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10 Healthy Activities You Can Do in Quarantine

I will basically help you to enjoy your quarantine with some beneficial tips. So, you can get rid of boredom.


This hub is basically about, how to get rid of boredom in quarantine as almost everything is locked up. You have now 2 options, either keep scrolling the newsfeed of Facebook and Instagram or do something productive. The choice is yours. So, here I am going to discuss some healthy and beneficial activities that will make your quarantine fruitful and productive.

Due to coronavirus or COVID-19, this world takes a great break (i can say "much-needed break"), almost everything gets locked. Schools, colleges, and universities are closed. Marriage ceremonies are canceled. Shopping malls are closed.

Every company around the world is asking employees to work at home or get a break. Roads are empty, mosques are empty, churches are empty, malls are empty. it seems we are living in "the walking dead".

Since everyone is almost at their homes and got no work to do, so we are wasting our precious time is scrolling the news feed on Facebook or Instagram looking for memes, or we sleep all day doing nothing.

Corona is taking our lives down. Now you have 2 options. Either you can successfully waste your time just scrolling the news feed, napping or you can convert this time into vulnerable and worth remembering by doing some healthy, positive, and fruitful activities in your home.

Let's started

1. Book reading.

yup, I will put the book reading on the top. It always seems tough when you are about to start your 1st book, but once the connection is made up between you and the characters, then no power on Earth will stop you from reading that book. okay, you can't believe?? I give you a dare, read 30 pages of any book or novel, and try to quit it in the middle...

no my dear no, you can't do that... if you ask me for a recommendation of a book then,

I will prefer you to start the journey of your book reading with novels

2. Home workout.

A healthy body has a healthy mind. Now you have got some time to add somebody to your personality. you can workout at home without any equipment. All you need is confidence in yourself and sheer will power. Simply create a chart of your workout timing and workout exercises and hang it on your wall. you can easily find such apps on play store and app store where they can train you as a gym trainer but for free,

such exercises mostly include different types of push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and squats. you are going to love it.

3. Create a personal diary.

Yesss! create a diary, imagine yourself as a big celebrity, and start writing your life, your childhood, your quotes, your memories, write POETRY. it is pure nostalgic feelings. you are not just going to write a just diary but imagine your grandchildren found that diary in their basement and they read it... Awww, how artistic it is.

4. Learn a different language.

You are given a golden chance, you have time. In this quarantine, you can simply learn a new language like Spanish, French, Arabic or Persian online. there are a lot of free apps and websites which can provide you, free classes, online.

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5. Create Olympics at home.

It might seem funny but that's a great idea. if you have siblings then you can play cricket, football in your lounges or lawn. you can create your own table tennis court. you can play the carom board, Ludu, checkers, chess. believe me, spend as much time with your siblings and parents playing games as you can because you are going to miss these days when quarantine is over.

Some Board Games

Some Board Games

6. DIY tricks.

DIY means "do it yourself". well now you have a chance to reveal your hidden creative talent. Instead of being a sitting idol, wasting your time, you can simply make it worth it. you can simply pick up old plastic bottles, CDs, or whatever you have and make it to the masterpiece of art, home decoration. if you are running out of an idea you can simply watch YouTube tutorials with such content.

7. Learn online skills.

Although there is no enough time, but you can still manage to learn a lot of online skills like basics of web designing, WordPress, programming languages, freelancing, graphics designing, and a lot more. There are thousands of videos on such content on YouTube. We are providing you the links if you are interested.



Graphics designing

8. Learn history and philosophy.

I think that it is a very good idea to spend your time. Well, in this way you can actually learn something, you can make this time useful. You can learn about Greek philosophers and their minds knocking theories, ideas, and philosophies. you can question your reason for existence. You can learn about the stone age, bronze age. You can study the life of different Prophets.

you can read books as well as audio and video lectures on YouTube.

9. Watch Movies or Seasons.

If you are too bored that you don't want to do any struggle, then that's perfect for you. Just make a list of the movies you should watch or if someone prefers you to watch. I will suggest you start with Harry Potter and for season lovers, You have Breaking Bad, Money Heist, Games of Throne and many more masterpieces.

10. Take a long nap.

Made your quarantine fun and charming or just take a long nap or keep scrolling the feed of Insta, Facebook, and Twitter.

The choice is yours.

Keep smiling, keep learning.

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