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Aylmer Twins Unique Birth

Lucy and Maria Aylmer.

Lucy and Maria Aylmer.

In 1996, Donna Douglas and Vince Aylmer were elated that they were having twins. The couple had three older children with similar skin tones.

On January 16, 1997 the couple welcomed two fraternal twins into the world. Their names were Lucy and Maria Aylmer. To their surprise they notice that the twins had shocking different skin tones. Lucy appeared to be white and Maria black. The couple was extremely startled by their twins unique differences.

Their mother Donna is half Jamaican and white. Their father Vince is white. The twins were born in Gloucester, United Kingdom. Their shocking color differences made headlines across the world.

Growing Up Twins

Lucy and Maria Alymer had difficult childhoods do to the vast differences in skin tone and diffrent eye and hair color. Lucy has red hair and blue eyes while Maria has black hair and brown eyes.

The twins were forced by their mother to wear identical clothing all through out their early elementary years of school. They were forced by child hood friends and classmates to produce their birth certificate as evidence that were even related or possibly twins. This led to the girls feeling extremely traumatized by the harsh judement of others.


Their Mom and Dad Divorce

Their parents divorced when they were very young. The twins and their siblings often spent time with both parents. Their mother Donna finally allowed her fraternal biracial twin daughters to dress different when they were ten years old. This led to them having their own unique style.

Lucy and Maria with their mother Donna at age 10.

Lucy and Maria with their mother Donna at age 10.

Lucy and Maria with their Father Vince and older brothers George and Jordan and older sister.

Lucy and Maria with their Father Vince and older brothers George and Jordan and older sister.

24 years later

Lucy and Maria recently gave an interview with Inside Edition about their difficult child hood. Lucy tearfully stated she was often bullied by classmates. Her classmates would call her ghost and adopted because they had a hard time believing she was related to her twin sister and older siblings.

Maria also felt traumatized because they were in the same classes but no one believe they were blood sisters. Maria became extremely out going while Lucy because of bullying became extremely shy and with drawn from others as a child.

They once drifted apart because of their differences. In their older years both twins have developed different personalities and fashionable interest. Lucy likes to wear comfortable clothing as well as rock attire while Maria enjoys wearing business like attire and tighter clothing.


Finding Hope in Each Other

The Alymer twins may look different from one another but over the years they have become extremely close. They once envied each other different hair textures. The sisters now call themselves best friends despite their different unique personalities and interest.

Maria attends Cheltenham college and is pursuing law. Her twin sister Lucy attends Gloucester college and is a art student.



Faternal twins results from two off-springs produced by one pregnancy. Dizynotic also known as faternal twins are developed by two eggs in the mother's body. The egg is fertilized by sperm sells separately. Faternal twins usually differ from one another for example one twin may be male and other twin female.

Since they are faternal twins they usually don't look alike. They are similar to sisters or brothers born in separate years. They also share just 50% genetics with their twin sibling also similar to regular siblings born in different years.

Identical twins also known as monozygotic are much more rare. They usually result from one zygote which divides into two embryos.

Biracial twins who differ drastically from one another is not that uncommon. This is due to the multiracial genetics of both parents.

In multiracial parings genes that determine skin pigmentation are known as alleles. If both parents give more lighter alleless the child may have a fair skin tone and finer hair. If the parings give more dark alleless the child will have a darker complexion. Skin color genomes are randomly selected by each egg and sperm cell. These genomes will determine the child skin tone and physical racial traits.

What do you think about faternal twins who look drastically different from one another? Please leave your comments below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you?

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