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The 10 Benefits of Carrying a Baby in a Sling

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Baby sling or Baby carrier or Baby wearing

Babywearing is a method known and used all over the world. This reassuring method promotes many things, both in children and adults, and this is what we will see in more detail in this article.

Babywearing is very beneficial to the baby during his times of sleep, such as naps. Being so close to your mom or dad acts as a protective barrier against all external stimuli and baby's involuntary movements that could disrupt sleep.


The 10 benefits of carrying a baby in a sling:

#1 - Babywearing is the best way to easily maintain mother-to-child body contact , an essential need (proximity and emotional security) for the baby and… often essential for the mother who needs to feel her baby close to her at all times. Let's not forget the dads, babywearing also allows them to have physical and privileged contact with their child.

#2 - It allows the wearer to respond more quickly to the signals emitted by the child, often without even having to cry ... suddenly baby cries less.

#3 - The sling allows you to carry your child in an optimal position for his comfort and his health. The position taken by the baby (legs apart and thighs bent) is the ideal position to prevent hip problems (dysplasia). It does not rest on its genitals but on its buttocks, much more comfortable for the baby. In addition, its back is rounded rather than arched (as in other baby carriers) which more respects its natural arch

#4 - The scarf awakens baby to his environment and share your daily life with him . Snuggled up against his mother or his father, sources of permanent awakenings for babies, he can observe, at the height of a man, all the attitudes and all the gestures of his carrier and discover the world in complete safety.

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#5 - Carrying stimulates the nervous system of the baby and in particular his vestibular system, seat of the inner ear which controls the balance. The child often carried will have a better development of his sense of balance.


#6 - Thanks to the baby's swing and position, carrying helps facilitate the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract , which helps their digestion, limits regurgitation and relieves their colic. It is often in the scarf that the youngest gives us her best burps!

#7 - Cradled by the movements and reassured to feel his father or his mother, the child falls asleep much more easily.

#8 - On a daily basis, babywearing makes life with a baby easier, especially when you have other children to manage. With hands and arms free, the wearer can take care of the older ones, manage household chores, go about their business... while having their baby snuggled up against them.

#9 - Babywearing is a very practical means of transport for baby that does not take up space! Indeed, to go shopping or go for a weekend, there's one less stroller in the trunk of the car!

#10 - Because, quite simply, carrying your child is a wonderful sensation, the possibility of merging with baby, a moment of total plenitude!

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