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Best Baby Jogger Triple Stroller Reviews 2015

Foundations Trio Triple Tandem Stroller

Foundations Trio Triple Tandem Stroller

When you plan on going jogging with a stroller. It's important to look for big wheels.

The bigger wheels will roll down the street more easily without noticing each pebble you hit.

You also want a stroller that has the same size seats. If you have triplets they will all be the same size.

That is why you will need a stroller that has seats that are the same size and one is not bigger than the others.

If you have triplets, or three young children, there is absolutely no reason for you to skip your jogging workout.

A side by side triple baby jogger, or a tandem triple baby jogger can still give you the opportunity to take your children outside for fresh air while squeezing your workout into your busy schedule.

BeBeLove USA Triple Jogger

BeBeLove USA Triple Jogger

Side by Side vs Tandem Strollers

Believe it or not, seat position can make a huge difference.

Side by side jogging strollers have three seats in a row which makes it quite a bit wider than a tandem stroller.

However, this seating arrangement allows your children to see each other and engage with each other. It is also easy to keep an eye on all the children at one time.

Tandem jogging strollers have three seats that are situated one behind the other. If you need something with a more slim design, this would be the way to go. I’ve noticed with these strollers, kids often fight for the right to sit in front.

Red and Black Triple Trio Tandem Baby Jogger Stroller with Rain Canopy

Red and Black Triple Trio Tandem Baby Jogger Stroller with Rain Canopy

Benefits of a Triple Jogging Stroller

Manufacturers have made these very easy to fold so you can more conveniently store it.

Many triple jogging strollers also feature reclining seats so whatever child needs to lay back for a nap can do so, while the others sit upright.

Because these strollers have three seats, you often have a lot of space for storage in the undercarriage.

Many jogging strollers are often made with individually adjusting foot rests as well.

Red and Black Triple Trio Baby Jogger Stroller with Rain Canopy

Red and Black Triple Trio Baby Jogger Stroller with Rain Canopy

Disadvantages of Triple Jogging Strollers

These can be very heavy pieces of equipment weighing upwards of 40 pounds or more.

They can also be quite large so you will want to make sure to measure the space in any vehicle that you might be transporting it in, as well as they can be quite wide so you must think about where you will be taking it and if you will have to navigate narrow spaces.

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It is rare to find a triple jogger that is compatible with infant car seats. You might find some in a tandem design, but not in side by side.

Blue and Black Triple Trio Baby Jogger Stroller with Rain Canopy

Blue and Black Triple Trio Baby Jogger Stroller with Rain Canopy

Important Features on a Jogging Stroller

Some of the most important features to look for in a jogging stroller are listed below


Wheels are essential to pay attention to while shopping. You have a choice between a swivel wheel and a fixed wheel.

Swiveling wheels will let you turn without any extra effort on your part.

These are great to have on flat, even surfaces and anywhere you might go that is crowded which requires more precise maneuvering.

Fixed wheels take a bit more physical effort on your part but they are often the choice of very hardcore joggers since the fixed wheels add more safety in a variety of conditions. These are the best wheel to get if you will be using it on rough terrain.


Since babies are notorious mess makers, you will want to find seats that are easily washed. This might be a material that can be wiped down, or easily removable seat covers that can be thrown into the washing machine.

Along the lines of seats, make sure you take note if the seats can decline. I always suggest finding a stroller that reclines to a flat position not only for more comfort for your baby, but to make changing diapers easier.

The red and black Triple Trio Tandem stroller has smaller seats than the side by side design. If you have larger children, or older children, you might want to consider one of the other strollers here.


Most frames are made with steel or aluminum. Steel can be much more durable, though aluminum is extremely more lightweight.

Collapse Ability

A big stroller like this should be easily collapsible for more convenience. Be advised that some jogging strollers do not collapse at all. Out of all the strollers we are reviewing here, the Foundations is the hardest to manage and fold down.


Since you are running behind the stroller, having good brakes is essential. Make sure that the stroller has locks on the lower wheels. I prefer using joggers that also have brakes on the handlebars because it makes easier to slow it down.

Weight Capacity

It is even more important that you adhere to the weight maximum recommendations of a jogging stroller. Taking a stroller at such high speeds puts a bit more wear and tear on it than any kind of standard stroller. The last thing you want to do is have more weight than is safe while you are running.

Other Features

Some convenient features include cup holders, trays, storage compartments and pockets, as well as a storage basket under the seats.

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