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10 Things Kids Want From Parents...


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Although they may look like it, the kids aren't too complicated. It is very little they ask of us in their early years; however, these requests are essential in helping them grow and become kind and respectful additions to society.

As parents, there are 10 main things children will expect from you whenever possible. If you do your best to provide these things to them. Then your child's future will be brighter than ever.

Here are the top 10 things kids want from parents:-

#1 A good night

Going to bed is so much more enjoyable when parents spend quality time with their children. Take the time to tuck them in, sing them a song, or read them a story before bed.


If you don't have books, you can consider making up a story yourself or telling them about your childhood. Children are also very receptive to parents who use their imaginations!

#2 Free time

Having a good relationship with your children means giving them your full attention, as much as you can. Children will have the benefit of feeling that their time is precious, especially if it is planned and not rushed.

In the case of several children, it is essential to offer each of them the time they spend with you. It's hard to communicate when things are busy and loud, so let them pick a place and activity that you can enjoy together.

#3 Affection

Showing affection is one of the essential experiences children have as they grow up. Parents should always remember to give lots of praise, hugs, and love, even after a long day.

Love them♥️

Love them♥️

Even a friendly one-on-one conversation can be of great help to a child who wants to be heard. Share some time with your child by asking them to share their day and what they enjoyed the most.

#4 Eating

A lot of kids are picky eaters, but that's no reason to throw in the towel and serve pizza every night. Children need to learn that healthy food can also be delicious and satisfying, and that starts at home, in the kitchen.

Work on food together, or even help them grow vegetables in the garden. Children need to learn early on that dessert isn't the only delicious meal, so that they are ready for long-term success.


#5 Conversations before bedtime

Bedtime means the end of the day, but it's also a great time to enjoy beneficial conversations. Before falling asleep, set aside time to talk about your day, your friends, or anything else you can think of.

#6 Time to play outside

Studies have shown how beneficial and vital outdoor play can be for children. Kids aren't the only ones to enjoy it, people of all ages enjoy the outdoors!

Encourage children to stay away from screens and televisions and instead explore the outside world. Allow them to spend as much time outdoors as they want, whether it's playing, taking a walk, or meeting the neighborhood kids.

Let them enjoy outdoor!

Let them enjoy outdoor!

#7 Discipline when necessary

Children need guidance when it comes to learning appropriate behaviors and reactions. Being disciplined may not be a parent's favorite thing, but it teaches the child that they are committed and that they want the best for themselves.

Even if they don't show it, children find it helpful to be disciplined.

#8 Upcoming projects

Show your kids that you love hanging out with them, and give them some fun things to look forward to with you. You can plan fun events on the weekends or surprise them with weekday activities if they've done well.

Showing your kids that you are excited about spending quality time will make them feel good about themselves and their relationship with you.

Plan some event for them.

Plan some event for them.

#9 Leave special messages

Surprises are always pleasant, even if it's a little note or a “just because” gift. Consider putting notes in your child's lunch bag or backpack, especially if they are having a rough day.

It's always nice to have that little boost of happiness when it's unexpected.

#10 Watch their favorite show

The only thing better than being able to watch their favorite show is with a loved one! Grab a blanket and settle in for a good hug while your child enjoys their favorite shows.

You can leave this moment alone or ask questions to get them to engage.

Time to watch their favorite show

Time to watch their favorite show

Sometimes children seek permission to be stupid, but the best way to permit them is for parents to be stupid themselves!

By playing dress-up with your kids and telling them stories, you will help them come out of their shells and use their imaginations. Children can be very creative when they don't feel like they have to hold back or act a certain way.

Surprise them by gift's, dress, their favorite dish, or a pillow fight! It can be anything. The options are endless.

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