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8 Baby Boy Names That Are Actually Better as Unique Baby Girl Names

I believe that a rose by any other name actually may not smell as sweet.

Unique names for little girls

Unique names for little girls

A unique spin on traditional boys' names makes them fresh and unique for girls!

Choosing a name for your new baby is one of the most important things you will do for your child, but there are so many great names out there, how will you choose? Do you want something traditional, or is that too boring? Do you want something trendy, or is that too common? Do you want something completely unique or is that too weird?

If you're trying to find the perfect name for your new baby girl, I would highly recommend names that have traditionally been used for boys. This will give your baby the unique feel of having a fresh and surprising name, without the judgy looks and cringes that come with announcing a name you invented.

Yes, you can argue that you don't want everyone assuming your daughter is a boy before they meet her, but honestly that's nothing to worry about in the scheme of things and mostly likely they will love your bold take.


1. James

A Hebrew name that means supplanter or one who takes the place of another, James is originally derived from the name Jacob. Many important historical and cultural figures are named James, and there's no reason why girls shouldn't get to share in that tradition. A girl named James will be fun and adventurous, valuing friendships and enriching experiences. James goes well with a carefree middle name like Isabel or Clementine.


2. Tyler

The heyday for Tyler as a trendy boy's name has run its course, making it ripe for almost a retro nod with a modern twist as a girl's name. It's one of those old English names that reflects a profession, in this case it's a tilemaker, but it's a widely accepted and used name today both as a first and last name. Tyler can be made into cute little nicknames like Ty or Tylie, and is perfect for a spunky, vivacious and independent girl. It pairs well with a more feminine middle name such as Alaina or Sophia.


3. Drew

Typically a shorter name for Andrew, this is a sweet and interesting name for a girl. Since it's already borne by Hollywood star Barrymore, it's not quite as unconventional as some of the others on this list. The standalone name can be interpreted as meaning wise, or favorite. A girl named Drew may be drawn to nature and feel a connection to the earth. She will value truth and loyalty. Drew flows easily with a lyrical middle name like Ellory or Laurel.


4. Blake

Another name that came onto our radar through actress Lively, this is a fresh and exciting addition to your name arsenal. Blake is a name that is descriptive of physical attributes (fair haired) and is a great choice for an energetic toddler. A girl named Blake will know her worth and continue to pursue her passions despite any obstacles she encounters. Blake is sweetly complemented by a romantic middle name like Diane or Lenore.

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5. Kyle

Strong and stylish as a boy's name for many years, Kyle is of Gaelic origin and refers to a geographic channel that is straight or narrow. Like Tyler, its trend has reached the end of the cycle for boys, but it's just taking off for girls as a cool and unexpected first name. A more solid alternative to Kylie or Kyla, a girl named Kyle will be headstrong and find her own path in the world, while taking care to seek out friendships and learning opportunities. A few middle names that go well with Kyle are Audrey and Rebecca.


6. Cameron

Let's focus more on the sound and presentation of this name which are both stellar, as opposed to the meaning which is crooked nose. Despite its odd origin, Cameron has been popular for boys over the past few decades, and even enjoyed some female popularity through actress Diaz. Cameron is a beautiful name for a smart and ambitious girl and lends itself to cute nicknames like Cam or Cammie. It sounds nice followed by a middle name like Idrina or Olivia.


7. Charlie

Short for Charles, but also short for Charlotte, Charlie can actually stand alone as a cute moniker for a girl in the 21st century. A darling name that means free, Charlie may be a tomboyish outdoorsy kind of girl who thrives on adventure. As Charles makes a resurgence among boys, Charlie remains less common and is an excellent pick for a spirited girl. Charlie pairs well with a lovely middle name like Amelia or Emmeline.


8. Austin

A great geographical name, Austin has primarily dominated the list of boys names just on the cusp of being very popular but never overly used. Austin as a girl's name works well for a country cowgirl or a bubble little city miss. The name means great or magnificent which only adds to its charm. Give Austin a sprightly middle name like Seraphina or Ariana.

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M Butler Stone (author) from Denver on April 05, 2021:

@Stephanie Pursuer that is a great name - I love it for a girl!

Stephanie Purser from Australia on April 01, 2021:

My daughter's name is Quinn which is considered unisex, however Its used more frequently in boys.

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