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Abortions 2022

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Abortion Prohibited


Abortion Laws 2022! Is it Right or Wrong?

Everyone is talking about this new "Abortion Law" that recently passed in more than a few states such as Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, N. Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, S. Carolina, S. Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, W. Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. A lot agree and disagree with this law. There are so many Pros and Cons to this situation. Talking to other people who have their own opinions about this subject have made substantial points why it is not right and should not be a law at all. Some argue doctors are enforcing it so they could utilize an aborted fetus for medicine and medical practice. Human fetal tissue research is to be believed by medical researchers to be "important research and medical advances, such as the development of Polio Vaccine and used to study mechanism of viral infections and inherited diseases, as well as to develop transplant therapies for variety of conditions, for example, Parkinsonism." A lot argue that it would destroy very young children who get pregnant on accident, questioning the children's futures and what it can do to a child's mental and physical health. Some say this can be the many reasons why many families are becoming homeless because they cannot get or have financial assistance or sustainability. There are many that are rape victims who cannot bare to hold, feel or know that such a tragic and traumatic event had just occurred in their lives! It's pretty clear to some people that it isn't right they are forced to do something with their own body due to many factors. They say it is wrong to go against a person's own will. If a child is raped and impregnated by this individual, why is she forced to keep something she did not plan or should have not happened at all to her. Some argue that our children are our future and forcing children to have children is not right when they do not know the true definition of "responsibilities". There is also the woman who are of age and end up in a rape situation and end up with an unplanned pregnancy that tragically shifted her entire life. Woman that are traumatized are likely to develop postpartum, severe depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, changes to their emotions towards close ones, friends and family members. A lot of people argue it's the person's choice not the laws.

But...then we have those who are true believers it is indeed the right thing to do. Some argue its "murder" to an innocent living being. They argue that it is the same if a person intentionally murdered another person and believe legal murder charges should be held upon them. They believe that being has a soul and did not choose to be born. Religion is said to play a major role in this belief! To those true bible believers this is a touchy subject for them. It's an act of sinning as they'd say. These believers would protest at abortion clinics from the crack of dawn to the moonlight educating young females what abortions do to the female body, who, where, what and why doctors convince young females why abortion is okay and is not. A lot of their protests are true facts, infact, too many abortions can cause major health defects and problems in future baby planning. They argue that it is true murder because the child is innocent. Their answer to woman/young girls impregnated by rapists is adoption or living to learn it is a miracle. They believe it is wrong to use aborted fetus's for medical practice and it is inhumane.

The hopes to change that law to an option for the people is strong and high, but could it be the best thing America needs right now with it's debt and recent pandemic problem? Many people just hope for the right in this country. What is your opinion ?

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