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5 Things I, as a Teen Parent, Am Tired of Hearing

Audrey is a nineteen year old mother of a one year old boy, and she has received a lot of criticism for being a young mom.

When I was 17, I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified, not because I was going to have to raise a tiny little human, but because I didn't know how the people around me would react—I use to really care about what other people thought of me.

From the time that I told people I was expecting, to then having an obvious baby bump, to finally walking around with my son, I have realized that when someone says something negative, it's normally one of these 5 things.

5 Annoying Things You Shouldn't Say to a Teen Parent

1. "You're Just a Baby Yourself!"

Okay, I understand. I'm 5'2 and don't wear make-up often so I do look younger than I actually am. Or, if you know my age, you just feel I am too young to care for a child.

You're right, I'm still young. I'm now 19 with a very energetic one year old boy. He comes everywhere with me, inside the house and outside. He is my best friend, however, and I have never loved anyone the way I love him. So I might be young, but that doesn't mean I'm not ready.

2. "You're Never Going to Have Any Fun!"

I become really confused when people say this, mainly because fun is subjective. I assume they mean I won't be able to go out and party, stay out late, hangout with friends all the time...normal teenage stuff. They'd be correct, I don't get to do those things. I never really did them to start out with.

I was a rebellious teen until I found out I was pregnant. I crawled through my window a few times to chill with my friends, I drank every now and then. But I never really enjoyed doing so. I would have much rather stay inside and read, watch T.V. or work on my art.

So, no- I don't get to get drunk and be stupid with people that don't actually care about my well-being. I do, however, get to watch a part of my heart walk outside of my body, each day learning new things. I get to enjoy his company and experience true love.

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3. "Do You Know Who the Father Is?"

Alright, I know you don't mean anything rude by saying this, but what you're implying is that I slept around so much that I would have no idea who impregnated me. You'd be wrong, the father and I have been together for years now and have known each other for even longer. But even if I didn't know who the father was, even if I had no idea and couldn't keep track, why is that any of your business? Am I asking you how many people you've slept with? No? Then don't ask me, please and thank you.

4. "What Are YOU Going to Do With a Baby?"

I took the city bus to school instead of the school bus because the school I went to was very close to my house, but not walking distance, and I didn't have a car. I was 8 months pregnant, belly poking far out, standing on the city bus when this cute little old lady comes on. Her and I make very brief, yet extremely awkward, eye contact as she walks past me. Not even 30 seconds later I feel a tap on my shoulder. As I wobble around, this little old lady asks me "Sweetie, how old are you?" I reply, "I just turned 18!" and when I say she looked like she'd seen a ghost, oh boy, did she look horrified. She then asks me "What on Earth are YOU going to do with a BABY?" I look directly into her eyes, smile, and say "I'm going to sell him for $5 and a corn chip. Why, are you offering?"

What do you think I'm going to do, I chose to keep him and raise him so that's exactly what I'm doing. And I think I'm doing a damn good job.

5. "Oh, I'm Sorry. You're Life Is Over Now, Huh?"

This one. This is the one that still bothers me to this day.

No, my life is not over. In fact, it's just now starting. I'm still going to succeed in life, my son will be there to see me do so. He was at my high school graduation, he was there when I applied (and got accepted!) into college, and he will be there for every achievement of mine just like I will be there for his. We're a team. He doesn't hold me back, he's my inspiration. He's the reason I get up every morning and do what I must to move forward in life, He's the reason I take risks, but the reason I stay safe.

My son is the reason I am alive, without him I wouldn't be here.


Mommy loves you, Mitchel. Thank you for being the darling little angel I needed. I wouldn't trade this life for anything else.

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