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Best Things to Discuss Among Family and Friends

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Human beings are social creatures. They need others to love, support and grow in life. How do you spend your time with family and friends will matter the most. What you discuss during that time will either help you to grow in life or destroy you.

You should spend quality times with family and friends. If you are not enjoying and learning during those time then you are wasting each others time. Remember time is the only thing which we cannot get back, therefore, use time most efficiently.

In this article, we are going to learn what are the best topics which we can discuss within our circle. So, let’s begin and become enlightened.

Let’s Talk About Self-Improvement

Our parents wanted us to become a very successful person in life. They used to teach us good things about life in general. They had great dreams for us. They would teach us what is right vs what is wrong and why do we need to do or learn some important things in life?

Tell me when you reached the teenage stage, do you still talked about self-improvements and how to grow in life? I believe during this stage and mid 20’s we need to talk more about such topics.

Millions of youngsters leave their family and join the working class. During this stage, they mostly depend upon their friend circle. So, what kind of conversations do you have with your friends? Good friend circle means you will win in life and bad friend circle means you will lose in life. Share your problems and how to overcome your limitations. Learn how you can build the right character.

Let's talk about business

Let's talk about business

Let’s Talk About How To Start A Business

Have you heard about Mr Ritesh Agarwal? Well, he is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. At the young age of 26, he became a billionaire. And by the way, he is a college drop out. He left his studies and followed his interest and passion.

By the way, his parents are not super-rich. He is from a middle-class family. Despite all these issues today he is a highly successful individual. The fact is he belongs to the Marwari community. This community is known for their business intelligence and I am sure sometimes they might have some discussion over how and what business he can start.

Let’s Talk About Saving And Investment

Do you know about the famous Indian Mr Rakesh Jhunjhunwala? Well, he is known as the Mr Warren Buffett of India. He is a stock investor and full-time trader. He is a billionaire by worth and India’s 48th richest person.

His story is no different than yours. But he got interested in the stock market at an early age. Reason being his father was income tax officer and they use to talk about the stock market daily. Because of this reason he got interested in the stock exchange.

Despite no initial support from his father, he started investing in stock and today rest is the history. So, encourage your children to talk about saving and investment.

Let's talk about health and fitness

Let's talk about health and fitness

Let’s Talk About How To Stay Fit And Healthy

Another major thing which we need to talk with family and friends is related to food and fitness. We should learn what kind of food is good for health and what kind of exercise can keep us fit. I know many people who love to exercise and they love to stay fit and healthy.

If you know someone in your family and friends please learn from them as health is wealth. The better your health, the more work you can do and the more risk you can take in life. So, whenever you get a chance to talk about health then talk and learn from each other. Learn some new healthy recipes and share with friends.

Let’s Talk About How To Run A Family

Although with time and experience people learn about this skill. Still, I believe parents and friends need to share their advice. We cannot just wait for time to teach us a lesson, sometimes we can learn about things and then we can experiment.

For example, I strongly believe that not only girls need to learn how to cook but even boys also need to learn. After marriage, a relationship between wife and husband depends upon understanding and support. Same way children need to support their parents, family and friends. Family and society are connected and we need to support each other to run it smoothly.


You should be excited regarding what you talk with your friends and family. When you talk with them there should be trust and understanding. There are many things which we can talk about but it also depends upon the occasion, time and place. I hope whatever situations I have mentioned above will help you to understand your life in a better way.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma

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