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Young Justice Invasion

Young Justice, Invasion

Young Justice, Invasion

The Second Season of Cartoon Network's Young Justice, Invasion

Young Justice: Invasion was the second season of the hit Cartoon Network show Young Justice.

Young Justice: Invasion was set on Earth -16 and isn't part of the "mainstream" DCU.

For more background info you can check out my Young Justice article.

Season Two had way more villains and way more Justice League than season one had.

And of course as you may have gathered from the name, it had to do with an invasion.

But from where..we found out later on.

I assumed since we had so many Apokolips references in season one, that that's where the invasion would come from. But looks like they were holding that for Season Three.

I saw Lobo, Blue Beetle, Lagoon Boy, a lot of the Justice League...but no Zatanna.

Since they made a big deal of her joining in season one, I'm gonna assume the reason she isn't in the promo is that with YJ's roster expanding, they will treat " The Original Six" on Young Justice like they did "The Original Seven" on the Justice League cartoon.

You didn't always see Plastic Man, Huntress, Black Canary or the other in promos or pictures.

Either that or they whack Zatanna early on.

Young Justice Invasion Trailer

The Young Justice: Invasion trailer posted by The Hollywood Reporter from WonderCon in Anaheim.

The Hollywood Reporter

Blue Beetle-Young Justice Invasion

Blue Beetle-Young Justice Invasion

The Blue Beetle shows up in the promo and I find that interesting because in the Teen Titans comic book, Blue Beetle teams up with the Titans to fight Lobo (who also appears in the promo) when the anti-Reach satellite was launched.

Who is The Reach?

They are the ancient enemies of the Guardians of the Universe (Which may also explain the inclusion of the John Stewart Green Lantern clip).

They did a version of The Reach story on Batman: The Brave and the Bold in the episode "Revenge of the Reach!"

There may be your invasion.

Lagoon Boy-Young Justice Invasion

Lagoon Boy-Young Justice Invasion

Also in the clip was Lagoon Boy.

Lagoon Boy?


Don't we already have a water-based character?

And why use someone as obscure as Lagoon Boy?


Because it's cool.

I remember how great it was to see little used characters on JLU and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Also...this may not be the comic book Lagoon Boy.

Note the face.

It looks like this guy is wearing a mask. Lagoon Boy doesn't.

See the picture above of the way he appeared in the Young Justice episode "Downtime".

I think it may be Garth (the original comic book Aqualad) in disguise.

Well, we will find out how accurate all this speculation is when Young Justice Invasion starts airing at the end of April.

Unless Cartoon Network starts messing around with the season like they did last year.

And as new info becomes available, I'll be posting it here.

Adam Strange - Young Justice Invasion

Adam Strange - Young Justice Invasion

Bumble Bee - Young Justice Invasion

Bumble Bee - Young Justice Invasion

Wonder Girl - Young Justice Invasion

Wonder Girl - Young Justice Invasion

New Pictures From Young Justice

Superboy-Beast Boy-Blue Beetle-Wonder Girl-Miss Martian

Superboy-Beast Boy-Blue Beetle-Wonder Girl-Miss Martian

Here's the new Superboy, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl and new Miss Martian character designs.

Courtesy of Will: The Animated Series

Nightwing? Batgirl? Time Jump?

New pictures have surfaced and set Young Justice fans spinning.

Namely a picture of Nightwing with Batman.

Yes Nightwing....not Robin.

And in a shot of Wonder Girl, Batgirl is right there with her.

So did the "16 Hours" cause a time slip and now we are slightly ahead in the future?

Is Nightwing now Dick and Robin is Tim Drake?

Or Jason Todd?

A time jump would certainly explain why we are seeing a ton more teen heroes like WG, Lagoon Boy, Blue Beetle, Bumble Bee and more.

Stay Tuned.....and check out Toon Zone.net for more info

NIghtwing and The Bat

Nightwing - Batman - Young Justice Invasion

Nightwing - Batman - Young Justice Invasion

Batgirl, Wonder Girl and The Main Man

Batgirl - Wonder Girl - Lobo - Young Justice Invasion

Batgirl - Wonder Girl - Lobo - Young Justice Invasion

Young Justice Faces an Invasion

Wonder Girl - Young Justice Invasion

Wonder Girl - Young Justice Invasion

Here IGN Interviews Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti about Season 2

Young Justice Faces an Invasion

1. Happy New Year - S02E01 - April 28th, 2012

Nightwing - Miss Martian - Superboy

Nightwing - Miss Martian - Superboy

Well season two started off with a bang.

Yes we did jump five years into the future and things have changed and so has the team.

The Team has picked up Blue Beetle (Jaime Rayes), Beast Boy (Garth Logan), Bumblebee (Karen Beecher), another Robin (Tim Drake), Lagoon Boy, Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark), Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) and Mal Duncan.

Don't worry though, we didn't loose Dick Grayson, he became Nightwing.

Aqualad, Artemis and Kid Flash are not mentioned so far.

We get to see Lobo take on Wonder Girl and Batgirl and we get introduced to the Gamma team, Robin, Blue Beetle and Lagoon Boy.

My favorite part...the whole thing.

I love Nightwing and Robin's big brother/little brother vibe, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl and Beetle.

And Gamma Team may take over the warm spot in my heart that the original Robin and Kid Flash had.

My only thing is that I would have loved to see the transition between where we are and where we were.

But I have heard the upcoming video game will deal with that.

Gamma Team - Robin - Lagoon Boy - Blue Beetle

Robin - Lagoon Boy - Blue Beetle

Robin - Lagoon Boy - Blue Beetle

2. Earthlings - S02E02 - May 5th, 2012

Young Justice Invasion-Earthlings

Young Justice Invasion-Earthlings

This week we get the Zeta Squad with Superboy, Miss Martian and Beast Boy on Rann with Adam Strange.

We get a bit more of what happened between Conner and M'gann, more backstory on Beast Boy, and get to see Miss Martian get a little....scary.

Cool things...

Continuing with a trend on YJ, Aliens don't all speak English!

Gar trying to play subtle reconciler between Conner and M'gann.

"Dark M'gann" and Alanna's reaction to it.

The "family vibe" between Conner, M'gann and Gar.

Zeta Squad - Beast Boy-Miss Martian-Superboy

Zeta Squad-Young Justice Invasion

Zeta Squad-Young Justice Invasion

3. Alienated - S02E03 - May 12th, 2012

Bat Family-Young Justice Invasion

Bat Family-Young Justice Invasion


In my personal opinion the best episode so far this season.

If you want stealth...who better than the "Bat-Family" on the Bio Ship?

Superman and Superboy have bonded.

Fighting as a team and Supes calling him "Little Brother".


Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl fighting as a team and WW's smile as WG takes out the mechs.

Superman trying his level best to save the enemy aliens and being willing to sacrifice his own life if need be to do it.

And we find out just why Aqualad has not been on the show this season so far.

Marvel needs to watch this and take some notes for the Avengers cartoon.

BTW...did you catch the reference to the planet Rimbor?

In the 30th century DC Universe, it's the home of Legion of Super-Heroes member Ultra Boy.

I wonder if Daxam will show up?

BTW...this is only the third episode!

4. Salvage - S02E04 - May 19th, 2012

Nightwing-Wally West-Jim Harper-Green Arrow-Black Canary-Red Arrow

Nightwing-Wally West-Jim Harper-Green Arrow-Black Canary-Red Arrow


(Wait...didn't I say that last week?)

Revelations, revelations, revelations.

I am really liking the way they are slowly revealing what took place in the past five years.

If you liked last weeks Aqualad update, wait till you get a load of Kid Flash, Artemis, Speedy (Clone Roy) and Cheshire.

I never really noticed before but we have an "Arrow Family" just like we have a "Bat Family".

Kinda cool actually.

Also cool is the way they pay homage to the 1970s Speedy substance abuse storyline.

Very subtle but very cool.

But wait...that's not all!

We also get Superboy, Blue Beetle, Wolf, and Super Sphere fighting Bruno Mannheim, Whisper A' Daire and the Appolaxian Golem.

And a mysterious figure in the shadows......

5. Beneath - S02E05 - May 26th, 2012

Young Justice-Miss Martian-Wonder Girl-Batgirl-Bumblebee

Young Justice-Miss Martian-Wonder Girl-Batgirl-Bumblebee

Another great episode!

The writers on The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes need to watch this to see how to run two storylines concurrently.

Actually they could pick up a lot of pointers from YJ.

First we see that Blue Beetle is looking for a missing friend.

Interestingly, the friend is named Tye Longshadow and is an Apache who comes from a long line of Apache Chiefs.

Super Friends had a character called Apache Chief and in Justice League Unlimited, their version of Apache Chief is called Long Shadow.


Meanwhile Miss Martian, Wonder Girl, Batgirl and Bumblebee go back to Bialya (which is a place I think they should just nuke from orbit...it's the only safe way) and find a group of teenaged runaways that have been kidnapped.

The closing shot of the episode makes me wonder if we are seeing the YJ version of the Ultimen.

6. Bloodlines - S02E06 - June 2nd, 2012

Young Justice-Flash-Impulse-Flash-Kid Flash

Young Justice-Flash-Impulse-Flash-Kid Flash

Yeah...another great episode.

So far I have loved the "Bat Family" been pleasantly surprised by the "Arrow Family" and now I get to marvel at the "Flash Family".

Yes we get Flash, Kid Flash, Golden Age Flash and Impulse all in one episode!

Plus this episode was written by Peter David who wrote the Young Justice comic, issues 1-7, 9-21 and 23-55.

AND he won the 1999 Eisner Award for Best Title for a Younger Audience for Young Justice.

He knows what he's doing.

But with all this Flashy goodness, YJ still manages to catch up with Red Arrow and Cheshire (who may be the best or worst parents of all time) and wrap up a storyline.


And was it my imagination of did Red Arrow manage to slip a Clockwork Orange reference into a kid's cartoon?

7. Depths - S02E07 - June 9th, 2012

Young Justice Invasion-M'Gann-Artemis

Young Justice Invasion-M'Gann-Artemis

Oh man the plot thickens with Nightwing, Artemis returning, Aqualad and Wally.

We also get the back story on Conner and M'Gann.

This episode again proves why YJ is better than all it's competition.

Watching this all I could think of was how good of a live action show this would make.

Best moment to me...

Conner disguised as Superman.

I wonder if Dick is wearing the Bat Suit too....?

By the way...as of this episode Young Justice is on hiatus.

Agonizingly, the next episode air date hasn't been announced, which I hope doesn't mean it may be fall before we see any more episodes.

At least we can pray it's not another six month break!

Hmmmm...I wonder if Australia is showing it ala The Avengers....

Young Justice Interview by Wired.com - GeekMom Interviews YJ's Brandon Vietti and Greg Wesiman

Young Justice-Nightwing

Young Justice-Nightwing

While we are waiting until September (yes...September) for new episodes, here is an interview with the producers of Young Justice, Brandon Vietti and Greg Wesiman by Wired Magazine.....

GeekMom: When making the decisions on who to have as part of the team, what kind of things did you take into consideration?

Young Justice: Powers, diversity, personalities and who had the most secrets and lies. Dynamics BETWEEN characters were also essential. We wanted a good mix of all the above, but we also wanted the relationships to feel real. Plus, we both had some favorite characters that we just wanted to work with and see on screen.

Young Justice Return Date

When is Young Justice Invasion coming back?

Comic Vine has reported the Young Justice Return Date....

"The Official word is that Young Justice Invasion will arrive on air new episodes on September 29th, 2012."

Full Story:

Young Justice Return Date

The Nightwing That Might Have Been

Nightwing-Legend of Korra

Nightwing-Legend of Korra

While we are waiting for the next new shows to kick in, I thought you might like to see the awesome concept art for a proposed Nightwing cartoon show that Legend of Korra director and artist Ki Hyun Ryu created back before Young Justice was a go.

You can see more designs plus a lot more of Ki Hyun Ryu's work at his Deviant Art Page here:


Young Justice Season 2, Part 2 Trailer **SPOILERS**

I know I took my time getting around to posting this, but here is the end of part one of season two and the trailer for part two of season two....


Yeah it sounds a little confusing.....

The new stuff starts at 1:03 in.

Young Justice: Legacy

Young Justice Legacy

Young Justice Legacy

Yeah I know this is another thing I have taken my own sweet time about getting around to.

But here is the Facebook page for the Young Justice: Legacy video game that will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, DS and PC in February 2013.

So far we know that Nightwing, Superboy, Aqualad, Artemis, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, Robin, Rocket, Tempest, Zatanna, Beast Boy, and Batgirl will all be playable characters.

Young Justice: Legacy Facebook Page

And by the way...did you know that Nightwing is a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us?

That will be coming out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in 2013 as well.

You can read more about that here:

Injustice: Gods Among Us' adds two new heroes: Cyborg and Nightwing

Young Justice Invasion

Young Justice Invasion

Update From Greg Weisman's Blog About Young Justice


SEASON ONE of YOUNG JUSTICE has all aired multiple times by now.


*Episodes 201-207 have already aired. 207 airs again this weekend, and then new episodes begin airing on Saturday morning September 29th as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation block.

*Episodes 208-218 are all in the can. Finished. Done. Ready to air.

*Episode 219 is back here in Burbank, and we'll be calling retakes and locking picture this week.

*Episode 220 is due in from Moi late this week. That's right; we're really in the homestretch on Season Two now.

Full article here

Young Justice Legacy Official Web Site

Nightwing-Young Justice Legacy

Nightwing-Young Justice Legacy

Remember the Young Justice Legacy video game I mentioned earlier?

Well here is a link to the official site with blogs, news, screenshots, the heroes, the villains and more info on the way.

Young Justice Legacy

8. Satisfaction - S02E08 - September 29, 2012

Young Justice-satisfaction

Young Justice-satisfaction

Maybe it's just because Young Justice has been gone for so long....but I thought this episode was amazing!

The opening scene between Olly, Clone Roy and Roy was written not like a cartoon, but like a TV show.

Best parts....

Blue Beetle, Aquagirl, Artemis and....Jason Todd?

Captain Cold as the unluckiest super-villain that ever lived.

Otis! (Yes Otis! Of course Young Justice style.)

The small thing of having Luthor's car actually LOOK like a BMW...not some generic "cartoon car".


Wendy and Conner?????

The whole scene at Artemis' grave.

I'm so glad this is back.

9. Darkest - S02E09 - October 6th, 2012

Young Justice Invasion-Darkest

Young Justice Invasion-Darkest

I don't know why this episode didn't floor me like last week.

Maybe I am just used to it being back now.

Not to say it was bad at all.

We got Impulse and Blue Beetle (who are rapidly becoming the new Robin and Kid Flash) and lots of Aqualad, "Tigress", the Terror Twins and Icicle Jr.

Anybody else get a X-Men cartoon Rogue vibe off of Tuppence Terror? Maybe Danica McKellar is channeling Lenore Zann.

And Mount Justice...well.....

Here We Go Again!

Cartoon Network Pre-Empts DC Nation For The Remainder Of October 2012!

This morning we were supposed to get the newest episode of Young Justice, "Before The Dawn".


"According to scheduling details released by Cartoon Network, the DC Nation programming block will be pre-empted for the remainder of October 2012 starting today. New episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, along with new animated short-form content, was originally scheduled to air during the DC Nation block this morning at 10:00am (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network, but was replaced at the last minute with other programming. The Fall 2012 season of the block - which included new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and new animated shorts - started up back up just two weeks ago after a summer hiatus. Representatives for Cartoon Network have yet to return any inquiries."

World's Finest Online

BTW...reddit has come up with a Twitter hashtag, #saveyoungjustice.

Use it!

And Another Update.....

Cartoon Network posted this on their Twitter feed.....

Hey #DCNation fans! Have you heard?? DC Nation will return in January with all new


Update Again!

"Before The Dawn" is available on iTunes!

Young Justice, Season 2HD


iTunes took the episode down.

I'm calling The Question because I smell a conspiracy!

conner-wolf-young justice

conner-wolf-young justice

I guess Conner and Wolf are just gonna have to wait.....

When is Young Justice Invasion coming back?

Young Justice Invasion-Deathstroke

Young Justice Invasion-Deathstroke

Lately the majority of questions I am hearing are....

1....When is Young Justice invasion coming back?

2...Is Young Justice cancelled?

One...the short answer is January 2013.

Two...not to my knowledge.


In an interview with Talking Toons, voice actor Jason Marsden (Bart Allen/Impulse) said that production of the show has stopped.

And of course several months ago the Young Justice Toyline was cancelled.

So yeah...that makes me uneasy.

Just remember....#saveyoungjustice

Young Justice Will Be Airing On Boomerang Starting November 3rd, 2012 - TONIGHT

Young Justice Invasion

Young Justice Invasion

World's Finest is reporting that.....

"A representative for Cartoon Network has confirmed that – beginning Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 – Young Justice will be part of the Boomerang network line-up. The animated series was recently removed from the Cartoon Network schedule – along with Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the entire DC Nation programming block both series were a part of – for unexplained reasons earlier this month. The removal of DC Nation – and its accompanying programming – caused an uproar among creators working on the programs and fans. Two back-to-back episodes of Young Justice will air Saturday nights at 9:00pm (ET/PT) on Boomerang."

Full story here

World's Finest

More on Young Justice: Legacy

Young Justice Legacy-Young Justice Invasion

Young Justice Legacy-Young Justice Invasion

Caleb Goellner over at Comics Alliance has written an article about the upcoming Young Justice Legacy game that has a lot of info and a lot of screen caps....

With Young Justice currently on hiatus as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation programming block, fans are jonesing for some kind of sign of life from the animated series (besides, of course, its current McDonald's Happy Meal toy tie-in). Since its story will officially serve as a bridge between the show's first and second seasons, the latest batch of screen shots from Little Orbit's upcoming Young Justice: Legacy video game will hopefully at least partially scratch that itch.

You can read the whole story here:

Young Justice: Legacy

Young Justice Invasion Returns!

In January...

On his Twitter feed, Brandon Vietti posted this....

DC Nation returns to Cartoon Network January, 5 2013 with new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice: Invasion!

So get ready!

Young Justice 2013 Trailer

As you know (well at least you do if you read the entry above) Young Justice is coming back on January 5, 2013, so here is the new Young Justice 2013 Promo.

10. Before The Dawn - S02E010 - January 5th, 2013

Static Shock-Young Justice Invasion

Static Shock-Young Justice Invasion

I seem to recall a cartoon I liked a lot about some teenage superheroes that used to be on Cartoon Network.

"Young" something or other.....

Oh yeah...well it has been 3 months and tend to forget things but Young Justice is finally back with an all new episode (that I saw back in October on iTunes but hey....)

Actually this was nice since I had pretty much forgotten about Before The Dawn anyway.

These two episodes take place om March 30th and 31st of (I'm assuming) 2012.

We get a lot of Nightwing, Aqualad, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian and could that be...Static Shock?

11. Cornered - S02E11 - January 12th, 2013

Captain Marvel-Despero-Young Justice Invasion

Captain Marvel-Despero-Young Justice Invasion

A good solid episode.

First Mount Justice now the Hall of Justice.

The Justice League is gonna be so mad at YJ when they get back....LOL

A few nice "inside" touches this time.

The General of the forces trying to break into the Hall had a name tag on that said "Eiling" which I'm assuming is General Wade Eiling aka The General.

Mal Duncan putting on the Guardian costume (Mal was the second Guardian in DC comics).

The kid we have all pegged as Static Shock is named Virgil.

Black Lightning!

Some more Captain Marvel and Zatanna airtime.

Little disappointed with the way they did Despero...but he did have L-Ron.

By the way...anyone notice Despero punched Captain Marvel through statues of the JSA?

12. True Colors - S02E12 - January 19th, 2013

Green Beetle - Young Justice Invasion

Green Beetle - Young Justice Invasion

This episode we get the Atom (!), Deathstroke (!!), Arsenal (!!!) and the Green Beetle of Mars (???).

Yeah...I have no idea who that is.

Lots of characters got some screen time this episode which is good.

My favorite part was Pa Kent letting the team use his barn as a layover point.

And Pa saying "I'll take any excuse to see one of my boys." as he puts his arm around Conner's shoulders.

Makes me think Mr. Kent had a lot to do with Conner and Supes' relationship being where it is now.

Favorite other parts....

Them using the old Justice League logo.

Green Beetle's name being B'Ars Oom (or something like that), Barsoom anyone?

13. The Fix - S02E13 - January 26th, 2013

Deathstroke-Young Justice Invasion

Deathstroke-Young Justice Invasion

Another solid episode.

Nice storyline progression.

Forgot how much I miss Artemis in the series.

Even though Black Manta is a bad guy, he really loves Kaldur. I'm gonna feel bad for him when the "reveal" comes.

Yaaa Deathstroke!

Boo that he has a ponytail and is "boy band" skinny.

Nightwing told Superboy and Lagoon Boy.

Lagoon Boy bugged while Conner stayed cool till he got Nightwing alone....then went ballistic.

Green Beetle (love his smile) fixed Jaime.

Or did he?

14. Runaways - S02E14 - February 2nd, 2013

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 14 - Runaways

Young Justice Season 2 Episode 14 - Runaways

Nightwing sends Blue Beetle out to chase down Static Sho...I mean Virgil and the other kids that have run away from S.T.A.R labs.

But the Beetle is not the only one chasing them...since they ran away from S.T.A.R...they kinda want them back as well.

Also we have a big "I knew it!" moment.

Well...that is if you "knew it" in the first place.

And finally more patented Young Justice twists, turns and a big dose of "who do you trust?"

And why do I think that had Young Justice been granted a third season, the characters featured in this episode would be the new Team?

Young Justice - It Was Good While It Lasted

Cartoon Network Pulls The Plug

Well we all knew it was coming by the way CN kept jerking the schedule around.....

"We've got good news and bad news. The Cartoon Network has just announced that everyone's favorite bug-eyed crime fighters, the Powerpuff Girls will return to television. But sadly the animated superhero shows Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, will not.

So now I have no reason to watch Cartoon Network anymore.

Young Justice Is Dead

15. War - S02E15 - February 9th, 2013



The episode starts out with the Justice League's trial on Rimbor and man, Vandal Savage must really rack up the frequent flyer miles.

We get Keith David as Mongul, War World and the remaining JL and the Team go on the offensive.

We also get to see Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, Batgirl and Robin, who we haven't gotten to see much of this year.

My biggest let down and favorite moments though I think were Guardian (Mal back in the armor) and Bumblebee.


Because I really like them as a couple

Bumblebee: Was that a slam on me in the middle of a mission?

Guardian: Woman! When are you NOT in the middle of a mission?

They might have been my favorite couple in Season 3.

And finally...Blue Beetle shows his true colors.....

16. Complications - S02E16 - February 16th, 2013

Young Justice-Complications

Young Justice-Complications

Another good solid episode.

We get to see Nightwing the detective finally.

The Artemis, M'gann and Aqualad thing "kinda" gets resolved.

Blue is bad, but Nightwing is coming after him.

One thing this show needs to get credit for is taking two B-List villains and turning them into actual supervillains.

In the previous DC cartoons, Sportsmaster was a one-note joke that usually got took down before the opening credits (Ala Batman The Brave and The Bold).

Now he can hold his own with anyone in the Team and Deathstroke.

Black Manta was in a similar boat (with one exception being an episode of JLU), but now I can see him as an actual threat.

And despite everything... I am gonna feel bad for him when Aqualad's inevitable betrayal comes.

17. The Hunt - S02E17 - February 23rd, 2013

The Hunt-Young Justice

The Hunt-Young Justice

Another episode showing why Young Justice is one of the best cartoons (and one of the best TV shows) out there today.

Action, adventure, plot advancement.

When they get it right they get it right.

It's sad they I can only get a little caught up knowing we only have a few more episodes in the series.

My favorite parts....

Koizumi's "Hello."

Lex being a perfect Lex, "You got exactly what I promised....".

G. Gordon Godfrey showing his true (Apokolips) colors and turning on the Reach.

M'Gann and Nightwing's exchange.

And had we gone into a third season, would we have gotten "Red Arrow and the Outlaws"?

18. Intervention - S02E18 - March 2nd, 2013

Young Justice Invasion-Intervention

Young Justice Invasion-Intervention

Two more episodes left and again YJ proves why they are the best at what they do.

Another episode with fights, character and plot advancement and this time, most of the cast actually make appearances!

Batgirl, Impulse, Zatanna and Rocket all get screen time!

We get a really cool Blue Beetle back story that could have been an entire episode in itself.

By the way....I just found out that the writer of this episode Peter David (and the writer of a whole lot of things including The Incredible Hulk, Aquaman, Supergirl, Babylon 5, Ben 10: Alien Force and way more than I can mention here) had a stroke back in December.

Word is, is that he is improving daily and we wish him a speedy recovery!

19. Summit - S02E19 - March 9th, 2013

Young Justice-Summit

Young Justice-Summit

I know I keep saying this... but this is what Young Justice does best.

Plot advancement and action all in one episode.

And action in spades this time.

We get the Light, the Reach and pretty much all of Young Justice in an all-out battle.

And my favorite cartoon couple ever finally get re-united!

Next week...the last episode.

Are You Ready For The End Of Young Justice? - A clip from the final episode.....

20. End Game - S02E 20 - March 16th, 2013

Young Justice-Endgame

Young Justice-Endgame

Well unless Cartoon Network changes its mind...the last episode of Young Justice has come and gone.

The universe that was created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti has come to a close.

That is unless maybe DC decides to keep the show going in the DCAU with perhaps movies.....

They did what I think is one of the best jobs adapting the DCU into their own creation, staying original yet still paying homage (and tribute) to the source material.

You can tell the people that wrote this cared.

Look at how they tossed in a 1978 Superman reference with one of Luthor's henchmen being named "Otis", or how they gave a nod to a now obscure comic by calling a magic shop "House of Secrets", and those are just two of probably hundreds of inside jokes.

I will miss this show and I hate that we won't get to see Young Justice move up to rival Justice League or Batman: The Animated Series.

I can only wonder at what Weisman, Vietti and the other writers could have done given time.

And I want to thank them for what they did.

It was a wild ride.

Speeches from the Producers of GLTAS and YJ - It Ain't Over Til It's Over?

It appears they are still fighting the powers that be.....

Young Justice: Legacy Cover Art

Young Justice Legacy

Young Justice Legacy

Here is the cover art for the upcoming Young Justice: Legacy video game

Young Justice: Legacy

Young Justice coming to The CW....kinda?

Young Justice coming to The CW....kinda?

Young Justice coming to The CW....kinda?

Kid Flash, Artemis and Miss Martian are all showing up on The CW this year in Flash, Supergirl and Arrow.
Is it possible that they are gearing up to give us a live action version of Young Justice kinda like what Smallville did with the Justice League?

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Good cartoons

michalk lm on March 02, 2013:

I've always loved them - great lens

Mrcoolguy LM on February 23, 2013:

I hate these kinds of shows, mainly cause they're too addicting! :D

anonymous on February 15, 2013:

Attention all fans of young justice and green lantern the animated series. Sign the petition to save these two great shows from being cancelled and maybe cartoon network will change their minds and order a season 3 for young justice invasion and a season 2 for green lantern the animated series. We can't let these two great shows get cancelled Sign the petition

Sign this petition Petitioning cartoon network. Cartoon Network; Warner Bros: Bring back Young Justice and Green Lantern

anonymous on January 22, 2013:

Really great lens, thank you for sharing, squidliked, pinned and G+1

anonymous on November 10, 2012:

@anonymous: SAME HERE

anonymous on November 10, 2012:


Scarlet Spider on October 23, 2012:

It's a pity Cartoon Network is trying to kill off this series. It and the Green Lantern show are excellent cartoons IMO.

FloridaDino on October 23, 2012:

really great lens, tons of detail and info. Big fan of comics and animation myself, so love what you've done!

Mr-Panda LM on October 20, 2012:

I just might have to start watching Young Justice. Great lens! Btw, thanks for checking out my lens =)

anonymous on October 13, 2012:

Guys, if you're not happy about this stupid new hiatus, write to them. Call them. Flood their inboxes with demands to see this show back. Apparently, there's talk of cancellation, but if the fans put up enough uproar, who knows!

Christmas-Gifts-Ideas on October 12, 2012:

Young Justice is one of my favorites. Your lens is great, congrats for putting it together so well.

mikes-cool-stuff on October 07, 2012:

I am a big Young justice fan, I never miss it on Saturday mornings (right after watching Green Lantern). Really, really nice lens. Also thanks for liking one of my lenses.

anonymous on September 29, 2012:

good god who else's favorite character is superboy his story is awesome but I wish they did him like his comic book counterpart he should have flying by now since he's older he should be like superman only violent and younger!

anonymous on September 23, 2012:


veldagtz on September 22, 2012:

wow i can't wait for the next episode, great lens

Sabre1000 (author) on September 22, 2012:

@sonnydayze: When I watch the series I constantly think what a great live action TV show this would make. It'd blow Smallville out of the water.

anonymous on September 22, 2012:

@anonymous: i had the same reaction.

sonnydayze on September 18, 2012:

They should forget about a justice league movie and make a live action young justice movie. I'd pay to see that.

Sabre1000 (author) on September 17, 2012:

@anonymous: I am really hoping that with the fan support Young Justice is getting, canceling it will be the furthest thing from their minds.

Unlike Marvel and the Avengers cartoon....

anonymous on September 17, 2012:

@anonymous: Eww no, I like Dick and Zee better, just because Barbara and Dick are so common now it is no more fun :p. ( Not to offend any Babs and Dick fans)

anonymous on September 17, 2012:

@MrMojo01: You should totally watch it!! It is well worth the time :)

anonymous on September 17, 2012:

@anonymous: LOL IKR I CAN'T WAIT!

anonymous on September 17, 2012:


anonymous on September 16, 2012:

@anonymous: its Artemis. she is under cover

anonymous on September 16, 2012:

@anonymous: i cant wait, after so long!!

Sabre1000 (author) on September 16, 2012:

@anonymous: LOL...I know right?

anonymous on September 15, 2012:

Static Shock!!!!!!!! OMFG

JerseyJames on September 14, 2012:

Look forward to seeing it!

Sabre1000 (author) on September 11, 2012:

@anonymous: Yeah...I have tried not to analyze the clip too much because last time I was so far off it wasn't funny...LOL

i.e. What I thought was Conner wearing Wonder Girl's wristbands....

anonymous on September 10, 2012:

Did anyone notice that the girl who beat up Dick was Artemis?

Sabre1000 (author) on September 09, 2012:

@anonymous: LOL...I think everyone loves Nightwing. You have to admit, this is probably the best incarnation of the character that has hit TV so far.

Though to be fair, the Nightwing in The Batman episode "Artifacts" was pretty well done.

anonymous on September 09, 2012:

Dude...either they put in more Nightwing, or I start the apocolypse... Your choice.

anonymous on September 01, 2012:

Did you guys see slade and static shock this will be pure epicness I can't wait

Sabre1000 (author) on August 30, 2012:

@anonymous: Hopefully. I love the way they work stuff like that into the storyline.

anonymous on August 28, 2012:

so the original Roy Harper is coming back too probably gonna turn out into his other version of him (arsenal)

anonymous on August 26, 2012:

@anonymous: Shes in the league duh

anonymous on August 25, 2012:

so... what happened to zatanna...

Sabre1000 (author) on August 18, 2012:

@anonymous: He's shown up and I think he may play a bigger role in part two of the second season.

anonymous on August 18, 2012:

Quick question, the reason i loved the old series was because of Kid Flash, i take it they now have remove him as a major role now in this new series?

MrMojo01 on August 13, 2012:

Hadn't heard of this before but it looks good! Love the JLA!

DMVAgent on August 11, 2012:

amazing lens, way to perfect! this league is so powerful, I'm looking forward for more actions and thrills on this soon!

Melissa Miotke from Arizona on July 22, 2012:

Great lens!

anonymous on June 11, 2012:

dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that , i just hope they do,nt do cancellation on the young justice cartoon yet they are a ,lot of episodes to do , they should do an episode that conner clark will meet his sister super girl , love david conway

Sabre1000 (author) on June 07, 2012:

@anonymous: There was supposed to be an entire line but I think the plans got cancelled.

anonymous on June 07, 2012:

Are they coming out with figurines for Invasion?

anonymous on June 07, 2012:

I hope something romantic will happen between Barbara and Dick.

anonymous on May 09, 2012:

@Sabre1000: Thanks very much. :D

Sabre1000 (author) on May 09, 2012:

@anonymous: Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I thought I had followed you, but looking back I didn't. So I fixed that.

I love your Tumblr blog and I encourage everyone to go by and take a look!

anonymous on May 09, 2012:

I just stumbled onto this page via another website, and saw that image of the Invasion designs, which I immediately thought resembled the one I put together, only to then read the credit.

I'm honored that you used my Tumblr blog as a source, and I obviously have NO issue with you using it (the artwork isn't mine, after all), but please, let me know when you do! Only so I can get excited! :D Thanks again, and be sure to follow my Tumblr blog for the latest updates!

napwcomplaints on April 30, 2012:

I prefer the old ones...

anonymous on April 27, 2012:

I'm not liking Miss Martians new do...AT ALL.

And hoping Wondergirl will look less like one of those girls who do yoga a lot and yenno more jeans and a shirt thing cuz that's her style.


Sabre1000 (author) on April 23, 2012:

@Hypersapien2: The counter Earth allows them some play that working in the DCU wouldn't. But like you, it doesn't bother me a bit!

Hypersapien2 from U.S. on April 23, 2012:

I've been watching with my kids; didn't realize it was supposed to be set a counter-Earth of some sort, but doesn't take away from my enjoymentof the series..

Paul Turner from Birmingham, Al. on April 03, 2012:

I do like watching Young Justice with my son. We have some pretty good chats while watching.

Sabre1000 (author) on March 18, 2012:

@anonymous: LOL...well anything you say would be justifiable!

anonymous on March 18, 2012:

Nah! If I say something... I'd be doing no justice to your work here!