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7 Baby Items You Can Skip When on a Budget

Britta is a former radiologic technologist and current stay-at-home mom who enjoys writing about parenting and raising her sweet daughter.

I can vaguely remember the hours of constantly pouring over websites urging me to buy must-have baby items. The amount of products shoved in my face made me dizzy, anxious, and exhausted. After suffering for nine long months, what is necessary and essential for a baby, and what items can you skip? I have compiled a list for us budget-conscious moms because babies don't need five products to choose from for a snooze.

Do I Really Need a Boppy?

#1 Boppy Nursing Pillow

GASP! You mean skip the must have C-shaped pillow that will help me nurse and prop my baby up awkwardly before they are ready?! YES! In fact, believe it or not, this pillow has proved to be useless in my house. This is a simple one as any pillow can be used to prop of that dead arm after nursing for three straight hours. In fact, you may be so tired that you won't even care what is under your arm be it your dog, cat or husbands head.

#2 Crib

Dare I say it, a CRIB?! This is targeted for moms on a very strict budget but yes, a crib can be skipped, at least for a while. The experts recommend room sharing for up to a year now, and if you have a pack n play or a safe sleeping alternative a crib can wait until baby is out of your room. This can easily save you 200 dollars while assuring your little babe will still have a place to rest her/his precious head at night.

#3 Sleepsack

Unless you are given them for free, skip the sleep sacks. Although it is a safe alternative to blankets your little one will grow out of it quickly, they also tend to bunch up and become awkward. Stick to footie pajamas once out of the swaddling age, and definitely avoid using any loose blankets or pillows until baby is old enough.

#4 Burp Cloths

When your baby is stricken with acid reflux as a newborn, you will simply never have enough of these absorbent lifesavers. Four weeks deep into my newborns reflux, I discovered our dish towels worked well enough, and not only did they absorb as much as a burp cloth, they are bigger! If you are low on kitchen towels then by all means go for these guys, but they are by no means a necessity if you have a well stocked kitchen drawer.

#5 One Swing Is Plenty

Swing, Rock N Play, Bouncer, Boppy, which one will you need? The answer is just one of them will do. I could never have done without at least one of these items when dealing with the stubbornness of a newborn baby, but you certainly won't need one of each. You may even get stuck with a baby who has a preference to one making it a money pit that is never ending. Unless your little one has a preference only one will be necessary, and to save even more money you can find these products easily at second hand stores in good condition.

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#6 Wipe Warmer

This gadget is an obvious one to skip, as babies spent decades being wiped without them. Although it is nifty and keeps your baby's bum nice and toasty, it is easily not considered essential to your newborn.

#7 Changing Table

Do you own a low standing dresser? If so, Voila! You also have yourself a changing table. Clocking in around $100, a changing table is an obvious pass when working with a low budget. The only component missing to create one from a dresser is a changing table pad, which you can find them online or at any major retailer for as little as $16. A cover for the pad isn't a necessity, although it should be strongly considered as they are washable and protect the pad itself.

Any baby items I left out? Leave a comment below!

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Rana Raj on October 29, 2018:

This contraption is an undeniable one to skip, as children invested decades being wiped without them. In spite of the fact that it is clever and keeps your infant's bum pleasant and toasty, it is effectively not thought about fundamental to your infant.

SER on April 08, 2018:

Great article. And so true.

markaiid on April 18, 2017:

Good stuff of information. Thanks for sharing.

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