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Being a Mother for More Than One Kids Be Like.

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Being a mother can be very adventurous and can be full time work

Mother means to us, the world. A mother is always there for her child in every resourceful way. We love our mother; we can never imagine how much labor is hidden behind being that mother. Managing each and every child can be so much work and hard work. I mean it is a great deal of fun! But it is not an easy task, parenting each child with good care is not just one commitment that mothers need to make but a great challenge they have to face. I mean one I became a mother I know and realize the true meaning of a mother, how and what they go through in life. No one knows till they become a mother. As time goes by you as a mother learn as you slowly adapt these motherly processes and learn from each and every experience through in life. Because, it requires much more than just love, care, and pampering. I mean major requirement here is the patience, responsibilities and sacrifices that you do for every thing in life. Which just goes hand on hand. Once you know that you have patience, a piece sacrificing mind, focus and a great deal of tolerance skill to be an ideal mother. I mean if you are not multitasking or have a whole lot of patience then you might go on loop to figure it out and it might make you all over the place. Although, women tend to outgrow these skills built in them where these duties of motherhood just automatically become something all natural. Some might struggle at the beginning but they too come along once they are familiar with what is called motherhood. I mean parenting is not a one-time project here, it requires strong morality and a very sacrificing type of mind to do it all. Every mother does go through all these experiences anyways. Once she masters’ these key factors of parenting and becomes mentally prepared then, that’s when she is ready for this challenge of becoming a mother and learns through each of these parenting phases with proficiency. It is a great blessing to have children and a wonderful joy of becoming a mother. Every woman dreams to become a mother and have a family of their own. But being a mother comes with all the responsibilities as well and as the priority of that duty becomes first. Being a mother can be a very adventurous and very honorable thing that can ever happen to them as long as they are ready for the challenge.

The types of parenting

There are families with one or more children who are facing so many challenges everyday in their lives with their child caring technique. I mean, parenting is the most important phase of all other parts of any person's life. It is the next phase of your life that gets carried out into the hands of your next generation’s hand of your lifespan. All the concentration and focus are surrounded for your child's and their well being. A child or children, it doesn't matter what age group they are in, every stage of a child's development process does require mother's attention and love. From infant phase, to teenager phase, to youth, to adulthood, constantly monitoring the child's growth is a very important procedure for a mother. A mother is best in awareness for their requirements, their wishes, their needs, their support and their well being. Being a mother can be such a blessing, it would be wrong to judge a mother's parenting style cause all mothers are natural in this. Every mother learns to sacrifice once they become a mother of a child. Their whole concentration and efforts go by their child's nourishment and development. Filled with tremendous responsibilities, pampering, sacrificing and psychological type of challenges a child. I mean becoming a mother can be so amazing and wonderful and all, but sacrifices that do need to put up for each child can never be compared. A mother puts so much effort, so much sacrifice and so much hard work on raising their child and she makes sure her parenting turns out to be right. Plus, every child deserves love, pampering, nurturing, and guidance from their mother. A mother knows her duty and her child's well being is her first priority.

Raising more than one child can be so much more work than raising just one. Because, then you know that work around each child is twice as much. Because every child is different, every mother is different, and every family's parenting style is different. Not to mention culture too, it is also different. Each child has different requirements and they require different concentration. When a child is born or more than one child is born in a family, their requirements increase and the family's responsibilities increases as well. I mean this is the hardest part of a mother's life where they have to face the maximum attention and have to focus hundred percent, into their parenting skill. A first child means that it is the learning stage in every step as for a new mother. But as they become second or third and more children's mothers, they become professional at it. They know by then that becoming a mother for more than one child is a high demanding and high time-consuming life. As it can get even harder and heavier with busy schedules and responsibilities that are going to fill up in her life. It is a tremendous effort that is needed with house work, nurturing, pampering, and not to mention patience to do all these multitasking. It is a handful and a stressful life that can keep you busy all day. Sometimes for some mothers it can be a psychological disorder that they face during this parenting time. There are four types of parenting styles and these are such as; Permissive (you as a parent controlling all), authoritative (you as a parent giving opportunity to negotiation), authoritarian (you make all decisions), and UN-involved (you as a parent don't care much about your family). It depends on how you see your family raising style.

What are the requirements for raising the child?

Once you know which type of parenting style you are going to use then you will be great at this parenting. Children don’t need much; all they need is love and support and that is all. Having more children can be a high maintenance job where a mother full cycle with parenting styles. Making sure of which child what kind of mental stage and what type of parenting style you can give them. Because each child's psychologies and nature are different from one another. I mean a mother can always figure out these needs and requirements. I guess god made women with those extra abilities. Because they know exactly what they are capable of when it comes to parenting. A mother always knows the real facts and figures of their children’s well being and being a very successful mother. The requirements are as follows; focus on your child's psychology, know what tactic to use for parenting style on your child, know their rights and your responsibility as a mother.

Every phase of motherhood is different from to another; where one phase of raising kids goes by, then next comes the second phase, then third, fourth and in all phases, it requires a mother’s attention, love, and patience, the most. An attachment that needs to be built in, between you as a mother and your child. Everything is up to a mother. How well a mother can understand their children, how they are attached with their mother, whether it is one child or more than one. Know your parenting style. Time to time I am using a permissive, authoritative, authoritarian, or not involved parenting style as a mother when it comes to my three children. But in all these parenting styles I use authoritarian style the most. A few times I use an authoritative style of parenting because then I know how and which way I can guide them. There is no spot for ignorance or negligence when it comes to adolescence and teenager’s age. Because every phase of a child's growth process is important and needs lots of attention. I have three children of my own. Two are in their adolescence and another one is finishing his toddler age. The adolescent phase, where this stage of a child's growth process is a very important one. Because, in this phase, they learn about themselves, their ability, their body structures, their strength and weaknesses. On the other hand, my third child is in toddler age which requires full attention, especially if they are great into mischief. Having three children with different categories of psychology can be very tough, hard and time consuming. Being a mother and being the mother of three children can be hard work, but yet it is a great blessing. Being a mother can be a very wonderful feeling and as long as you follow the right parenting style then you are one step ahead of being the awesome mom ever.

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How to deal with three kids?

  1. 1) Be calm when things are getting out of hand (during the busy schedules). 2) Have some moment (be somewhere for a couple of minutes) for yourself, when kids are giving you a hard time. 3) Confront them by saying good and nice things that they will be interested in listening to you.
  2. If you have a difficult child, then try to talk them through their problem. Tray to stay always attach to them and try to be their friend. Don't be angry easily, be patient with them at all time.

Having so many children may need lot of attention

"The key is to have patience, focus, calm and to make sure that every part of the motherly tasks have been filled. So no matter what, or how hard work it may seem for having so many children can just may pay off if you follow those key steps."

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