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5 Tips for a Clean and Tidy Home


Having a clean and tidy home has perpetuallybeen somewhat of a priority for me, it helps me feel peaceful. It helps me feel productive and it helps me feel like I have my life in order in today's article.

I'm attending to share my top tips to help you keep your home clean and tidy -

1: Number one is to wipe down surfaces, after each use and this is in particular for the bathroom and kitchen counters so earlier in my bathrooms, I didn't wipe them down I didn't wipe down the counter until the end of the week and then it became really grungy looking and the entire week it just got dirtier and dirtier didn't look clean and tidy .

So what I do now is I keep a towel next to my counters and I just take that towel and quickly wipe it down after every you so all that excess water is wiped down any products that I've spilled or wipe down quickly and it just keeps the place looking clean and the same goes for the kitchen counters.

After I've used the kitchen, after Colter ,after I've had a I'll just do a quick wipe-down, so that way I'm not actually spending too much time at the end of the day doing a deep-clean and say I'm just cleaning.

2: Number two is to declutter your home frequently, I like to declutter in the spring and so within the fall. Thus it's twice a year thus I do it in the spring just before spring cleaning season starts, because it's so much easier to clean your home.

If there's less clutter and then I also like to do a declutter in the fall, because that way you can enjoy the Christmas and the holiday season with a declutter at home .

So that's kind of what I do you figure out what works for you, so why is it that declaring is important well I find that by decluttering you're getting rid of all those excess items.

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So your closets are no longer burgeoning, your doors aren't full, your cupboards aren't full and because of that it becomes so much easier to keep things clean and tidy, fewer items less to clean less to tidy and you save time.

3: Number three is to try the 15 minute countdown challenge, so I have incorporated this into my routine very recently. So I do this whenever I'm procrastinating with the cleaning and when I'm feeling overwhelmed and I don't know where to begin.

So you know when your house just looks like a complete mess and you're a bit like i do not know where to start this type of challenge can help so what do I do, I put the timer on it for 15 minutes, I put my favorite music on something that I really enjoy and something that's peppy and then I just try to get whatever I can get done in 15 minutes.

It doesn't ought to be perfect, it just needs to be quick and easy and just get as much done as you can, so it's sort of like making it a game ,it's sort of like a race against time and you will be stunned how much you'll get done in 15 minutes ,when you have good music and when it's a game.

4: Number four try not to do all of your cleaning didn't wanna go, so in the past I used to do all of my cleaning literally every bit of cleaning on the weekend, I used to spend a good chunk of my Sunday doing this and I find that that wastes the weekend, there's so many other things I would like to try and do on the weekend and I also end up resenting the cleaning.

Because it feels like a chore, so now I try to do a little bit every day probably 10 to 20 minutes every single day after dinner and that way I'm not spending all of my weekend doing the cleaning now I don't have a schedule for what I do every single day.

But I'll handle something that's quick and easy so I'll do a little laundry or you know I'll do a little bit of dusting, I'll do a quick vacuum, so I'll try to do something every single day so the house remains looking clean and tidy and I'm not overcome at the end of the week.

5: Number five unload the dishwasher before breakfast or before dinner depending on your schedule, when I don't unload the dishwasher in the morning and I don't unload it before I'm doing dinner, what ends up happening is all the dishes end up in the sink and at the end of the night the sink is full and I start getting lazy and I'm like I don't want to do this and then the sink is full.

The next morning - it's just it doesn't look clean, it doesn't look tidy, so what I like to do is unload the dishwasher in the morning and when I do it it makes such a big difference, because the rest of the day whenever I'm having a snack so cooking dinner I can put dishes directly into the dishwasher and that way nothing staying in the sink for long .

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