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10 Ideas for Children's Parties - 7 to 12 years

Agnes Laurens has three daughters and is married. She writes on Medium, Vocal and HubPages. She loves writing poems and short stories.

Do you have children? If yes, then you probably have organized a lot of children's parties - or it might come in the future.

When you have more than one child, they have different characters. So, they all like different things to do. It might be challenging to organize a children's party for children with different characters. Your child might invite boys and girls as well. Or only boys while you have a daughter or the other way around.

These activities can be for everyone.

Water games

Children love to play with water a lot. Playing with water makes them happy. Often they are not allowed to do so as it makes a huge mess. Children's parties are the best way to implement it for once. There are several water games to do.

Bottle of water is falling

You need - for each child - a big plastic of bottle, fully filled with water, and a (foot)ball. or anything similar to a ball. The number of children is not relevant, as you can play this game with as many children and/or adults as possible. The more people, the more bottles and the more fun.

How this game works:

Everyone stands in a circle with a bottle of water in front of them. The birthday girl or boy begins throwing the ball to someone and tries to let fall the bottle of water. The one whos bottle is empty can not participate in this round.

Water to the other side

This water game reminds me of a party I went to. You need towels, four buckets of which are two full of water and two buckets empty.

How this game works:

Put two buckets of water on one side, about six people should fit in between. Then, in exactly the same spot across from the buckets, preferably in a large field, the other bucket.

You divide the group into four smaller groups. Each person has one (large) dry towel. When the referee, i.e. the parent/supervisor, whistles, the front of the row may put the towel in the bucket, the towel should not be squeezed, and then run to the other side, squeezing the towel as best as possible into the empty bucket and you run back to your group. Then the next person is allowed to go running to the other side, as long as the time is up you are allowed to run. Usually 15 minutes per group. When the referee's whistle blows after fifteen minutes, you stop running as well as the last towel is squeezed out. The referee measures how many litres of water is squeezed into the empty bucket and the group with the most litres squeezed into the empty bucket has won the game.

Bucket with water throwing

Let's bring the fun further. When you love playing with water, then this game is way more fun. Each person needs to wear swimming wear. Fill four small children buckets with water. Divide the group into even groups, how many groups you have doesn't matter, but keep in mind that you have a filled bucket of water per group.

How this game works:

One person in each group will throw water over the other members of the group. The person who throws the bucket with water needs to throw it on each person of their group as much water as possible. The person who is less wet of each group is the winner of that group. Then, the winner of each group will do this game again with all the other winners.

Street games

Street games are very popular with children. Always fun to do and you can invite as many people as you like. There are so many fun street games to play with others. Sometimes, going to play along with your children is amazing. You feel a newborn adult too.

Marco Polo - variation

This is a variation by the swimming game Marco Polo. This game is for more than two people. You need to divide the group into two. One person is counting, the other persons are standing across the street.

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The one person who stands across the street is the one who names a topic all the other members might know something about. While the counter counts, the other people are thinking of something that has to do with that topic the counter provided the other members.

When the counter finished counting (until the number that everyone/the supervisor said), and the counter guesses what the other members had in mind. When they hear what they had in mind, they run across the street and say, Marco. The one who is first on their own spot again, they win and must count.

Another variation is that the counter says: "Name three Disney figures." And the game is the same further.

Hide and seek

I think this is a game that so many children have played, even generations before us. One person is counting until a number you all agreed on (or the parent say so), then all members of the group hide within a certain area you all agreed on. When the counter is done, he searches for all the members and says 'I found you' when he founded someone.

When the last person is not found yet, but he or she has a good chance to come out from her hide spot without being seen by the counter, then he or she may run to the counter spot and say 'buut-free for the entire pot'. Then, the counter needs to count again. When this didn't happen then the last person needs to count.

Ball games

I think everyone has a


Simply play a game of football/soccer with each other. Everybody likes football/soccer. And how many variations can you think of playing football/soccer?

Rolling the ball

Make groups of two people. Sit across each other on the floor. Spread your legs wide open en throw the ball in the floor towards one another, but not in the air, only on rolling on the floor.

Throwing a ball and catch it

When you want to do a ball game in the air, this is the right game for you. Stand across each other about 4 metres and then throw it without letting the ball fall on the ground. When you did so, one point is for the person you're partnering with.

Board games

You know, you have planned all the party for a month, but suddenly it started to rain. You didn't count on that as the weather app told you yesterday there is plenty of sun for outdoor games. Now, what to do? Ensure you have a lot of board games at home for all ages.

Here is a list of board games you might like:

  • Man, Don't Get Angry
  • Sorry!
  • Ludo
  • Uno
  • Cluedo
  • Catan
  • Spot It!
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Jaws: The Game
  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf
  • Monopoly

This is a selection for all ages, but look online/in your shop what is suitable for the ages of the children/adults that are at home with the party.


Little children love it to craft anything, like drawing, making an aeroplane from a piece of paper, painting their best fantasy on a canvas. Name anything you can do to craft. Children will love that a lot. Making a mess with glitter is their ultimate goals, at least for girls. There are also plenty of things to make for boys, like cars from wood.

Try to make a:

  • Jellyfish
  • Aeroplane
  • Car from wood
  • Monster
  • Princess
  • Pince
  • Paint a white mug
  • House from paper
  • Penholder
  • Music instrument from paper

Baking and cooking

At a certain age, children are capable of helping in the kitchen cooking and baking. They love to eat what they made themselves. Bring home their homemade cooking, cake or anything else. Parents love it when their kid had a great time. But this is also an activity that you can do with everyone you are meeting, like friends.

When you have invited the children around 4 pm, you can start cooking a simple soup, or pasta is always a hit with children.

What I love to make with my children is an oven dish. They love to help with peeling the potatoes, or in this case, washing the quiche in water, mix it with the eggs. For Summer, there is an egg burger that my children love to eat with their hands and make everything dirty.

Sleepover party

Mostly, at the age of ten, children like to invite their friends to stay over for one night. Having fun with them, watching a movie, baking, cooking, laughing out loud while you think, please stop. That is fun of sleepover party.

Let them stay for one night. And let them bring their own sleeping items. They have fun making their beds, and that is also a learning moment for those children: how do I make my bed?

What they need to bring for a sleepover party:

  • air mattress
  • sleeping bag
  • pyjama
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • sleep mask
  • clothes
  • underwear for the next day
  • book to read
  • night lamp
  • charger for the phone if allowed

What you need to have:

  • a lot of patience
  • list with what they can do
  • food
  • drinks
  • games to play

Movie marathon

Kids also love to watch movies. Take time for this and lots of popcorn. That is what you need when watching movies.

Let choose your kids three children to watch movies with. Every child may choose a movie they like. combine this movie marathon with a sleepover party, so they have actually time to watch the movies fully to the end.

Between the movies, give them a break and eat some more popcorn, or anything else they love to eat.

Watch movies that all of them like to watch, and never have watched, because it is not really fun when one child already watched the movie and is spoiling the other children what is going to happen.

Creative art making

Creative art makes the brain more flexible, and when you learn to be more creative at a very young age, the more you can handle as an adult. Your brain expands the more you are being involved in any creativity. This is a study that shows how the brain works.

What can you think of how being creative?


Buy a lot of canvasses, brushes and paint. Cheap ones are for these kinds of occasions fine. Put a plastic tablecloth on the table that may get dirty from all the paint. Let the children paint their fantasy onto the canvasses. You also can relate each painting to a theme that they like to paint, and from their fantasy.


Another great form is writing, whether it is a self-made story, a poem, or anything else writing-related, it is always good to use their fantasy. Also, like painting, you can do this theme-related.

When the stories are done, put them on a beautiful coloured paper to bring it home, or put it in a photo frame.

Going to a theme park

Children love going to a theme park. All the attractions are fun and exciting. They love going into one that they love, but also, they are looking if they can cross their boundaries of scariness.

Looking for a theme park, ask the parents of the invited children if they think it is fine to go to that theme park. Children are not the same, even when they are the same age.

Plan a whole day in that theme park. Choose one that is nearby and easy to go out when someone is sick, or really wants to go home, no mater what reason that might be.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Agnes Laurens

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