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5 Major Problems a Child Can Face While Watching Cartoons All Day

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Children watching screen and eating poop corns.

Children watching screen and eating poop corns.

We have often heard conversations between mothers regarding their children. Some mothers claim that their child does not disturb me at all. When he comes from school, I give him his tab, and he keeps watching cartoons silently. In the same way, he eats—while I check whether he is watching a cartoon or something else.

Parents share their child’s behavior with others and think that watching cartoons is good and comfortable. A child does not act mischief and sits quietly—but what are the effects of watching cartoons on the child's personality? The dangers in this regard should be a moment of concern for parents. The effect of watching cartoons all day is an emerging area and parents are concerned about it. A child can suffer from 5 major problems while watching cartoons all day.

1: Live in a fantasy world

Children who watch cartoons most of the time become inhabitants of a fantasy world where everything that seems reality is unnatural. This clash between reality and imagination affects the child's ability to think and understand the real world.

A child becomes an inhabitant of an imaginary world and begins to behave like cartoons. Instead of using his power of thought, he commands like them and completes every work like their favorite cartoon character. In this way, the effects of watching cartoons are visible in children's behavior.

2: Impacts on Health

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The effects of watching cartoons do not only harm the mind of the child, but also the physical health of the child. Children sit in front of the screen while watching cartoons, which makes them obese. They also become the victim of poor health because of the lack of exercise.

Cartoon-obsessed children become lazy and try to stay away from other activities. A child can also suffer from poor eyesight and headaches because of the rays coming from devices. So, the effects of watching cartoons are more diverse than children think.

3: Change in behavior

Children who watch a lot of cartoons get its influence, which is visible by the change in their behavior patterns. More often, a child starts adopting cartoon behaviors and acts like them. They consider themselves super cartoon characters and try to experiment with what they see in cartoons. The effects of watching cartoons are visible in children's behavior.

4: Premature puberty

Although parents claim that we keep checking what our children are watching, but have they ever considered the stories of cartoons?
Most Disney cartoons consist of love stories. They are fascinated when a charming prince comes and saves their princess. It influences children's minds, thus raising the desire for adulthood. A child prematurely develops emotions that should be in adulthood and begin to develop signs of puberty earlier. It is also one of the effects of watching cartoons on children.

5: Mental Health

The cartoon characters contain superpowers that are powerful. The creation of villain characters can lead to negative thinking.
The negative roles may influence mental health. A child fails to differentiate between right and wrong, which results in the development of conspiracy among children.

All these are the effects of watching cartoons on children. To overcome this, parents should be aware of the effects of watching cartoons first, then help children in their growth. The best approach is to limit children's screen time and engage them in physical activity. Try to spend time with children and teach them about life.

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