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Best Double Stroller

Best Double Strollers

Britax B-Agile is considered to be one of the best double pram strollers on the market.

Britax B-Agile is considered to be one of the best double pram strollers on the market.

The Best Double Stroller for You

Finding the perfect double stroller is not only a difficult task, it’s also a nearly impossible task as there is no stroller that can truly do everything you want it to do. Maybe you're looking for the best double all terrain stroller or perhaps you're looking for the best double prams? Is there a double stroller on the market that folds into nothing but can also handle city sidewalks and off road trails with ease? Probably not, but let’s have a hard look at your must-haves and focus on what kind of double stroller will best suit your needs. Here are some questions you should really ask yourself before you go even further into research mode:

  • Where will you be taking this stroller the most? Paved roads? Malls? Unpaved trails? The beach? An all-terrain double stroller can take you from the mall to the trail no problem.
  • If you live in an apartment or condo, do you have ample closet space or a garage/deck to store your double stroller?
  • Are you tall? Short? An adjustable stroller handle might be a key feature to make you more comfortable.
  • Are you using this double stroller for twins? Infants? Infant and toddler? 2 toddlers?
  • Do you want the seat backs to fold all the way down, or are you okay with a fixed upright seat position?
  • Do you want a side by side double stroller or a stackable, single-wide style stroller?
  • What would be the best double stroller for you? An all terrain double stroller? A lightweight double stroller? A stroller for many seating options for your infants and for your older kids?

Best All Terrain Double Stroller

To start with, when referring to "all terrain" strollers, this means a stroller that can handle all sorts of surfaces: dirt, paved road, sand ect. An all terrain double stroller is probably your best bet as far as versatility goes. An all terrain double stroller will take you from the mall, to the streets to the nature trail. The best double strollers are the ones that suit your needs best and if what you're looking for is a stroller that does a variety of things, all terrain double strollers are where it's at. Try to look for models that can function just as efficiently a single stroller as a double stroller. Many stroller models have second seat additions. If you do the research yourself for best all terrain double stroller, you'll find dozens of strollers on the markets. You need to constantly remind yourself of the features that are most important to you. I've chosen to take a closer look at some of the best terrain double strollers as well as the best double prams that are priced lower than other double strollers: the Britax B-Agile double stroller, the Graco double stroller, and the Peg Perego Double Stroller.

Peg Perego Double Stroller


Best Double Prams

A pram is a small vehicle for babies with four wheels in which the baby is pushed in. The best double prams are very popular among parents and considered to be the best double strollers on the market.

What buyers need to look for when looking for the best double prams are:

  • The best double prams can fit through standard doorways
  • Easy handling and not too heavy
  • Strong frame, preferably not plastic but aluminum
  • Can handle infants up to older kids
  • Multi-seating positions including seats that fold down flat or almost flat
  • A double pram that can accept a carseat
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Best Double Strollers

Graco Double Stroller: One of the Best Double Strollers for its Price Point

Graco Ready 2Grow Stand and Ride Stroller LX is considered to be one of the best double all terrain strollers.

Graco Ready 2Grow Stand and Ride Stroller LX is considered to be one of the best double all terrain strollers.

Best Double Strollers


Graco Double Stroller

12 seating combinations, this stroller is great for older children who will love the bench or standing positions.

Doesn't handle too well (ie: this stroller doesn't turn on a dime)

One handed fold feature (rare find) but doesn't fold up small, but the stroller can stand up on its own.

B Agile Double Stroller

Lightweight, front swivel wheels are lockable, less than 30.5 inches wide and can fit into standard doors, can be used from birth and stroller can accept one infant car seat.

All wheel suspension, separate large canopies, height adjustable handle

Quick fold with chasis lock

Peg Perego Double Stroller

Lightweight side-by-side stroller that fits through standard doorways, multi-seat positions with removeable and washable fabric, pram-style, travel system ready, large storage basket

Dual canopies, all wheel suspension, front swivel wheels, rear brakes with hand release.

Folds up easily and compactly


HolidayGiftIdea on August 23, 2013:

Double strollers are so mice when you have more than one kid. I really do like the Britax double strollers because they are very lightweight.

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