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28 Gift Ideas for Nannies

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Having a good, trustworthy reliable babysitter, nanny or child care provider who takes great care of your children, while you work, do errands is worth more than you ever know and brings peace to your mind. Aside from paying her every week, you can treat her very well for her work. If your babysitter/nanny is a teen, a college student or an older adult, to express your gratitude, you can purchase a gift for her on those important days. Here are some gift ideas for a birthday during the holidays, thank you gifts and goodbye gifts.

If She Loves Jewelry

1. A Bracelet or Bangles are a great choice

There are different types like a charm bracelet, fashion bracelet, cuff bracelets, bracelet watches.

2. Fashion Jewelry Sets

These can consist of a pair of Earrings with a necklace or pendant. Types of earrings are plain earrings, fashionable earrings, colorful earrings. Some great places to get Fashion Jewelry Sets are Kohl's, JCPenneys, etc.

3. Another great idea is a Jewelry set so she can create all types of jewelry- can be found at Walmart, A.C. Moore or Michael's.

4. Diary or journals and you can include bookmarks

5. A book that brings encouragement and inspirational messages according to the age of your nanny or child care worker. If she is a teen, someone in college or an adult, choose a book that is appropriate for her. If she has a favorite author, favorite type of book she enjoys like mystery, thrillers, romance or a favorite type of novel she likes to read, that can give you a good idea for a gift.

6. Bookstore Gift Card- at Barnes and Nobles, Borders, Books-A-Million, Amazon or any local bookstore in the area.

7. Scrapbook or memory book-This can be a scrapbook where she can add her own memories in her life and also put pictures of the children she supervises and the various activities they do and places they go.

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8. .Food Gift Basket- filled with fruit, nuts, crackers, teas, chocolate, cheese, dried fruit or anything else.

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9. If She Loves to Eat Out, a Restaurant gift Card- This can be either at casual restaurant like Papa Johns, Ruby Tuesday, or any other place.

10. Mug filled with jelly beans, cookies or candy.

If She Loves to Cook/Bake

11. Gift cards from Department Store- so she can purchase cooking utensils or small appliances.

12. Cookbooks- There is so much to choose. You can choose one from a TV chef, one that with quick meals, desserts, healthy etc.

13.. Baked Items- this can either a tray of cookies, muffins, homemade breads,

14. Hot Chocolate Gift set or Coffee and Tea gift set- great gift for the holidays


18. Scarf or Scarf and Gloves Set

These can be great if you live in a state or country where the weather is absolutely cold. Pick out a plain scarf or one with a great design and gloves to go around.

19. Gift card at a Clothing Store

If your nanny or babysitter loves to shop, a gift card at Old Navy, Forever 21, Belks, or at an online store is a great idea.

20. Nail Polish Set or Gift Card for Manicure, or a Makeup Set

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21. Photo Frame Keychain

There are a variety of Keychains from a locket keychains, Compact mirror Keychains, state to state keychains that you can choose from.

22. Scented Candles or Candle Holder Set

Everyone loves candles to keep their room smelling awesome and fresh. Choose a very good scent like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, lavender, cranberry, island getaway, holiday scents.

23. Small Framed Art or Small inspirational plaque or if it is Christmas time, possible Christmas ornament- like an angel ornament, snowflake ornament, star, snowman, etc

24. Beautiful Picture frame with a photo of the entire family or just the children

Wall Art


Other Gifts

25. Bath Gift set or single Body lotion, body wash, body spray and shower gel- something they always need.

26. Other Gift Cards- Movie Gift Card, Amazon gift card, or a Grocery store gift card- great for college students who live on their own.

27. Extra Bonus Money- this can be an extra $20 or more during the holidays

28. Give her something she likes based on a hobby you know of

If she likes to sew, get her sewing kit, if she likes music, dancing, singing, gardening, sports, then think of unique gifts in that area. Get to know your Nanny,

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