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What Should I Put on My Baby Registry?

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What Should Be on My Baby Shower Registry?

What should be included in your baby shower registry?

What should be included in your baby shower registry?

Baby Registry List

An example of a basic baby gift registry list.

An example of a basic baby gift registry list.

Baby Shower Registry

Ready to start a baby gift registry for your baby shower, but not sure where to start?

It can be a daunting task, trying to figure out what you need for your baby. Stores or websites will provide you with lists of all the must-haves, but what about the really-needs? What products suit your lifestyle and everyone's budget?

Here you will find some tips about creating a baby registry and what items you may want to consider.

Baby Registries

Baby registries are designed so that an expecting couple or parent can tell or show family members or friends who may want to buy gifts what items would be preferred. Baby registries also prevent doubles of the same gift being purchased.

You can begin your baby registry a few months or even a few weeks before your shower. Most couples wait until they find out the gender of the baby, usually around 20 weeks of pregnancy, before they register for baby items. Others wait until a family member or friend tells them they'll be having a shower.

Baby Shower for Second Baby

Not Having a Baby Shower?

If this is not your first baby, you may or may not be having a baby shower. It all depends on how you feel about having a second shower, how far apart your kids will be, and a few other factors.

You may also not choose to have a shower for other reasons as well. It doesn't necessarily mean you can't create a baby registry. A baby registry can simply be a list of things you may need for your baby, making it a way for you to keep track of items you still need, or if others ask what you need, you can direct them to the list instead of trying to remember.

How to Get a FREE Baby Registry Welcome Box from Amazon!

Baby Registry Checklist

Print out a few baby shower registry checklists to see what they suggest you register for.

Print out a few baby shower registry checklists to see what they suggest you register for.

Using the printed baby shower registry checklists, make your own list of things you think you might need or want for the baby.

Using the printed baby shower registry checklists, make your own list of things you think you might need or want for the baby.

What to Put on Your Baby Registry

Making the baby shower registry list can be a chore, but luckily for the expectant parents, there are a lot of helpful lists out there of items for which to register. Simply google 'baby registry checklist', and you'll get a ton of checklists to use!

Here's the catch: many of those checklists come from stores or websites, places that want you to spend as much money as possible on things you may never need or even want for a newborn or a baby who's a few months old. That doesn't mean, however, that you should ignore those checklists. Print out a few of those store checklists, and find a few lists from experienced moms as well. From those lists you can create your own registry checklist of items that meet your needs as a parent, along with some items you'd like to have as extras.

Before making the baby shower registry list of items, you should think about a few things:

  1. What items do I really need for baby's first year of life?
  2. What are the items I might want but don't necessarily need?
  3. Should I choose store brand or name brand items?
  4. Of which items will I need duplicates?
  5. Will I be finding out the sex of the baby or should I choose gender neutral items?

Make your list after answering these questions, asking your husband or partner to check it over with you and make any suggestions. If you know any experienced moms, ask for their valuable input as well. They can make suggestions about certain items or brands they liked or didn't like.

Next, do some window shopping and comparing. This can be done online or in a store (see below for store suggestions). It would be wise as well to read reviews and compare safety guides, especially on car seats, strollers, cribs, or other baby items, Make note of the brands and styles of what you see and what you might like.

Once you have an idea of what your baby registry checklist looks like, it's time to consider where you will register for those items.

Baby Shower Registry List

Items on a basic baby shower registry checklist.

Feeding DiaperingClothingSleepingBathTravelPlayHealth

breast pump

disposable diapers, sizes 2, 3


sleep sacks, or swaddling blankets

bath tub or tub insert

infant car seat


First Aid kit


wipes, sensitive

clothing 3-12 months



umbrella stroller

pack and play

nail clippers


changing mat



wash cloths

full-size stroller

tummy time mat

baby scissors

dishwasher baskets

diaper bag

hand mittens



sling or carrier

colorful rattles



diaper cream

coat for the season


body wash

sun shades

teething rings

bulb syringe


cloth diapers

dye free fragrance free detergent

extra sets of crib sheets


extra base for carseat



snack containers

diaper pail or trash recepticle



baby brush

convertible car seat




changing table



nail file




high chair




bath toys




burping cloths








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Baby Registry Gifts

Free registry gift bag from Babies R' Us, full of samples and coupons.

Free registry gift bag from Babies R' Us, full of samples and coupons.

Mobile Baby Registry Apps

A screenshot of the Babies R' Us mobile baby  registry app.

A screenshot of the Babies R' Us mobile baby registry app.

Where to Register for a Baby Shower

When registering for your baby shower, it might be best to decide on a few matters first, such as:

  • Where can my guests go to a physical store to shop?
  • What stores have the best values and quality?
  • Which stores or websites suit my style?
  • Are my guests interested in online shopping?
  • Which places or websites offer me the best end-of-shower completion deals?
  • Which places or websites offer free gifts or other freebies?
  • Which stores or websites have the best return policies?
  • Will I register at only one store or chooses a few stores and/or websites?

Once you have answered these questions, take a look at the various baby registry stores and websites.

Note: I have not mentioned specialty baby boutiques, which may be limited depending on your location. You may have to search for one if you are interested in a specialty boutique or click on the link below.

Top Baby Boutiques

Baby Registry Stores

Baby shower registry stores

StoresCompletion Online?Other

Babies R' Us

10 % discount


Free gift bag, mobile app, VIB card


10 % discount


mobile app

Buy Buy Baby

10 % discount


referral program, announcement cards




Free baby announcement cards





Pottery Barn Kids

10 % discount



Burlington Baby Depot




Online Baby Registry

Baby registries online can be convenient for everyone, but there are a few things to consider.

You can register online, most often from a variety of other websites. For example, Amazon and The Bump allow you to find items you like from other websites and keep them all in one easy to find place.

One issue about registering online is that you have to make decisions about products without seeing a physical example. You might be able to find similar products in stores to check out, but you could be limited with that.

Shipping is often at a discount or completely free. Sometimes, the items can be gift wrapped and shipped directly to the recipient, which is a nice feature for those who will either travel long distances to the shower or will not be able to make it to the shower at all.

The returns can be tricky. If the item is from the website itself, the returns are free within a certain time frame. If they're from a third party website or a separate online store, you may have to do some further investigating to see what the policies are.

Online Baby Shower Registry

A few online baby shower registries



Free 90 day return policy for qualifying purchases

$50 registry rewards

Free returns

Depends on online stores

Returns depend on the online store used.

Updating a Baby Resgistry

With most places and websites, you can update your baby registry at any time. Sometimes you change your mind about patterns, brand names, or even the amount.

Keep in mind, however, that these changes might not show up for a day or even a few days. It wouldn't be wise to change your mind about items too close to the date of your shower.

Baby Shower Registry Cards

Many registries will provide you with free registry cards to put into the baby shower invitations. The cards have your name, a registry number, maybe a bar code to scan, and the store with which you have registered. Just ask about them when you're ready to send out the invitations.

If you are registering at multiple places, you could make a small list of the places either within the invitation card or print out a small list to place in the invitation cards.

Find a Baby Registry

Once you have registered, and in some cases made your registries public, you can share that information with your family and friends (or allow the person throwing you the shower to spread the news).

Guests can do two things: go to the store to find your baby registry list or find the registry list online. They can use your married name or your maiden name to look up the list. If you listed your husband or partner on the registry, they can also look up those names as well.

Completing a Baby Shower Registry

Once you have had your baby shower, you might find that you have received some items that need to be returned or that you didn't receive some of the items you registered for. No problem!

For returns, you can bring the unopened items back either with the receipt or a print out of your registry list (depends on store). If you need to make returns online, follow the instructions of the websites.

If there are leftover items, you can purchase them within a certain time frame for a 10% discount (again, depends on the store). If you received any gift cards at your shower, you can use them for the extra items.

Baby Shower Gifts

A pile of baby shower gifts

A pile of baby shower gifts

Baby Shower Registry

By following these steps, you should have a solid baby shower registry list and enjoy the benefits of receiving baby gifts. Before you know it, your little one will be here and you'll be using them all!

Good luck with your pregnancy!



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