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A thoughtful mother helps the family to be successful


I have said many times that the mother's actions help the kids prosper and become successful. A thoughtful, clever mother plans her style of life for the kids very well. That type of mothers do not go gossiping with others, and they know their limits in discussions. It happens typically in family gatherings when the husband and the wife attend the functions, some men all out to create problems, especially after a few drinks. Some do not become aggressive, but they keep quiet and go home with the wife when she leaves the gatherings. However, some become aggressive and sometimes start to abuse the wife or even somebody else.

What does the wife do to stop that behaviour in public?

A woman who had a decent bringing up will not like it, and in some cultures, it is not a question of running away from the husband just because of this type of incident. Therefore, these women have seen that they become very assertive once or twice and start to control the man. It is not easy for her to gout with him and then tries to handle the situation; therefore, she decides not to go out with him anymore to places like that. Consequently, she stopped going out because she does not want to lose her reputation in front of others. Men like these are dependent on marriage and do not sacrifice anything for the Partner or the kids.

Try to take it for granted.

They have kids, but the man assumes that the woman can look after the kids very well. In a way, that is true because when the man misbehaves, she gets upset but never allows the kids to get upset with their dad. Because she believes they will learn to disrespect the elders, and that becomes a habit. Therefore, the woman knows to draw the line between the Partner and the kids to avoid home conflicts. Consequently, she takes all the issues in her hands and keeps that under control, but that does not mean that kids not aware of the situation. Nevertheless, the mom will not give them a chance to use that as an excuse for them to make mistakes.


The woman knows the consequences in advance.

The kids all out to have fun, sometimes go to extremes, and fall into trouble. Therefore, she might be telling them not to cross their boundaries. If not, she considers putting the strict house rules. Thus, in that situation, she never allows them to copy their dad's behavior because the mother controls everything. However, the mother gets them close to her and talks to them about the challenges in life—nevertheless, the most important thing not to lose control over your feelings.

How does she deal with the undermines?

In any society, undermines are there to laugh at you after seeing your problems. Here in this, the woman brings her courage to put them in their place if they try to undermine her family. Never discuss wrong her Partner, even if people try to tell bad things, she never accepts in front of them. Do you know why she did all that because she does not want anyone to use that opportunity to undermine her kids? She knows the kids will lose self-worth and self-confidence later in their life. Who will do all that because of her children? A good, thoughtful, understanding mother only can do all that for the kids.

Have the kids done well after all these?

Of course, the kids have done very well according to their capabilities; we cannot expect every human being highly intellectual professionals. In this case, the mother did not have any education because she comes from an underprivileged family. Therefore, you cannot expect the kids to do unusually well compared to kids from families with all the facilities, discipline, and everything else. Whereas the kids with a mother like that to do well is a blessing. Moreover, to keep up their self-respect and maintain a decent living for the mom to be proud of her kids. Therefore, her kid has paid her back and must be enjoying herself.


Sara Param (author) on September 17, 2020:

Thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate it.

Sara Param (author) on September 14, 2020:

Thank you very much

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 14, 2020:

A very interesting look at a condition of mankind.

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