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Best Baby Diapers

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Best baby diapers


Best baby diapers

A baby needs utmost care when the child is nurtured by his mom. Motherhood in any females life brings in happiness, excitement and innumerable responsibility. Hence choosing a diaper or nappy is a different kind of challenge faced by a new mom.

Diapers are either made of cotton or of synthetic disposable material. Cotton diapers are made of natural fabric which can be used several times whereas disposable diapers are made of absorbent materials which can’t be used over time and are meant to be thrown off after use.

I am therefore giving you a listicle of varied diaper brands available in the market. The safe diapers don’t contain various harmful chemicals like TBT, dioxins etc. The safe diapers are dye-free, chlorine-free, fragrance-free and lotion-free.


  • Size of the diaper:
  • Type of diaper:
  • Absorption of the diaper:

If you are searching for disposable diapers for your baby that is safe, affordable and it suits your budget then this post is definitely for you. I’m listing both national and international brands :


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When picking out diapers for your baby’s comfort you need to choose between different fibres each having its own features as well as pros and cons. Readout more about each fabric:

  • Synthetics (Microfiber, Suedecloth, Microfleece)
  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Hemp
  • Wool


  1. Bamboo Diapers: It is one of the top-listed amongst the other diaper list as it is environment-friendly. It is bio-friendly and made of bamboo fibres. Hence bamboo diapers are breathable, antibacterial, anti-microbial, odour resistant and 60% more absorbent.
  2. Andy pandy diapers: This diaper is again made up of bamboo fibres. It is dye-free, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, lotion-free. It is also free of phthalates, latex, TBT, PVC, alcohol and preservatives. These are naturally soft, anti-bacterial, and has moisture and thermal regulating facilities.
  3. Babie B Baby diapers: It is again made up of bamboo fibres. It is biodegradable and is currently discontinued from the market.
  4. Dewor Baby disposable Diapers: These are thin and are highly absorbent, breathable, with a thermoregulating feature inherited into bamboo fibres. These diapers are white in colour and are made of safe adhesives.
  5. Eco boom Baby diaper: It is free of phthalates, latex, PVC, TBT, alcohol, and preservatives. It is simple white in design and is made up of bamboo fibres. Boom diapers are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, silky soft, yet strong and absorbent, and are made with non-fluorescent adhesives. Natural aloe oil is added to the inner layer of Eco Boom diapers to protect and nourish baby’s skin.
  6. Little toes baby diaper: It is free of latex, alcohol, PVC, TBT, phthalates and other preservatives. It is silky soft, super absorbent, naturally hypoallergenic, and moisture- and thermal-regulating which is to be expected from bamboo fibre. It is one of the safest disposable diapers available today.
  7. BAMBO nature baby diapers: Bambo nature diapers are free of dye, lotion, chlorine, fragrance and it is also free of all known allergens and harmful substances like phthalates, PVC, TBT, heavy metals, formaldehyde, parabens, or odour inhibitors. Bambo Nature diaper are thin, absorbent, and feature a fully breathable. No chemical compounds that are locally irritating or sensitizing are used in Bambo Nature diapers, per the manufacturer.
  8. EARTH’S best baby diapers: EARTH’S best diapers are free of dye, lotion, chlorine, fragrance and latex, TBT, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. It is made with plant-based PLA (bio-based plastic) and its core consists of contains wood pulp, and a blend of traditional petroleum-based SAP and bio-based super-absorbent polymers.
  9. ECO BY NATY Baby diapers: Eco by Naty diapers are free of dye, lotion, chlorine, fragrance. It is again free of latex, TBT, phthalates, and VOCs. These diapers are made with bio-based materials which allow for better air circulation on the baby’s skin. These diapers are lightly printed with safe inks that are free of heavy metals.

10. HONEST Baby diapers: Honest diapers are free of dye, lotion, chlorine, fragrance and latex. These are colourful in nature and have cute prints. Here the sizing varies with different prints. The absorbancy is ok but it smells when wet.

In case I have left out some of them, please mention in the comment section below.

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