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Being a first time mom

I got pregnant at 19. This is my story about the pregnancy and the postpartum

My Birth Story

December 2019, I took a pregnancy test because I had missed my monthly, plus I was starting to feel more and more nauseous than usual. I took the test and waited the few minutes for it to process. I looked at it and there was the big fat POSITIVE. In the moment I sorta panicked at showed it to my boyfriend. We were excited but terrified at the same time. We didn't know how to raise a baby, and not to mention we lived in a hotel at the time. The pregnancy itself sucked. Not gonna lie. Like physically I was ok. However mentally and emotionally I was not ok. Nine months later, my water breaks on 8-12-2020 at 4:30am, but I wasn't having any contractions. I call my ob and she says come in. We get to the hospital finally around 6:00am and they test and confirm it's amniotic fluid. So I get admitted and get checked to see if I started dilating. I think I was about a one or two. I don't really remember. By the time I was a four, I went ahead and asked for the epidural, even tho the pain wasn't "that bad" I could feel it was going to escalate soon. A little after that, my boyfriend had to leave because he had work. I eventually fell asleep, and I kid you not... I slept pretty much my whole labor. The only time I would wake up is if they came to check on me, or if I had to call the nurse to help me change positions. Later that evening the nurse comes in to check me and I was like an eight. She said maybe another hour. About fifteen minutes later I call the nurse to tell her I felt like I had to poo. Through out the pregnancy I did lots of research, so I knew that usually meant baby is coming, and coming NOW. She comes in to check me. I'm at a full ten. My boyfriend isn't back yet. So I'm worried he's about to miss our daughters birth. Well fast forward twenty minutes, and an episiotomy, my baby girl was born. My boyfriend walked in like two or three minutes after she popped out. I held her for about ten minutes before I fell back asleep. I'm not sure why I was so exhausted, I slept my entire labor. That's pretty much the story of my daughters birth. The day I met my princess.

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