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Strong Family Heads are Vital for the Development of Children

Claudette Carter, is thrilled to share the good news of Jehovah God's kingdom and its hope for the future with people of all nations.

Matthew McConaughey Gives Praises to a Strong Family Head in his Book “Greenlight”

A strong family head whether male or a female is vital to create a foundation for a child. On the television show Good Morning America one of the world’s most talented Academy Award-winning actors wrote a nonfiction memoir called, #Greenlight. Online this quote reveals #Matthew McConaughey’s purpose for the book. “The Buzz: McConaughey writes of the book and its central philosophy: ‘If you know how, and when, to deal with life’s challenges—how to get relative with the inevitable—you can enjoy a state of success l call ‘catching greenlights.’”

This chronicle of Matthew’s life is based on journals he put together over thirty six years. In a desert for fifty two days he discovered courage and time to create this memoir after his wife Camila encouraged McConaughey. She said, “Get out of here and don’t return until you’ve got something. But what l found is what you’ve got in this book Greenlight.”

George Stephanopoulos commended Matthew by stating, “What a great discipline to keep those journals all those years and one of the things you write in the book is, ‘The only thing l knew l ever wanted to be is a father.’ Never a doubt.” He agreed that there was, “Never a doubt!” It was shocking to see this once bad boy of hollywood take such a family oriented approach. My daughter and l were encouraged to see and hear McConaughey take such a strong stand for family values which is rare sometimes with certain major actors.

While reviewing certain information about this book Greenlight, #Yahoo! shared this powerful experience Matthew had with his father, “I was meeting some of his new friends, looking up at them and shaking their hands, and saying, ‘Nice to meet you sir,” he said. ‘In my 8–year-old mind, what l noticed at that time, was every man that l had said ‘sir’ to - - the common denominator was they were all fathers, and l remember saying, ‘That’s when you’ve made it. That’s when you’ve succeeded in life, when you become a father.’” In a calm and compassionate voice McConaughey said, “From that day on it was very clear to me the one thing l knew l always wanted to be, he added.”

Robin Roberts of GMA asked Matthew McConaughey this intriguing question concerning the book. “And you write about your father a great deal. You know Matthew how much do you think you are like your dad?” Matthew responded with a reasonable, justifiable amount of self respect. “Very much. I hope even more sometimes. He really instilled values in myself and my two brothers. Values that l know l wouldn’t be sitting here the man l am with the life that l’ve got. Our family loved hard. We laughed hard. We hugged hard. We loved hard. It was not always pretty. But the love in our family was never, ever, ever in question.”

Robin, George and Amy laughed with Matthew about spankings he received while growing up. Robin again asked, “And you said you earned those spankings.” He agreed with laughter as McConaughey explained, “l say in the book there’s not a but whipping l would trade in for the values that were instilled on me because of them. And l know every single one of them. There was never a time that l got in trouble or got those but whippings where you definitely earned that one.“

There was a discussion about Matthew McConaughey’s love life as well. Without hesitation and nothing but smiles, “l can’t say that l knew she was the one. I will say this. She was moving to my right, to my left across the room and it did not look like she was walking. Meaning her head was not bobbing. She was more like floating. And l did not say, who is that? l said what is that? In the book l write about two pages of what went through my mind and who and what she was when l just saw her move. It was just four seconds of her moving. Now l will say this. Every beautiful thing that went through my mind about who and what she was? She has turned out to be exactly that and then some. So l knew right away that she was something special and then very soon over the next year is when we really fell in love and l knew that was the woman l wanted to spend the rest of my life with.“ These words were exigent to every woman listening as this tremendously, sincere, expression of true love was demonstrated by Camila’s husband Matthew. The magnitude of respect and appreciation for love and family was encouraging.

Toward the end of the interview Robin Roberts of GMA expressed, “The three of us in the studio have gotten to know you over the years and we’ve gotta say, what you see is what you get. It doesn’t matter even after the Academy Awards and all the accolades. How do you stay grounded? And l know we’re going to find out more of that after reading your book?” McConaughey said, “Great question. It’s daily work. Daily maintenance. l think that my values are in pretty good order. You know if l get lost a little bit, l do what l’ve done with this book. I go away. I spend sometime with me. I try to get my head and my heart communicating clearly because as we all know they don’t always communicate clearly.” Robin wholeheartedly agreed, “Amen.” Matthew continued by stating, “l try to keep my ego in check but also try to keep it healthy. Having three kids and a wonderful wife helps quite a lot. Those are the things that really matter. Like when l said, the only thing l ever wanted to be is a father. What’s the greatest legacy l want to leave? My children. So you know between that and when l do go to work or get an accolade, or trophy or an applause l always try to remember because I stayed in the process at the time of what l was doing...”

Matthew completed the interview as he discussed when he was given a trophy and his chikdren asked where did the trophy come from? McConaughey gave a potent explanation related to life. He told his kids why he had won a trophy after winning best actor for Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew explained how it was given to him by his peers. “lt’s about investing in our future selves...Being kind to our future selves.” How we do things today can be an investment for tomorrow. That was an engrossing point we can apply in our lives daily. We should invest in our future selves along with displaying genuine concern for others. This will enable us to not only to be strong family heads as well as loving servants to our Grand Creator Jehovah God and his precious son Jesus Christ.

Matthew McConaughey Introduces His New Book “Greenlight.” This video is from YouTube.

Matthew McConaughey’s Book “Greenlight” Gives this Advice About Egos.

I try to keep my ego in check but also try to keep it healthy. Having three kids and a wonderful wife helps quite a lot. Those are the things that really matter. Like when l said, ‘the only thing l ever wanted was to be a father.’”

— Matthew McConaughey, actor and Academy Award winner.

How Can Your Family Have A Day of Clean Family Fun

The family is an outstanding creation by #Jehovah God, which allows its members to experience clean and wholesome entertainment. When accomplished with parents and their children, pure gratification exists, as well as everlasting memories manifest. The smile on your #child's face and sparkle in their eyes, captivate your heart forever. Recently, we spent a day together as a #family at events that we rarely get to attend. Both gatherings had participants of all ages, although the children were exceptionally adorable. Continue reading to discover why; childlike entertainment can sometimes be what draws a family together and fill them with laughter and lasting memories.

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Our Family Attended A School of Dance Arts Recital

The first event that started our family day was a dance recital which my daughter Jaleesa, participated. Although she is in her mid-twenties, this was the first recital that Jaleesa was involved. It was also the first event of this nature that our #family had attended in years. For this reason, we found it stupefying to see such adorable little ballerinas perform along with the incredibly talented adult dancers that were just awesome. The Dianne Matthews School of Dance Arts sponsored its 31st annual recital during June. There were an afternoon and morning session which we attended. All in the Family was the recital's theme. Within the program, this statement mentioned, "Family! What would we do without them? Through it all, our #family relationships are indeed a unique God-given opportunity to use love as a motivator for growth, encouragement, and understanding.

If you have a family, you are blessed. If not, look around you for the blessing of those who are in your sphere of influence to whom you may not be biologically related. I hope we all take time to let real #love flow to and guide all close to us (family or not) in ways that will enable them to feel loved, be self-sufficient and able to enjoy and guide continuing generations," explained Ms. Diane. This compelling statement about the importance of families, related nicely to the abundance of talent that was featured. My daughter Jaleesa's, performance was prolific due to her determination to attend numerous rehearsals to do her very best dance. It was an intriguing experience to see so many graceful dancers of various ages demonstrate such illustrious entertainment. After the recital, students received #awards for their hard work. It was indeed inspirational to see these young people have so much fun as they performed such beautiful dances.

Our Next Family Event Consisted of Cowboys, Cowgirls, A Petting Zoo, Fun, and Great Food

We arrived at our cousin Darlena's house with childlike anticipation for what would unfold based on the invitation which featured costumes, a petting zoo, food and creative decorations. Within minutes a truck arrived with a variety of caged animals. The cage was pulled by a truck that appeared small with only a few beasts for this zoo. Disappointment filled the faces of the adults but each child resonated with genuine excitement. Three professional and tenacious young ladies started to unload such animals as goats, an alpaca, a donkey, horses, chickens, rabbits, and ducks. We were amazed that a complete #petting zoo arrived in what we assumed were small cages. Although in the end, each animal accommodated with enough space for their safety.

The children and adults gathered with excitement after the zoo was completed. We mingled among the animals, as each child was allowed to subtly stroke the various animals. The majority of the children were intrigued by the alpaca with its long neck and sleek body. Some of the adults and children were also fascinated by the donkey or domestic ass. One parent acknowledged to their child that was the same type of creature Jesus rode into Jerusalem on, in the Bible account at Matthew 21:5. The goats were a source of interest as some parents reminded their children what Matthew 25:32 stated, where Jesus will "separate the sheep from the goats" during the destruction of Satan's wicked system. After the children and some adults had fed apples, carrots and grass to the animals, it was time for their horseback rides. There were two docile, gentle, horses with saddles that willingly gave trips to more than twenty children and a few adults. The caregivers of these horses never left the rider's side. Absolute confidence developed within the children filled with pure joy and excitement. For more than an hour, adults and children participated in these cherished moments of family fun that will never be forgotten.

After the petting zoo and horseback rides, each tiny and large hand had to sanitized in preparation for a delicious meal. Hamburgers, hotdogs, and hot sausages were available from the grill. Tacos, fresh salads, chips with dips and a variety drinks were also provided for our consumption. For dessert, a vanilla and chocolate cake, with a cowboy hat, sheriff's badge and red handkerchief, made this cake a hit for all participants.

This family day of fun allowed Darlena, Tina, and Patricia to organize an event for more than fifty people where children and parents inundated with joyful memories. The day consisted of clean family oriented entertainment that made the heart glad as we viewed the happy faces of so many children. From the dance recital by Director, Diane Matthews to the cowboy and cowgirl event; our family was thankful to be in the midst of so many people who genuinely love and appreciate what our Grand Creator has given us, the family arrangement. Within this divinely granted structure, we can procreate, be nurtured, grow, be taught and teach others the value of a family from Jehovah God's standpoint. May each of us views this precious arrangement as a vital part of their lives.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Claudette Coleman Carter

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