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Arrogance led to a huge downfall.


In this writing, I will talk about a story that a family went through in their life. First, let me tell you what makes some people arrogant in their lives, mostly they come from an underprivileged background and go through many bad experiences in their lives. Then all of a sudden, they see something that better them they lose themselves.

The troubled family

There was a family I knew well when we were growing up; they had all types of problems like finance, help, or any support; the husband left the wife and came to see her as a visitor once in a while. So, the woman ended up having a life with all types of hardships. When a woman lives alone, she faces the usual money and helps bring up her children. Besides that, underminers around her will bring her down to the bottom as much as possible.

Life went on like that she could not give proper education to the children only thing she had an old house to live in along with regular meals with the support of her siblings. After some years, the mother passed away, so the children lived with the uncles and aunts and the other close family. She had two children; the eldest was the boy, and the youngest was the girl. The relatives and the close ones started to worry about her marriage.

The daughter got married.

The brother could not give her any support; the father was not around most of the time, resulting in the relatives taking all the responsibility. The girl stopped her education when she was a teenager did not have much money for the girl. So, the relatives made their contribution and eventually found her a partner; he was a school teacher just the basic level but earned money regularly.

Also, he started to earn money by giving private tuitions from home then the family came out of severe financial troubles. But the brother was still struggling for existence, so the sister started to show disrespect towards the brother's family. It all started with many issues, undermining, and many arguments. After many years of struggle and unhappiness because of the sister's family's treatment towards them. After a couple of years, the brother got the opportunity to move to another county to make some money.


The sister was harsh to her brother & family.

The sister and family started showing so much arrogance to the brother's wife as she was left alone with three children but did not have so many money issues like before, but she had to pay back the debts. The sister's children were studying and doing well at school & college, and whereas the brother's children could not do well in their studies because of the lack of support from the mother at home also could not afford the private tuition for the kids.

That was one of the reasons for the sister to continue to undermine the brother's family. The brother's wife continued to struggle due to these underminers around them, but no one can do anything for this type of people around you when living your life. The best solution is to ignore them and continue to live your life with peace of mind.

There is criticism not only to families like these; they are everywhere ready to criticize because they want to feel better when comparing themselves with others.

Undermining went on forever.

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Undermining is part of human nature because they want to feel better than others. The best way to come out of it is to ignore that also, do not let your confidence go down, and you have to believe in yourself to overcome those remarks without getting upset and frustrated over it. If the undermines see you getting affected, that makes them happy, and they start believing in themselves that they are better. When you ignore and be yourself, you can see the failure in them. So, everything is up to you how to live your life happily despite your problems.

Then after some time, the brother could get this family down to the country where he was living. Eventually, some problems started in the sister's family as one of the boys fell in love with a girl who was closely related to them. Everything went wrong; both families had massive battles because there were many disagreements about the marriage.

The first son got married.

The parents started to look around for a girl for the eldest son and finally married him. They began life with the boy's parents, and they're also problems between the newly married couple after a while. Therefore, everything started to go downhill; besides, the mother had some severe illness and no proper medical treatment.

The eldest son face problems in the marriage, wife left his parents' house where they were living and went back to live with her parents and took her children also with her. She continued to live with her parents, but the man lived with his parents. He visited his wife and children during some weekends.

The second son got married.

Eventually, the second son got married and, in that case, also the wife lived with her parents, and the man lived with his parents but visited her often. These things happen in families because some children allow their parents to interfere in their life. The parents also quickly jump in and force their decision over everything happening in the children's families. It is ultimately a wrong way of helping the children; it is not a help but, in other words, damaging the freedom and happiness of the families.

Parents have to give them the freedom to live their life help them only when they request any help. When the parent interferes, there could be two results either the children will move away from the parents or leave their family. So, all that ends up in a huge disaster.


Both marriages nearly collapsed.

After a while, the mother and the second son became seriously ill; after a couple of months, the mother passed away. So, the sons and the father left to live their lives without the women in the house. When the news about the second son's illness came out, his wife also started to keep away from him. So, the ones who remained in the family had to go through so much agony in their life.

The mother and the second son died.

Their struggles did not stop there; the second son became seriously ill and came to a point the chances of his survival were doubtful; in the meantime, the eldest son and his wife separated for good. After a while, the second son passed away, and then the father and the eldest son lived together; the young man was unemployed and just making money by doing some jobs, not regularly. So, both of them were living out of the father's state pension.

We never realize that life is too short, and there is no point in showing arrogance just because we do well for a while. There is nothing guaranteed for anyone; either poverty or wealth, anything might leave us at any time. It is so sad if people are so ignorant to think that they have everything in life, unlike others who suffer for a while.

We have to understand that life is full of ups and downs, and we cannot stop that to have a happy life every day

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