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An Unforgettable Day of My Life; A Mother’s Perspective

The author is sharing her personal life experiences and observations through this article.


An Unforgettable Day of My Life; A Mother’s Perspective

An unfotrgetable day could be both positive and negative. No matter whether it is positive or negative, this is something always stays like memory with you. Our memories may give us feelings of pleasure. Again, it may also give us goosebumps and lessons from our past. As life is never a bed of roses, thus, memories may be both pleasant or painful. In the path of our life, either we win or we learn. Life teaches us lessons in every moment. Sometimes our memories refreshes us, sometimes these taunt us. This is how our life really is.
I have an unforgettable day or experience or memory which is related with my motherhood. As we know, motherhood is the state of being a mother. Thus, this is always a very precious part of a female’s life. Nothing is more charming and delightful beyond motherhood, even though being a mother is never easy. I have an unforgettable day associated with my motherhood. The feeling of that day still kills me inside. I don’t think It will be ever possible for me to put away that day from my remembrance.

A general perspective and a mother’s perspective may be different in several situations. A mother gives birth to her child, brings up her child with care and affection and she is the person whose whole body and soul both are related to her infant. She is the person who owes the relationship with her child even before its birth. A mother holds the baby for nine months in her womb. The child can feel its mom’s happiness, sadness, anxiety, stress, love, tears, hardships, waiting from staying in her mom’s womb. A mother also gives her best to her kid just after knowing that somebody is going to exist in her uterus who will bring a new world of joy and pleasure in upcoming days. She accepts all those sleepless nights, pregnancy struggles and blemish feelings with a warm welcoming heart for her ensuing new beginning of life which is called motherhood; a blessing above anything in this world. This is the reason why a child’s relationship with her mother is just unique and no one can replace it in this world. Thus, in some cases a mother’s feelings may not be understood by any male person or any female who does not become a mother yet!

It was 17 August, 2019 when my baby born and I was just a new mother. After delivery periods were going just as normal like how all new moms have to handle and all of them learn so many new techniques about to take care of their kids. Everything becomes better with time.

The covid-19 effects have been started in Bangladesh from March, 2020 when my baby was running to seven months. As usual to cope with that severe situation we all stopped going outside, especially me and my daughter in order to maintain the highest level of protection from the virus. The pandemic made everything standstill as if life has been stopped in its place. But the reality is, time moves on and it will never wait for anybody in this world. My daughter’s MR (measles and rubella) vaccine (dose: 1) was dated at the end of the May, 2020. I already got late for the vaccine as I was tremendously feared about the outside pandemic condition. After exactly five months of home quarantine (March 2020-July 2020), I went out at the first of August for my daughter’s vaccine and the history created in my world. Was it really a history? I am strongly saying “Yes, for me it is 100% history and it will remain the same forever.”

As I was a new mother and I got stuck in a pandemic situation, it didn’t even come in my mind that how my baby could react after this five month’s home quarantine.

I was getting dressed and she was just giving big eyes to me as she didn’t see me to get her out what people do in a normal life. I put mask and took her in my lap and she started crying. The mask went like a strange appearance before her. Still, I thought it might be manageable, let’s start. I went to downstairs and she started screaming and shouting, trembling with fear. I didn’t even able to pass my own area. She went stubborn and tore my scarf. She was just desperate about not to go to outside of home. Some people near my building were asking “What happened?” I just kept silent putting in my mind “What can I really tell them?”

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My daughter started vomiting due to excess crying and I just returned to my home. It seemed I was just sinking under water “What happened? How I will manage everything? Would I really able to recover my child’s mind set?”

I forgot that she didn’t go outside for five months and the outside world is totally new for her. As I am a mother, I couldn’t able to think with my brain at the moment, extreme guilt was killing me inside. The day became an indelible one in my life!

Slowly, I became able to connect the event with covid-19 pandemic state where everybody was suffering from different aspects of life those were survived. I realized it will certainly take time for my child to have her normal behavior in outside world.

I just stopped all other works and I only started focusing on my daughter for whole August, 2020. I was so concerned that I didn’t even care covid-19 and started taking my daughter outside in everyday basis. Having all types of protection, I used to roam around with my daughter in rickshaw (a vehicle with three wheels). Initially, she started crying but I just ignored. Slowly, she became little normal and I got able to vaccinated her.

After, one month of my struggle, it seemed she became familiar with outer world. This was how my baby had been suffered psychologically due to covid-19.

Again, we got back to our normal life from September, 2020.

Perhaps, it was just beyond my explanation, how the day was! I believe, only a mother can realize and respect my feelings rather than any other person in this world. This is the unforgettable day that still burns me inside. Is it possible to forget the day? I think just never!

Some people may view it with a minor manner. But as of being a mother for the first time, it was an horrible experience for me full of guilt and liability. Still, my goosebumps when I recall the day. This is how motherhood works! As a mother’s perspective will be always different than others.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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