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Be a coach of your Children's emotions !

It is important to be in harmony with the child's mental state and to recognize his feelings.


Changes in the behavior of children are seen in present times. Some behavioral problems, such as stubbornness and aggression, have also increased. Many children are obsessed with mobile phones. Some are depressed and some are anxious.

▪︎The ability to associate feelings

When skills are lacking, children misbehave, which we call misbehavior. There are emotions behind every behavior of children e.g. Stubbornness, Aggression. This can lead to feelings of anger, loneliness, boredom. As a parent, children are expected to respond appropriately to their emotions when confronted with their behavior. If it is not done properly, there is no change in behavior.

It often depends on how you feel about your feelings as a parent. E.g. Fear weakens, stay away from anger, weakens emotions, we get the wrong attitude that the mind should be capable. New research suggests that emotion carries a useful message. Negative emotions like anger and fear are just as important to us. If we ignore the feelings of children, their mental health can be adversely affected.

When children have strong emotions, we can coach their emotions while communicating. Imagine your 8 year old son throwing things away in a rage because he didn't get a mobile. Parents are watching all this, so how do you deal with your children's behavior and emotions?

▪︎Pay attention to his feelings

Pay attention to your own and your children's feelings. Identify them cleverly. It is important to understand the feelings of oneself and one's children. Be aware of the feelings in your mind. See what emotions are reflected in you and your child's tone of voice.

▪︎Do Accept

Completely accept those feelings without ignoring or rejecting them. These emotional moments are necessary to engage with the child. Communicate without commenting on the child's behavior or labeling the child as bad.

▪︎Give the word

Not have get a mobile phone makes you feel very angry and bad. Thus when emotions get words, their intensity decreases. Don't tell him how he should feel here. Do not give any advice or criticize.

▪︎Getting remind

Remember that you have accepted emotions, but not behavior. Throwing things away is not acceptable at all. I don't like throwing at all. From time to time, tell your children not to throw up when you get angry.

▪︎Encouragement to choose the right option

Encourage behavior by resolving questions when behavior is disapproved. What will you do next time you get angry? Let's solve the problem of mobile overview together? Communicate in this way. Here you are showing the direction of behavior. You are doing all this without commenting, without giving advice, without lecturing, without getting angry, without hitting. And then, you see, that you will become the real coach of your child's emotions.

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