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Annoying Acts of Children

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Bless Me, God!

A quote says, 'Children are a gift from God, but we wish we could return them sometimes.' I got a wicked smile when I heard that saying. Later I felt embarrassed.

Generally, a child's play is soothing to watch until it starts misbehaving and refuses to follow discipline. Kids are errant and rogue. We have to whack our brains, put grueling efforts to tame them, and hunt ways to bring them on the right track.

When they play messily, scream or cry in loud voices, drop things and dirty the house, they attack your emotions and increase your work. You have to not only clean their mess but also control your emotions. That's what makes children annoying.

This article highlights the mess that kids make inside a house. Note my pointers and prevent damages.

This is how she sits on the sofa.

This is how she sits on the sofa.

Parts of Your House

1) Walls

Your children will be mad artists and the walls of your house will be their huge canopy. Trust me, their artwork will not attract your admiration but will only provoke your rage and distress.

They will scribble the walls with slant lines, zigzag lines, absurd designs, and spoil the interior with sprays, paints, and watercolors.

The worst is when they smear oil. The greasy patch and taint of oil don't fade away easily. It sticks to the wall and gives a depressing look.

Likewise, they will leave their dirty fingerprints on the surfaces of furniture, couches, curtains, bedsheets, and even expensive garments.

Imagine you lift a piece of clothing only to find some sticky toothpaste or gel emblazoned on it. That's how your child will umbrage you in more ways than one.


  • Keep stationery items such as pens, pencils, sketch pens, markers, crayons, colors, etc out of the reach of children.
  • Let them write, draw, and color under your supervision.
  • To protect your walls and wallpapers, keep a blackboard at home and give strict instructions to write or scribble only on the writing board.
  • A whiteboard is a better option as you won't have to clean the chalk dust.
She wanted to hide inside that bag.

She wanted to hide inside that bag.

2) Spaces, Corners, and Furniture

little ones tend to hide in tiny corners. They wrap themselves under the blankets and hide. They even hide behind curtains, inside cupboards, under tables, chairs, and in baskets, drums, containers, etc.

Attention: Holding drapes they swing with full force. The curtain rail or pole might fall causing head injuries.

While playing, they can stick their faces inside utensils and buckets. Beware they can face suffocation in these items.

3) Furniture:

Children pull and push drawers and pester you with noise. They will misplace the items inside those drawers. Your cherished possessions, folded clothes, important documents, or anything of value could get damaged by them.

They walk or run on the edges of the sofa, so save them from falling.

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They stuff the spaces and partition in the sofa with items like pens, toys, even eatables that can infest the place with ants, roaches, etc later.


  • Fix a central locking system that locks all the drawers of your furniture at once.
  • Don't keep sharp objects or anything important in an easily accessible drawer.
  • Imagine what will happen if a child grabs scissors, knives, or other pointed objects of wood and steel.
  • Make sure that the shelf, the rack, the stand, the curtain bar, the washbasin, the sink, hanging items, and other fixtures have been tightly fixed, otherwise, your furniture could break and even fall on the playful kids causing serious injuries.

4) Money:

They will:

  • Try to access your cash for fun and play.
  • Tear the dollar or rupee note of cash in two.
  • Stuff coins inside the couch, cushions, and other places.
  • Put coins in the mouth. Beware they could swallow too.
I take risk and lie on the edge. If I fall I will cry loudly and annoy you.

I take risk and lie on the edge. If I fall I will cry loudly and annoy you.

5) Medicines

Your minors will:

  • Spill syrups, tonics, solutions, antiseptics, etc.
  • Open the caps of bottles and throw them away. As a result, there will be covering and protection problems for drugs.
  • Pop-out pills from the strip or the blister pack and leave the tablets loose or drop them somewhere.

If you find any medication missing from the medicine box or the first aid kit, check with your children. They might have misplaced them.

Careful. They could swallow your drugs.

6) Toiletries:

They will:

  • Mix water in your handwash, body wash, shampoo, lotions, phenyl, liquid fresheners, etc
  • Press and take a large quantity from any fluid products just for sport.
  • Drop and waste a big amount even a whole bottle.
  • Wipe the foam, paste, or sticky liquid on your clothes, bedsheets, curtains, walls, etc

Keep an eye on your cosmetics, toiletries, and other products. If a full bottle of your floor cleaner, disinfectant, fabric softener/conditioner is suddenly half, or, your dish-wash gel and handwash feel adulterated, understand that your kids have emptied, messed, or mixed water in them.

Children are very smart. They somehow learn that their adults will not pay much attention to the wastage of these types of products. They know that they have little chance to get caught, so they take their chances and play madly.

Secondly, when they go to the washroom, they know that they will be given privacy. Hence they splash water, play with the flush, and mess with the other items. All behind closed doors.

Behold: The same funda applies to the other children too. So, if you have guests over, their kids could mess with your stuff.

The solution is to keep the household products away from children's reach.

In the washroom and bathroom, we usually keep toiletries and cleaning products within reach. Hence our smallies have easy access.

Remember, it could get dangerous at any time. Someone might slip on the floor, kids could drink the harmful liquids or mistakenly rub their eyes and cause health complications.

Another tip I would give is, if a child is taking long in the bathroom, run and knock on the door and check on him/her. He might be doing something fishy.

Never leave the bathroom open. If kids sneak inside, they will dirty the whole bathroom and their clothes too. So annoying!

Sugar not eaten but thrown on the couch by children.

Sugar not eaten but thrown on the couch by children.

7) Jewelry and Accessories

While in arms babies might pull gold chains, nose pins, bracelets, and break your jewelry. They can damage your glasses, specks, and glares. You could get an ear injury if they pull your earring.

8) Skin and body care:

Careful. Babies will pinch or bite your cheeks and hands, or nip and leave bruises on your face. They pull hair with extreme force.


  • Be vigilant about your ornaments when the young ones are playing with you.
  • Don't allow toddlers to suck on your cheeks or reach your hair.
  • Have a firm grip while holding them, hold tightly around the waist area. They jump a lot in arms, so be careful not to drop them.

9) Phones and gadgets


  • Don't forget to press the switch off button on the switchboard after charging the phone. Children could put the wire of the charger in the mouth. It's very scary. You don't want them to get an electric shock.
  • Supervise them when they play with the handset. They can dial numbers or send personal images to anyone from the contact list.
  • Keep strong protective phone covers to prevent severe or irreparable damages in case if the phone drops.
  • Kids might remove and throw the earbuds from the earphones.
  • They can chew the earbuds or swallow them by mistake. Careful.
  • Save your gadgets from the liquid damage from their saliva.
Who will clear this clutter? The sharp edges of these toys will badly prick someone's feet.

Who will clear this clutter? The sharp edges of these toys will badly prick someone's feet.

Don't Lower Your Guard

Often children lock the doors and then cry in panic. Keep the duplicate keys of the house and the other locks in the house. Don't let the latch be at a place easily accessible by kids. The best is to fix the latch on the upper side of your door.

Children and mischief are inseparable. Kids are always up to something; they never sit quietly. Any negligence might cause nuisance, annoyance, and trouble. Constant supervision is necessary, so never lower your guard and protect what you can.

Wax marks of the candles.

Wax marks of the candles.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Imran Khan

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