this you will be able to take some time. You can stay free from your child's side for this but you do not have to be restless, you will have to always supervise him.

4. other essentials
When your child is above 2 years of age, you can buy some more essential items for him which include a changing table, a high chair in the form of furniture. For a 1 to 2 year old baby who needs frequent feedings, don't forget to get a comfortable rocking chair for late night feedings or a rock-a-by to put a fussy baby to sleep.

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