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101 Things to do When No Electricity

101 Things To When No Electricity

101 Things To When No Electricity

What to do When No Power

I really amused, when people say oh no i was having so much fun and what power off! But if you look back in your childhood, you might be more happier person than now. You wait for Power Cut to play outside or to meet your friends or some how you want to go outside. Though I am not complaining but you have forgotten the joy of those golden days and feel pretty absurd when there is no power. If you have forgotten what to do, Here is the list of 101 things to do when there is no Electricity.

101 thing to do When There is no Electricity

1. Go for a Walk

2. Go to your lawn and have a nap

3. Have candle night dinner with your girlfriend or wife.

4. Read Books

5. Play Card games with friends

6. Ghost Stories

7. Play Hangman

8. What Shadow Puppets with your kids

9. Hide and Seek

10. Go for window shopping

11. Do some Knitting

12. Make clay toys

13. Go to Church, Temple or Shrine

14. Football

15. Skip Ropes

16. Cycling

17. Solve Jigsaw

18. Play Scrabble

19. Indoor Basketball

20. Patato Printing

21. Treasure Hunt

22. I Spy

23. Turn the Radio on (Battey)

24. Star Gazing

25. Foursquare

26. Spin the bottle

27. French Cricket

28. Singing

29. Dominos

30. House of cards

31. tug of war

32. blind tasting

33 photography

34. magic tricks

35. dress up

36. Swimming

37. Gossip

38. Discussion

39. Card Writing

40. Write Letters to Forgotten one's

41. Bingo

42. Diary Writing

43. Hopscotch

44. Cook the Food

45. Barbeque

46. Knots

47. Rope Making

48. Gardening

49. Order and Eat the food

50. Sack Race

51. Egg or Spoon Race

52. Tomato War

53. Pillow Fight

54. Musical Chairs

55. Sing the Song

56. Pass the Parcel

57. Paper Games like battleship

58.  Paper Plane Competition

59. Pen Fight

60. Crossword

61. Clean your shoes

62. Kite making and flying

63. Dancing

64. Repair old stuffs

65. Play Blind Man Bluffs

66. Blow Ballons

67. indoor golf putting

68. Indoor Fishing

69. Make Popcorn

70. Do some science experiment

71. Darts

72. 10 pin Bowling with Water Bottles as pins

73. Drawing

74. Play Hunt the Thimble

75. Greeting Card Writing

76. three legged race

77. Play Connect the Dots

78. Building Structures

79. Juggling and Catching

80. Beachside walk or ride

81. Sudoku

82. Order the Pizza

83. Carol Singing

84. Charades

85. Quiz

86. PIck Up Sticks

87. Paper Trails

88. Making Paper toys

89. Obstacle Course

90. Eat together and Converse

91. Hula Hoops

92. Indoor Camping

93. Piggy in the Middle

94. Mini table tennis

95. Jacks and Marbles

96. Memory games

97. DIY with tool kits

98.  Pictionary Play

99. Story Writing

100. Analyze yourself and think what you have done right or wrong, on serious note

101. Write your 101 list on a paper.

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Candypizzahorses on June 29, 2015:

-Pet your pet

- Go outside


- Switch religions for a day

- Learn Karate

- Learn origami

- Make juice ice cubes with an ice tray and see if they will make water taste different

- Eat ( I especially like this one )

kktrundle5150 on November 20, 2014:

or you can do something else

Winsome from Southern California by way of Texas on April 09, 2011:

Very helpful TH, but you forgot these:

- Braid your dog's hair

- Boil ice cream

- Run around in squares

- Speak in acronyms

- Write a letter to Plato

- Play the piano...with mittens on

- Donate your brother's body to science

- Be a square root

- Ask stupid questions

- Be a monk...for a day

- Let the best man win

- Count your belly button

- Save your toenail clippings

- Make up words that start with XW

- Balance a pillow on your head

- Use an eraser until it goes away

- Make a list of your favorite fungi

- Ad lib

- Re-elect Richard Nixon

- Read Homer in the original Greek

- Change your mind

- Change it back

- Speak with a forked tongue

- Apply for a unicorn hunting license

- Be a side effect

- Put leg-warmers on your furniture

- Do aerobic exercises...in your head

- Memorize the dictionary


thehemu (author) from New Delhi, India on April 08, 2011:

these are the toy fish. don't you check out those toy fishes.

sligobay from east of the equator on April 07, 2011:

Welcome to Hubpages. I enjoyed reading your list. How do you fish indoors? I sometimes hope for the electric blackout. Thank you.

thehemu (author) from New Delhi, India on April 03, 2011:

thanks for being nice to me. trimar7

trimar7 from New York on April 03, 2011:

Welcome to the hub. You are sure to meet many wonderful people here. Nice hub. We've all been there with no electricity.

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