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Caring For Our Learners


How Often Do You Touch On Relationship Topics With Your Child?

Back in my days, talking about sexual education was like walking naked in the public. You were not to have any discussion with anybody. In school, the only thing we learnt was sexual and asexual reproduction in science.
As a girl, the mentioning of a boy-girl relationship was not allowed. Leave alone fantasies about your crush. I kept it all to myself. The only place I turned to for answers later in life was the internet.

Nobody talked to me about financial wellbeing while growing up. I believe that poverty is not about lack of finance alone but it also means lack of financial literacy. I believe if I was educated enough, maybe I would be a different person in financial management. As a teacher, you need to safeguard your learner.
You can help the learner to recognise those that they can talk to. Make the learning environment safe in learning . Sensitive issues that should not be mentioned in class can be protected by not allowing the student to talk about it. This is one way of safeguarding the learner. Minimise public disclosure and limit what a student says in front of the whole class.


Personal, Social Health and Economic Education Matters.

Personal, Social Health and Economic education is taking a paramount effect on learners in most of these developed countries like England, USA, Italy, Germany, New Zealand Sweden and India is also part of it. Unfortunately for my case in my country Kenya the students in local schools learn it in integrated subjects like Biology, Home science and Business Studies. How I wish we could have PSHE education as a subject. Let it be part of the curriculum as a teaching subject for the students to be impacted with knowledge, skills and experience. We don't want our learners to be learning some things online out of curiosity. We want a future where learners from different continents can discuss what they have learnt online to exchange ideas and new norms.

Young people face a lot of challenges in their lives. Some social issues like coming from different family backgrounds. Some come from poor families and this affects their education. Some Parents are concentrated on the families wellbeing and forget to have time for their children. Teenage pregnancy, HIVAids also a contributing factor.

Many turn to the internet for answers leading to watching pornographic materials, drug abuse, early sexual relationships, poor academic performances. Artificial intelligence is taking over the economy as young persons are afraid if there will be any job opportunities in the future. These are some major challenges that the young face.

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Our Children's Future and Current Affairs.

When we give the learning subjects in school a core spot towards academic development and performance in our schools and forget about their personal emotional and Economic wants, we may produce semi skilled individuals to drive us in the future. By shifting gears to overtaking the previous learning without social personal and economic, this is great. Let us continue embracing personal, Social learning in schools to have great people in the world.
There are different ways to signpost sources of support to children through their parents, teachers, support staff, counsellors and those the students feel that are free to talk to them.

We can also use the posters, in schools or in the toilets to create awareness. We can also create support sessions for children online and encourage them to speak their minds.


Ask children to plan and make videos for peers about sources of support for different topics. For pupils who struggle with literacy, this could be appreciated as an alternative to written activity.They could be translated into different community languages including languages that have no written form which may also help some parents/ family members to understand. They can also be signed for deaf viewers.

In conclusion, let us have a positive impact on our learns or children and change the world. It is high time we sat as individuals and exposed our learners to have a great change in their lives, physically ,emotionally, psychologically and financially. Our Children today are us tomorrow.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Millicent Okello

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