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Cartoon Movies That Hunt Kids

Emmanuel Nuga is a writer, a researcher and a publisher. His works are also focused on promoting children's value.


Our world has a lot of its influences from the spirit realm more than we think. Moreover, there are no doubts of evil men existing in our midst, men who are vessels in the hands of the devil; tools of the devil's despicable activities whose ambitious interest is to make life worse for humanity through corrupt and manipulative inventions.

This is a fact that cannot be overemphasized. Just as we have men with good intentions to improve our lives for the good so likewise are their men whose ambitious interest is to mess up lives. Children nevertheless are not excluded from this agenda.

However, knowing the active tactics deploy to destabilise the life of our kids is the major key to be considered. Though, difficult as it may be, it requires a sensitive mind, considering the fact that evil cannot be stopped but can be prevented.

Parents: Your Interest

It is not my idea to mention the names of cartoons. Meanwhile, I will be writing the attributes of this category of cartoons you have to avoid for your children.

Of course, just like we have good educational cartoons, likewise we have the bad ones even though we can't tell where they were made or the calibre of people who made them. However, our interest in cartoons should be the ones that bring our children's exposure to morals, good manners, social development, skills improvement and character building.

Let's pick them from here:

Magic Cartoons

Without further explanation; we all know what magic is and the source of magic? I mean the kind of magic that is diabolical in the act to be precise.

Curiosity, they say, is the driving mode for the longing for knowledge acquisition. And one common attribute that can be found in kids is their curiosity to know something by all means, probably what appears unfamiliar or just seeing for the first time.

In this regard, magic cartoons shouldn't be the anchor of their curiosity. The reason being that if a child, coincidentally finds a way to be involved, they might succumb and not only that. Parents, also need to consider the influences and distortion it protends in their children behavioural pattern. There is definitely nothing, I mean nothing educative about the watching of this kind of cartoon, which has no meaningful impact in their studies but will rather cause them harm. Educative and moral cartoons should be their motivational drive, anything out of these should be avoided. So let us get them this kind of cartoon to watch.

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Horror Cartoons

These kind of cartoons should be completely avoided for the kids, as they are counteractive and could alter a child's mental and psychological behaviour.

Movies that portray scary and monstrous features like these add no relevance or meaning to a child's life. What have they got to gain from movies that hunt them in their dreams, forcing them to scream from their sleep? That is why at times they have dreams of being terrified, chased or most likely screaming from their sleep. Some other kind of dreams where they are being tormented by a familiar face are most likely engineered by these horrific cartoons who appear in disguise.

These horrific images observed on the television registered in their little brain only to hunt and distort their soul.

Unfortunately, parents most times are oblivious to the cause of these horrific dreams. And still can't understand why a child complains of being pursued in dreams by one monstrous cartoon character known or unknown figure.

Besides, would you know? if a child is being terrified by such dreams except he or she opens up.

A Divine Insight

Just like the story of a boy. Although, the incident came from a divine revelation given to a person who was taken to hell to see where the creation of some of those cartoon characters originated from and their agenda against children. While in hell, a kid who was tormented by one of these evil cartoon characters was shown to her. How did he there? While he was yet alive; he was used to watching those cartoons characters which had negative Influences on his behaviour. According to the story, it happens on a particular day when the boy's mother wanted him to go on an errand but he refused and would not go but instead ran out of the house. As he took to his heels to run across the road, a car knocked him down and that was the end.


Naked Cartoons Characters

This kind is not left out, parents must be aware as it gradually creeps into home videos. If you think all cartoons producing firm have regards to morals considering children in perspective.You have to think again. Unless you don't know that they are individuals who support and finance child sex.

It shocked me the day I saw an image on which a man's manhood was deep into the mouth of a little girl. when you begin to observe or notice a naked cartoon character in a video you must know for certain it is part of the evil agenda to expose children to immorality, so it shouldn't be taken lightly.

Demonic Characters

Demons are real and they do exist among us and in the life of those who made themselves vulnerable for their dwelling. And I tell you the truth, they are various medium demons seized to possess humans. Those demonic cartoon videos are one of those mediums through which they gain access and influence the little ones.

Demons, as we were taught and made to understand, cannot operate without having possessed a body to find expression, that is because they are bodiless beings. The human body is their abode to function. From the light of scripture; when a demon is cast out, he seeks a place of rest but finds none, then decides he will go back to his house. The demon refers to the human body as his "house". True to this fact, this is how demons gain access to influence our behaviour. A phenomenon that possibly influences children to behave strangely at times, except we are oblivious of this very phenomenon.

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