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Can Parenting Responsibilities and Pursuing One's Passion Go Together?


It is true that as a parent, you have responsibilities but this does not mean that you must not pursue your dreams. There are a few parents who seem to have all the time in the world at their disposal. Apart from fulfilling their parenting obligations, they work on those things about which they are passionate also. You may wonder how this is possible for them when you are not able to do it.

"Find a balance between your responsibilities and your passion" - This may be the advice you may be getting if you ask suggestions from experts. But success in these balancing efforts vary from one parent to another. The problem is that children seem to have infinite needs. Not only that, their needs do not seem to end also. Your notion that parenting is glorious may also force you to relegate your passion to the back.

You have to ponder over another point also. Day in and day out, we come across aged parents who complain and lament that they sacrificed everything for their children. They say that they sacrificed even those activities about which they were passionate. Especially, the complaints of those aged parents, whose grown-up children do not take care of them, may be louder and more frequent. It is true these parents carried out their parental responsibilities and showered all their love on their children. But they should remember that in the present-day circumstances, expecting children to take care of them may not be the right thing.

It is also true that as a parent, you face the uphill task of fulfilling your parenting-related priorities. At the same time, you may be passionate about certain activities as well. You need not entirely stop working on your passion. Keep hanging in there and use your creativity for making efforts to pursue your passion. It is certainly possible.

You have to shuffle your priorities. Of course, you need to re-imagine so you can fit your parenting responsibilities into your passion. Similarly, you must fit your passion into your responsibilities. In other words, you must create a space for your passion even in the midst of the mountain of your parenting responsibilities.

If you hang in and keep track of the developments that are taking place in those activities, you will be able to pursue them vigorously once your children reach the age when they can take care of themselves.

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