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5 Ways to Tell When a Teenager is a Douchebag

Bazooka Teaches used to be an educator at the secondary level in Los Angeles, but he decided to follow his dreams and fight evil with words.

Photo by Mountain/ \Ash

Photo by Mountain/ \Ash

Teens nowadays have a very bad reputation of being super lazy and feel like they are entitled to everything freakin' thing. They think that life will happen while they spend their whole day in bed staring at screens.

Anyway, within that new world teens, douchebags still tend to arise. For the most part, douchebags have always existed at all age categories, but times have changed. So, the douchebaggery method has also changed a bit.

The following five pointers will show how some of these moderns teens tend to be douchebags. Of course, the title of douchebag could apply to both sexes. The year is 2018, so, both, boy and girls can be engulfed in total doucheness. So, here it goes...

1. When kids own the goods and flaunt it

When a teen owns all the good stuff and flaunts it to everyone, while he or she has done nothing to deserve it. Seriously, this is a huge sign that these type of teens are straight up douches.

This applies to owning all the best shoes and tech toys. Teens that own the goods usually have accomplished something. For instance, they have a job or they get outstanding grades. Some are even super helpful at home, like helping parents in keeping the house clean.

Teens that accomplish huge feats deserve the best, or they deserve the best the parents can provide for. However, there are a bunch of teens out there that do nothing but sleep and bitch at home, yet they get the best cell phones and clothes. Some even get nice cars!!

Of course, this would be the parents' fault if their kid accomplishes nothing and still gets the goods. Still, kids that show off their decorations and amount to nothing, are complete douchebags. For those that show off their toys because they have a job, then good for them!

2. Wearing the best sports gear and not good at sports

Some teens are so douchy that when they play sports, they demand that their parents buy them the best of the best. This applies when a teen wears to most expensive cleats for any field sport, and he or she completely sucks!

A note to the parents: When walking into a new sport, please, buy adequate equipment for your kids. If your teenage son or daughter demands the best, tell them no! Maybe after playing a while, they might deserve it. However, when starting for the first time, stick to the average.

Teens that walk into a game with shiny crap and complete suck, look like they are complete douchebags. Seriously, the kid with the best basketball shoes and being the worst player looks really bad.

So, if teens that like basketball shoes and suck at basketball, stay away from the court. You will be looking like a huge douche! That applies to all sports. Remember, it is not the arrow, it is the Indian!

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3. Bragging about how rich parents are

Teens that brag about their parents wealthy status are douchebag lords. Yes, no one wants to hear about how much your parents make. Many teens out there who flaunt the goods are usually the ones yappin' their mouths about their social class status. Who cares!

Teens that are proud of their parents is one thing, but please do not flaunt it. Be cool, and stay calm. No one is going to like a teen or anybody, in this case, that loves to show off their wealthy status with their filthy mouth. Screw you if you do!

4. Teens that have an entourage

Teens that have an entourage are lame! What the heck is that about? If it is a crew, then it is totally cool! Heck, even a gang is cool at this point! But an entourage? Why?

Please, if you are a teen and you have people that follow you without being good friends, tell them that you wish to be alone because you want to concentrate on school. Be nice!

On the other hand, if you love this entourage, who are most likely individuals that seem to be needing some kind of psychological help, then you are a huge douche. Do not have people follow you and do things for you. It is sad and it is very douchy!

Also, if you are a follower of some douchebag, please stop. Being in an entourage is also perceived as a douche. Even worse, it is seen as a dumb douche. Unless one is getting paid to do things for a person, then the entourage is legit. However, if a teen is paying other teens to follow and do things for him or her, then that is douche galore. Stop it!

5. Pretending to be something you are not

Teens go through a rough time growing up and trying to develop an image. The best advice is to be yourself. Do not go around telling people that you are something you are not. That my friend is being a super-douche.

If you do not like yourself, do not lie to others because it is also lying to yourself and could prove to be fatal. Stop it! If someone doesn't like you, then screw it! Move on! The good life will eventually prevail.

Still, teens that say they are in a band and are not, they are douchy. That applies to anything that is a lie. That even includes lying about one's social status. Do not claim that you are rich when you are not. It will be very embarrassing when the lie is revealed.

Please, do not be a douchebag. If that is who you really are, then you cannot help it. However, it sucks being a douche, and, for the most part, most douchebags do not realize they are being a douche.

So, if you have a friend that is a massive douche or even a douche slightly, tell them. The truth will hurt, but at least you will rid of this world from one douche. The fewer douchebags, the better our world.

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