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5 Best Skills to Master for Students in Life

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Time and technologies are changing too fast and students community need to prepare themselves well for the future. There are so many qualified students out there. But in a country like India where more than a thousand students apply for a single post then there will be tuff competition. So, why a big organization like TCS or Reliance or Infosys will going to hire you and select you among the rest of the candidates.

I am not saying you will not get a job but time has changed due to lockdown and coronavirus. Now technologies are playing a major role in hiring new candidates. So, let’s understand what are the five best skills which students should learn or get prepared with.

Communication Skills

If you want to get hired then communication skills will always be the topmost priority among companies. Now-a-days this skill is not limited to writing smart emails or reply. Now companies are hiring people through a different approach. Earlier you use to send your resumes through email but now tech companies are highing people through skype, zoom or video calls.

Whether you believe or not in just 15 minutes video call, an employer will get enough overall idea about your complete personality. It may be possible for you to write a good email but if you cannot present yourself well during video call then things may not work out for you.

So, now, communication skills include many other aspects like writing, speaking, presenting and how tech-savvy you are. Due to lockdown and coronavirus companies approach related to hiring a new candidate have changed drastically.

Video conference

Video conference

Team Building

Now the second important skill which a student should learn is working as a team. During the video call, you have proved yourself as a worthy individual, but after selection, it’s about team performance.

So, if you are still student build this habit. And just like any other skill, it takes time to learn this art. Start from your society, start from your school or college. Take part in some cultural activities and start working as a team. This is the only way you will learn how a function in a team. If you get a chance to lead then act as a leader, sometimes work just as a member. By doing so, you will also get a chance to develop your leadership skills.

Team building

Team building

Life Management Skills

Life management skills are the most crucial skills which students should learn as soon as possible. When we talk about this, it includes skills like stress management, pressure management, how to handle rejections, how to handle multi-tasking, how to control emotions and many other skills. Even skills like how to manage finance and budgeting should be part of this.

Youngsters are extremely sensitive to what people say about them in social media. Social media is both boon and curse but it also depends upon how you react to those issues. My best advice will be to stay away from controversial talks. You should use social media to learn about digital marketing and it shouldn’t be used for any anti-social activities.

Always remember real-life problems are always different from classroom issues. To solve any problem you need imagination and creativity. Don’t just depend upon classroom lectures.

Time Management Skills

Many successful people will tell you that time is money and this is true also. If you want to become highly successful in life then you must learn to manage time. And for this, you need to be disciplined if you want to manage time. There is no other secret to be discussed about time.

Discipline means you are doing an important task when it matters the most. For example, if you are roaming here and there when you know you have an exam next month then this means you lack discipline. Any individual can achieve success in life and a person who is discipline can even overcome failures and intelligent people.

Need to have strong technology skills

Need to have strong technology skills

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Technology Skills

Another skill which you need to master as a student is related to technology. Now the world’s information is on our mobile. In today’s time, you just cannot ignore technology skill and believe in your ability.

For example, there was a time when we use to purchase newspaper and application forms to apply for a job. Normally it takes at least seven days to reach letter from Assam to Delhi. But now, we just search details on websites, fill forms, pay an online fee and upload the details. In return, we also get examination card within a few days of our email.

Same way, there was a time we would stand for 40 minutes or more in a line to withdraw money from the bank. But thanks to the technology now we need just 1 minute to withdraw money from ATM. So, whether you like it or not but technology is rapidly changing lives. So, learn as much as about technology because in future students and humans need to face artificial intelligence and not human beings.


Whatever I have shared with you are based on my personal experience. When I tell my age to people they get surprised. Well, my friend, I have almost crossed half of my life span on earth. Out of all these points, remember to apply time management with utmost diligence. Your discipline and commitments towards your goal will make you a highly successful person in life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma


Vikram Brahma (author) from Assam, India on August 07, 2020:

Thanks for your positive feedback about the article. Wish someone had given us tips to use when we were in school or colleges.

Liz Westwood from UK on August 07, 2020:

You give useful tips to a generation in a very competitive work market.

Vikram Brahma (author) from Assam, India on August 06, 2020:

Thank you, Eric. It would be great if you can share your teenage memories with me :)

Vikram Brahma (author) from Assam, India on August 05, 2020:

Thank you, Eric, for your comment. Have a wonderful day, my friend.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on August 05, 2020:

Great points. My center is far more ethereal though.

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