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Best Backpacks for High School: Tactical Rush Reviews


A walk-through of the 511 Tactical 24 - Best Backpacks for High School

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Backpacks for school don't have to be expensive. Some of the best quality and more cool backpacks for school are priced under $50.

Backpacks for school don't have to be expensive. Some of the best quality and more cool backpacks for school are priced under $50.

The 511 Tactical RUSH 24 Backpack - One of the Best Backpacks for High School

Originally designed for quick deployment of tactical and law enforcement groups, this is an ideal backpack for just about any use. The 511 Tactical RUSH, one of the best backpacks for school and work, is perfect for day-trips, commutes to the office or school, or as a small carry-on for air travel. The main compartment is capable of holding about 1300 cubic inches and measures 18" x 11" x 6". Typical backpacks for school are made of a 650-denire nylon. The 511 Tactical is constructed of super-heavyweight 1050-denier nylon material for long-lasting durability and wear resistance.

There are a total of 16 compartments, slots, and pockets for optimal gear stowage and organization. The large administrative compartment has 9 slots and/or pockets. There's even a fleece-lined zipper pouch for your glasses or sunglasses. The 511 tactical is already set up to work with a 60-ounce hydration system. There are two external load compression straps for added stability and an adjustable hight sternum strap for additional comfort and better fit.

Stephen Frischling, in his blog Flying With Fish, states that "the RUSH 24 has many features that make this bag a complete standout among all the ‘daily use’ backpacks I have used (and I currently 36 bags sitting on a shelf unit in my office). I am not even sure where to begin in describing the useful functions for packing the Rush 24. Since I don’t know where to begin, I guess I’ll start with the size-specifications of the bag."

Cool Backpacks for School - Tactical RUSH 24 Description

The outside material of the bag is actually Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment, or MOLLE webbing. This MOLLE webbing is quite amazing as it allows for just about anything to be added quickly to the 511 Tactical RUSH 24 backpack. There is also a handy Tactical 6.6 Pouch fitted securely with MOLLE straps on the rear of the backpack, a great place for a cell phone. When passing through airport security, this detachable 6.6 Pouch can be filled with items normally kept in pockets - wallet, keys, Blackberry, iPhone, pens, and any other small, loose items. The pouch keeps all these loose items securely in place for easy inspection by security personnel.
The 511 Tactical RUSH 24 backpack doesn't have the normal shoulder straps fund on most typical backpacks for school. The backpack is actually attaches to a single yoke that allows for better overall weight distribution. This even weight distribution allows a person to carry even the heaviest loads for hours on end. Perfect for those extended trips or long-haul jaunts across a large school campus.
Those who have used the 511 Tactical Rush 24 backpack say it is deceptively small in appearance. That's probably due to the exceptional use of space inside the backpack. Although it was designed for military and law enforcement units, the 511 Tactical RUSH 24 backpack is a fantastic bag for anyone who travels long distances - to a foreign country, a long commute, or on a college or school campus. It's an ideal backpack for school.

The 511 Tactical RUSH 24 Backpack is the perfect and one of the more cool backpacks for school, travel, hiking, or long commutes.

More info here: 511 Tactical Rush Backpack

Be sure to check out the video below for a more detailed look at the 511 tactical backpack for school.

Best Backpacks for High School at Amazon.com

The Best Backpacks for High School and Work

Large load capacities, extra pockets, special removable pouches, load-stabilizing compression straps, great looks, and overall comfort are just a few things folks want when looking for cool backpacks for school, travel, or work. Most of the best made and durable backpacks for school will typically allow for just around 2,000 cubic inches of storage space. That's enough for most middle school and high school students to carry 4 or 5 books, 1 or 2 binders, and some other school-related items.

Of the larger capacity cool backpacks for school, the JanSport® Big Student backpack is a bit roomier and can carry up to 5 textbooks, several binders, a change of clothes, a laptop computer, and still have enough room for lunch. larger backpacks are also more likely to be full of a lot of fancy organizer pockets and flashy special compartments ideal for holding a call phone, Blackberry, or MP3 player.

The Best Backpacks for High School, Middle School, Travel, and Work

Make sure that the backpack is made of durable materials like Cordura® fabric or a ripstop nylon material of at least 650-denier. This sort of nylon material is measured in thickness by a number. The higher the denier number, the thicker the nylon. Thicker nylon means a backpack for school, travel, or work will be more durable and better able to take the punishments of everyday use. Backpacks for school should have two padded, curved straps that ensure a more comfortable fit.

Waist belts on backpacks also help to distribute even more weight to the hips and waist making the entire load easier to handle. A wheeled backpack, or rolling backpack, is also an option for heavier loads. Make sure the wheelbase on a wheeled backpack for school is very wide. A wider wheel base assures more stability. Telescoping handles are also handy on a wheeled backpack. The problem with wheeled backpacks is the difficulty in getting over rough surfaces or up and down stairs.

Quality, Durable Backpacks for School Don't Have to be Expensive

Due to the vast array of available styles and type of cool backpacks for school, choosing the right backpack for school can be a bit overwhelming. With most things, it is almost a sure bet that if you spend extra money for a product, you're likely going to get a better, more well-made product. This may not be the case with backpacks for school, work, or travel.

There are some good quality, top-rated backpacks for school that cost less than fifty bucks. JanSport®, L.L.Bean®, and North Face® all make some great looking, long-lasting classic backpacks for school that won't cost you an arm and a leg. These classic backpacks won't have all the fancy pockets and features of the more expensive backpacks, but they're a great choice of a backpack for school.

One last thing. There are a lot of backpacks for school being offered online, and buying things online is a great way to shop around and get the absolute best deal on a backpack for school, work, or travel. However, determining a good, snug, comfortable fit is something that just can't be done online. Returning merchandise can get costly both in time and money. So, it's probably best to shop for a good price online, but don't purchase cool backpacks for school, work, or travel without first trying them on.

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September 15 is National Backpack Awareness Day

Each year, the National School Backpack Awareness Day will take place around the third Wednesday of September. This year it occurs on September 15th. This event provides for some greta opportunities to make folks aware of some of the many services offered by the American Occupational Therapy Association, or AOTA. The events are intended to make people aware of the possible long-term health problems that could develop from improper uses of backpacks for school.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the AOTA's School Backpack Awareness Day. The AOTA along with occupational therapists, occupational therapy practitioners, parents, students, and educators will participate. This year's theme is "Family Style." Students, teachers, parents, community members, educational and school administrators will learn more about safety tips regarding backpack safety, proper use of a backpack, size and weight limitations of backpacks, and other ways to help prevent backpack related pain throughout life.

Most everyone involved in the educational community will have the opportunity to help organize some local events designed to educate people of all ages about proper backpack and general bag usage. Volunteers will teach other folks the best ways to select a backpack for school, how to properly pack, lift, and carry a backpack and various other types of bags like purses, messenger bags, briefcases, and even suitcases.

There is a website to register an event and to get planning tip sheets to set up and host your own National School Backpack Awareness Day event.

• Get your own Backpack Event Planning Toolkit here:

Event Planning Toolkit

• Register your National School Backpack Awareness Day event here:

2010 Pre-Event Information Form

Click Here for more information on the American Occupational Therapy Association

Best Backpacks for High School - Good Housekeeping 2010 School Backpack Reviews

If you're a student, commuter, or if you travel quite a bit these days, chances are you're going to need a backpack. Several factors are important for assessing and choosing a proper backpack. Available storage space, types of shoulder straps, waist straps, overall comfort, and durability are all things to consider before buying a backpack for school, work, or travel.

Yes, price is important, and everyone wants to get the most for their hard-earned money. SO take a minute and peruse the Good Housekeeping website (link below) and their section on the best kid's backpacks for school. Sometimes the highest priced backpacks are not necessarily the best. Fit, comfort, utility, and durability are very important factors to consider when reviewing backpacks for school, work, or travel.

In the newspaper ad flyers and TV commercials over the next few weeks you're going to see a lot of these cheaply made backpacks with a high price tag. For the most part, these cheaply made "theme" backpacks for school that feature the latest and greatest cartoon, animated motion picture character, or celebrity are not good buys. Some of these backpacks are not going to fit well which is going to be an important factor when the wearer has a long walk to the bus stop or across a large campus. It's best to stick with the basic backpacks if you want long-term durability and better comfort.

Also be aware that if you want a lot of the fancy pockets and compartments for cell phones and MP3 players, you're going to have to pay a little more. All these extra pockets and compartments may or may not be necessary. Remember that there are more things that can go wrong with a backpack that has a whole bunch of unnecessary options. Sometimes, it's best to stick with a classic design that has stood the test of time. One exception would be the 511 Tactical RUSH 24 Backpack. This pack was designed to last and to hold up under extreme circumstances, and yes, it will cost more.

Wheeled backpacks, or rolling backpacks are also an ideal solution for those who do not, or simply cannot handle the weight of a larger backpack for school. A wide wheel base will provide a more stable track, and an extended handle should be extra durable. One problem with wheeled backpacks for school, work, or travel are the obstacles like uneven surfaces or stairs. Trying to navigate a long staircase with a wheeled backpack can be tough.

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