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8 Free Online Preschoolers Games That Are Educational and Fun

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A preschooler’s early years set the tone for learning and development for the rest of their life. During this period a preschooler learns a lot about themselves and start to differentiate themselves from others. Parents and educators alike play a critical influence during the early stages of life. A lot of toddlers and preschoolers have used playing with others as well as playing with physical toys to educate themselves, but today is a new age and a parent should really learn to embrace the internet, and not to fear it.

School agers are given laptops at an early grade level. They receive homework and classwork on their personal computer through cloud technology. So, exposure at a young age to a tablet or computer is not such a bad idea. Which brings us to the internet. The internet is not just for older kids anymore. Today with internet access being much easier to use and available everywhere, it is a good resource for parents and educators to teach children, especially preschoolers. There are so many resources that are available online today, that it may be difficult to find one that is educational and one that your child will enjoy.


So, you are probably asking yourself, where do I start? What are the key differences between all these different educational websites that are online, that makes one better than the other? Which one is right for my child? One thing you can do is find one that will cater to your child’s interest. For example, if your child loves dogs, then a website that features a dog as the character that is teaching a skill, that might hold their attention. Speaking of attention, you cannot expect your child to sit in front of a computer or tablet all day and work on their spelling. Understand that just because your child loses interest rather quickly, doesn’t mean that they did not enjoy it. Know that a little bit of learning done every day is better than nothing.

So here is a list of free toddler games online.

Educational Games for Preschoolers


It is always fun to find something online that will keep a child occupied and teach them at the same time. Well, that is where comes in. No matter what the subject or age of your child, has learning material for your preschooler that will follow them all the way through elementary. This website is very easy to use and requires no sign in information. It has math games, spelling games, and all sorts of educational games that will keep your preschooler’s interest for hours.


8-preschoolers-online-games-that-are-educational-and-fun is a website that is a blend of games and actual lesson plans that are designed by teachers to use for your toddler, homeschool students or can even be used to reinforce classroom lessons. There are thousands of worksheets designed by teachers that are available for your preschool student all the way up to your senior in high school to use. Your student can create their own workbooks centered around the subjects of math, spelling, and so on. This site isn’t only about classroom learning, there are games available to get your toddler best prepared for Kindergarten as well. The great thing about this site is the many different memberships that it offers. You can choose the Basic plan and still have access to thousands of different activities, or you can choose to pay for premium membership.

3.Fun Brain Jr

8-preschoolers-online-games-that-are-educational-and-fun is a free site that is part of The Family Education Network that allows your toddler to develop math and reading skills using games. There are matching games where the child needs to choose the letter that matches a picture and math games where your child must help the monster down the slide by choosing the right numbers. Choose from a variety of printable lessons, fun games, and stories that will help your child develop those literacy and problem-solving skills they will so need once they get to Kindergarten.

Learning Games Using a Keyboard

  • Dance Mat Typing: Best Typing Training for Kids
    There is a warm-up at the beginning of each stage and then there is the hand exercise for both the left and right hands. In the learning process, an unforgettable cast of characters will give students both coaching and kudos.
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DanceMat is a typing program that will teach your child how to type on a keyboard. It will help students improve their typing skills and familiarize them with key locations on the keyboard. Typing lessons are split up over 12 levels and each level or stage is introduce by an animated character. Children start to learn the home row and then after that they start to learn two keys at a time. Students can work at their own pace. Instructions are in British English which can lead to some confusion.



I enjoy playing this with my daughter. This game is refined, clean and even enjoyable for adults! I am the game is sure to keep you kids so entertained, that they will not even realize that they are improving their typing.

Interactive Learning with Disney

6. Disney LOL

Who doesn’t love Disney? Disney has an educational digital learning platform, called Disney LOL that my daughter love. Just let your kids explore and you can have some #selfcare at the same time.

Warning: It can get addictive, so remember to limit your kid's time on this activity!

7. Imagineering in a Box (for older children)


This has been a bookmarked site as part of learning for my daughter although I still feel she is too young for this.. this will be suitable for elementary students to learn about how theme parks are designed and built.

Most comprehensive online resource

8. Khan Academy Kids


One of my favorites, my go-to for fun education online classes. I have no complaints when my daughter proposes this as her first activity in the morning. It's good to accompany your kids while they are interacting with online resources. There will be a lot of questions that it's best for us, as parents to teach and educate them.

Tip: If you allow your kid to use a regular tablet, preload this website as the default page (not!)



Everything is changing all around us. Things are becoming more and more digital, which makes things a lot easier to get and store. The days of starting off on how to hold a pencil, the focus has shifted to if a child can work a cursor or navigate a tablet. With so many options available it does make sense.

We encourage you, under supervision, to allow your child to explore these apps that are listed above plus the thousands of other options that are available. Seeing how the world is changing to a digital landscape, it would be a good starting point to help them in the future.

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