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Ergonomic Bathtubs for Babies.

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Ergonomic Bathtubs for Babies.


Ergonomic Bathtubs for Babies.

To make this moment pleasurable, you need to invest in baby bathtubs which comes in various sizes. Whenever you are planning to buy one, you need to go through certain features which will suit your needs:

Types of Bathtubs:

There are various types of bathtubs for babies. They are as follows:

  • Plastic tubs: These are standard style tubs that are made up of plastic, the most basic option. They usually have a sloped side, a baby seat, a non-slippery bottom, or a cushioned headrest. Some will fit over a kitchen sink or bathroom sink while others may fit in a regular bathroom sink.
  • Slings or hammocks: Bathing an infant can be a tough task. You may need an extra hand to bath the baby and keep him calm as well. This is where a sling or hammock is effective in nature which will serve its purpose.
  • Convertible bathtubs: These tubs come with different add-ons to use as the baby grows. These tubs have sling support or a cushion. As the baby grows, these can be removed giving the toddler more space to play with the toys.
  • Cushion- style bathtubs: These bathtubs have cushion-style support to provide comfort to the babies when they are in their bathtub or sink. These bathtubs don’t hold water but they have a mesh bottom allowing the water to pass through. They are ideal for small spaces. It lends you an extra hand to wash and upkeep the baby.
  • Inflatable tubs: They are less durable and have cushioned sides, compared to the plastic ones but they are portable and good for storage. and travelling they provide a cushioned side for support for the baby while bathing. These bathtubs mainly have a drainage system and a non-slippery bottom.
  • Foldaway bathtubs: These kinds of bathtubs are a great space-saving option as well as good for travelling. They can be opened and placed in asink filled with water to bathe the infant. Afterwards, you can reuse again, fold it and put it away.
  • Luxury- spa baby bathtubs- If you like splashing out in the water, then these bathtubs will give you ample features like spa jets, waterfall features, a shower attachment for rinsing, cushioned support, and non-slippery coating facility. These are generally battery- operated, heavy, and expensive.
  • Bucket style: These tubs are shaped like a bucket. The insides are padded, with a non-slippery bottom and have seat support to hold the infant upright.

Points to keep in mind while considering a baby bathtub:

  1. Safety- Most bathtubs come with a sling or a crotch for support such so that the baby doesn’t slip into the soapy water. The sling will help cradle the baby and the crotch will keep it in the right position.
  2. Material- The material should be strong enough to hold the baby and should be non-toxic in nature.
  3. Compatible with Sinks - The tub should fit into most of the sinks to ensure that the back is safe from any kind of strain.
  4. Comfort- You need to choose a comfortable bathtub for the baby. Some of them have padded backrests while others might have forearm and leg support. The sling should also have soft pads in them to keep the new-borns cosy.
  5. Storage- You should also make sure that the bathtub has an easy drainage system or you will need to tip it over to drain its water. Moreover, they should have a hole/hook to hang it on the wall.
  6. Temperature indicators - Some bathtubs have temperature indicators to inform you if the water is warm or cold.
  7. Sturdiness - You should choose a bathtub that has a non-slippery base and ensure that it does not topple over.
  8. Age- Group - The manufacturer must specify the age group while selling the product. You shouldbuy the product which is suitable as per the age of the baby.
  9. Water capacity - Every product holds a certain amount of capacity of water in it. In case if MAX is printed in it, the parents should abide by the norms to avoid any kind of risk.
  10. Additional features- Many baby bathtubs come with additional features like strain cups, toys, soap compartments, hooks for storage etc.

Bath tub Recommendations:-

There are so many brands to choose from in the market which would suitable for you and your kid. Here, I’m listing out best baby bathtubs which will surely meet your taste and requirements as well as your budget .

  1. Blooming Baby Bathtub - This bathtub is made up of a soft cuddly flower-like material to cradle the baby during the bath. It usually fits in most of the sinks. It can be used for babies up to 6 months. The soft petal-like material will hold your baby as you bathe them and keep them comfortable. This soft like material is usually not found in most of the baby bath tubs. The soft surface consists of two layers: a sturdy plastic which will keep the inner material in shape while cradling the baby while and the outer petal-like material will protect the baby’s sensitive skin from coming into contact with the tub’s hard plastic. Again the petal-like material has a towel- like texture that will offer better grip to the baby. It is very easy to clean.
  2. Puj Tub: This tub is comfortable, soft and foldable. It is meant for the new-borns and infants up to 6 months old. It hangs flat for easy and convenient storage. It is made up of BPA and PVC free plastic material. It can fit in the most standard size bathrooms
  3. Shnuggle Baby Bathtub: It is one of the best baby tubs for small spaces. It is simple, compact and lightweight. It is smaller than other bathtubs and has a bucket-like structure. It is suitable for babies up to 12 months. A back cushion is given along with the bucket. It can freely stand on the floor or in any kitchen countertop.
  4. The First Years Sure Comfort Bath Tub: This tub is good for the new-borns and toddlers. It is very simple and comes with a sling to make baby bathing comfortableand easy. There is a rare chance of drowning as the babies are suspended in the tub and also the sling holds the baby during bath time. As in the case of toddlers, they are supported on the upright side and gives more room to play.The best feature is that it has a drainage system as well as a compartment near the footstep to hold baby accessories like toys, clothes, soaps etc. It fits into most of the kitchen sinks.
  5. Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad - This bathtub is made up of fabric, like a soft pillow. It fits in any sink or bathroom kitchen. It can be machine dried as well and has a hook system so that it can be dried on the wall. It is known to be the best baby bathtub for the sinks. It is suitable for up to six-month-old babies.
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