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Who Killed Hendrix? the Death of Guitar Legend Jimi Hendrix.


Why I Think Hendrix Was Murdered.

The legendary Guitarist Jimi Hendrix died on 18th September 1970 aged 27, it is commonly believed by choking on vomit in his sleep after overdosing on barbiturates. I first heard claims that this was not true, and that he was in fact brutally murdered around 2009, when former Animals Roadie James Wright published a book.

I hoped it wasn't true and obviously was skeptical. After all everyone loves a conspiracy theory, whenever anyone famous dies one starts up, Jimi IS also one of many famous musicians to have died at 27 including Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, and now Amy Winehouse. I hoped for his sake he did just die in a drug induced sleep, not knowing what was happening, as that is an easier death and I'm a fan of the guy. If rumors of his murder are true than the death he experienced sounds absolutely horrible, and was a film noir gangster style execution.

But the the more I looked, the more evidence I found that in fact Hendrix probably didn't die accidentally, or at least not under the circumstances that are commonly believed. There are many conflicting accounts of what happened on the night he died, and the account that most people seem to believe, that of Hendrix's girlfriend at the time Monika Dannemann is deeply flawed. The investigation was reopened a few years ago but was inconclusive as they found no new evidence. It must be very hard to find new evidence in a case this old and when so many of the people involved are dead now though, so that's hardly surprising.

I've gathered here all the information I've found about the night Hendrix died and the type of people he was involved with at the time, after reading it I'm sure you'll agree that something is not right here.

And I'm happy to discuss this further in the comments section and do try to approve comments as quickly as possible, so please comment if you'd like.

Some Things You Probably Didn't Know About Hendrix.

And at least one thing you probably didn't want to know...

in 1961 young Jimi Hendrix was caught stealing cars, in court he was offered 2 years in prison or to join the army as his sentence, not surprisingly he chose the Army and enlisted 31st May that year. He was assigned to the 101st airborne division, it has since been pointed out that this is quite an elite division for a young car thief to be assigned to. As it turned out he was also a poor soldier, preferring to play the guitar than train and take orders, his commanding officer wrote a scathing report about him 3 days before he was dismissed.

He was dismissed because whilst supposed to be helping another soldier paint a ceiling he apparently slipped off to the latrine, after a long wait the other soldier followed him there thinking he was sleeping. But when he looked over the cubicle he discovered he was actually masturbating!

He was kicked out after only serving 1 year when he was supposed to serve three and was just allowed to go, this seems very odd but reports seem to suggest the military just couldn't work with him he was untrainable. It still seems strange to me he wasn't sent to jail after being thrown out of the army though, after all it was sentence he was supposed to be serving.

I have read in many other places however that Jimi joined the military voluntarily and left because he sustained an injury, I found this other version of events on a site called "the smoking gun" in an article called "Jimi's Private Parts"and have linked to it in the links section. Check out the article yourself if you are interested The site claims all it's content is authentic and comes from proper sources.

Hendrix was also on the FBI security index after he played benefits for some subversive causes, and is also believed to have been on a list of people monitored during the CIA's mysterious operation CAOS. See the links at the end of this list for more information about Jimi's Army career.



Michael Jeffery

The man people are claiming killed Hendrix for his life insurance policy after he threatened to find a new manager.

Jeffery was a very shady character indeed, he was born in South London in 1933 the sole child of two postal workers. He completed his education in 1949 and took a job as a clerk with Mobil oil and was drafted into National Service two years later, his grades in science put him in the Educational corps. When he signed on as a real soldier he was assigned to the intelligence corps and then his military career enters an obscure phase. So quite how he ended up a nightclub manager and finally managing bands is a bit of a mystery.

He is alleged to have had connections to the CIA and in his obituary his dad apparently said he could speak Russian, he also boasted connections to organised crime and used thugs to get people to do his bidding as I'll discuss later.

he ran the "Club-a-go-go" in Newcastle the venue where "The Animals" established themselves, he became their manager around the time they started their recording career. By the time he had finished with them they had only £500 in their bank account, where the rest went nobody knows. Members of the band have openly condemned him and blame him for the original bands break up saying he worked them into the ground and stole all their money. Jeffery also continued to manage other acts like "Eric Burdon and The New Animals" and "The Alan Price Set" (led by ex-Animals organist) and "The Soft Machine" a pioneering prog rock band from Coventry.

He was also apparently involved with Don Arden "The Al-Capone of pop" and Sharon Osbourne's dad incidentally. He was also a shady character and helped Jeffery bring his acts to the South.

It was only because Jeffery managed "The Animals" that he got his claws into Hendrix who was bought to England by Chas Chandler (the animals bassist at one point) who wanted to manage Hendrix himself but ended up co-managing him with Jeffery who informed him he was entitled to commission from all Chandlers work including management projects.

Chandler was in charge of the creative side of Hendrix's work, while he left the business and financial side of things to Jeffery (Which I bet he later regretted when he realised he'd nicked all the money). Jeffery did however help "The Experience" gain their American recording contract so we have him to thanks for those recordings with reprise, so not everything he did was terrible. Though he did syphon off most of the money gained from them and Jimi and the band saw very little of it, so it's all swings and round abouts.

Then Jeffery started to suggest that Chandler and Hendrix put money in to other ventures like clubs and recording Studios, Chandler left capacity as both co-manager and producer to Hendrix in 1968 during the Electric lady land sessions having been bought out by Jeffery. At the time this was said to be because of creative differences, but the little known truth is that Hendrix was actually caught by Chandler sleeping with his wife and he wanted nothing to do with him after that.

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This put Michael Jeffery in complete control of Hendrix's professional life, and unfortunately for him Jeffery's financial resources became stretched around this time.

To generate more revenue he had Hendrix tour heavily, often when Hendrix didn't want to. He wasn't happy when Hendrix broke up The Experience and is said by Buddy Miles to have tried to undermine Hendrix's performance with his new band The Band Of Gypsies at Madison Square Gardens by giving Hendrix Acid. It's also been reported that he used Mafioso type tactics to get Hendrix to do his bidding too like sending thugs to Wood Stock to bring Hendrix to new York to do a show at a club owned by Gangsters.

Jeffery also produced the film "Rainbow Bridge" which featured a lot of footage of Hendrix which was another project that distracted Hendrix from writing and recording new music.

After Hendrix's death Jeffery was involved in administering "Rainbow Bridge" and albums culled from unreleased live and studio material, but this was erratic and appeared more for his own financial gain than for his love of Jimi.

Recently roadie James "Tappy" Wright has written a book in which he claims Jeffery drunkenly confessed to killing Hendrix, he quotes him as saying:

"I was in London the night of Jimi's death and together with some old friends . . . we went round to Monika's hotel room, got a handful of pills and stuffed them into his mouth . . . then poured a few bottles of red wine deep into his windpipe. I had to do it. Jimi was worth much more to me dead than alive. That son of a bitch was going to leave me. If I lost him, I'd lose everything."

This ties in with things the medical examiners said about the amount of undigested (so not vomited back up) wine in Hendrix's lungs stomach and hair that Monika Danneman never mentioned either.

And Tappy is not the only one Jeffery confessed to as well, Alan Douglas also claims he also told him the same story.

Jeffery is supposed to have died in a mid airplane crash in 1973 somewhere near France, conveniently...


Monika Dannemann

A woman present on the night Hendrix died (he died in her apartment) and seems to have lied about what happened.

Monika Dannemann was a figure skater and painter from Germany and the daughter of a wealthy German industrialist. She certainly isn't popular among friends and fans of Hendrix, I've seen her referred to as "The skater from hell" "that Bitch" and simply "That Blonde Chick". And it has now come to light she was also a Cocaine addict who spent a lot of Hendrix's money on the drug while he was with her.

She claims to have been engaged to Hendrix and to have had an 18 month relationship with him, but many people dispute this, and apparently Hendrix used "will you marry me?" as a chat up line all the time and Dannemann may have just taken him to seriously.

After Hendrix she became romantically involved with The Scorpions guitarist Ulrich Roth who she collaborated with on several songs with and painted the art work for some of his albums. She also painted many pictures of Hendrix, some have described her house as some kind of eerie shrine to him, and she wrote a book about him that went unpublished because of a legal battle over slanderous claims she made about Cathy Etchingham (Hendrix's real girl friend for 2 years) in it.

Monika Dannemann's account of what happened the night before Hendrix died and at the time of his death is the most commonly heard version of events. The media have touted it for years and I believed it, until I started to look into what other people, like the medical professionals who performed the autopsy and the Ambulance men who picked him up say. The two versions of events are alarmingly different and raise a number of questions about who Dannemann actually was and what her intentions toward Hendrix really were.

First let me introduce you to Monika's chain of events the Night Hendrix died:

I've read the location of Hendrix's death described as a "Squalid Flat" and "Hotel Room" it was actually the basement apartment of the Samarkand Hotel, 22 Lansdowne crescent London, which was being rented in Dannemann's name as far as I can ascertain. One account says Hendrix went to see Devon Wilson that night, but Dannemeann claims she drove him there, and he only stayed a few minutes and they were back at her flat by 8:30pm.

Other people have claimed that things got ugly at the party however and that Hendrix left her outside while he stayed for hours, she kept buzzing the intercom to get him out and people were shouting "go away Jimi doesn't want you here" out the windows. Apparently Jimi finally gave in around 3am and left with her, this is not what Danneman claimed however, she gave the impression they left much earlier.

She says she made him eat a meal and they drank White Wine, he then had a bath and washed his hair. They then spent a couple of hours talking an listening to music. At 1:30am Jimi rang Chas Chandlers Office (so this is when other people are saying he was actually still at party, and Monika was outside hassling him to leave) and left a poignant message of "I need help bad, man", but Dannemann never mentions this and others have tried to say the message as left on a different night.

Then at 1:45 am Dannemann claims Hendrix suddenly told her he wanted to go and see some people at another flat she says he said "They were not his friends and he did not like them but he wanted to show them he could cope. He told me he didn't want me to go with him so I dropped him off there and picked him up an hour later about 3am". He smoked some grass while he was there and when he came home she made him a tuna fish sandwich. As you can see this is a different story to what his other friends told, they say he never left the party where he saw Devon Wilson until 3am, but she says he left they went home, then he went out again.

Then there is a sudden divergence from her original account (I believe taken from her unpublished book), she says at 6am that something is wrong, that Devon has "slipped him an OD". Then by his own free will he took a handful of sleeping pills (9 vesperax to be exact, those are a type of secondal, I'm going to write another post on just how lethal those babies were) the normal dose was half a pill, Hendrix normally took 2 as he had a notoriously high tolerance to drugs like barbiturates. He then apparently urged her not to commit suicide (which seems like a weird thing to say, but secondal's were hypnotic so they possibly could have made him start saying weird things). He then carried on talking to her until she was asleep. But in another account she doesn't mention this at all she just says she took one sleeper 6:45 and fell asleep at 7am.

Sometime after 10:00am Chas Chandler apparently called Hendrix having received his message and Hendrix says "call me a bit later man". At 10:20 Dannemann wakes up finds Hendrix asleep and goes out for cigarettes. When she returns she finds Hendrix still asleep but has been sick, so she rings Eric Burdon from the Animals (which again seems strange) to ask for advice. He apparently initially hung up on her but then called back and told her to call and ambulance, she thought about it for another 40 minutes, apparently in case he woke up in hospital angry because he was fine really. She didn't call an ambulance until 11:00am for whatever reason, the ambulance men arrive and put him in the ambulance sitting up with his head unsupported, she claims she rode with him in the Ambulance and he was pronounced DOA at St Mary Abbots Hospital having choked on his vomit. This is what Danneman told the press happened in numerous interviews and what most people believe were the circumstances of Jimi's death.

But here is what the medical evidence says happened:

At the inquest Doctors stated that Hendrix had been dead at least 7 hours before the ambulance arrived, Dr Rufus Compson at the department for forensic medicine at St George's medical school started his own investigation and discovered rice remains in Hendrix's stomach. He explained it take 3 to 4 hours for the stomach to empty and he reasoned that since Hendrix had eaten at a dinner party hosted by Pete Cameron between 11:00am and 12:00pm (which Dannemann never mentions, she says Hendrix didn't go out until 1:45) he placed the time of death no later than 4am. Dr Bannister the surgical registrar reported the "inside of Hendrix's mouth and the mucus membranes were black because he had been dead for some time". He also told the London Times "Hendrix had been dead for hours rather than minutes when he was admitted to hospital".

And Here's what the Ambulance Men say they found when they got to flat:

The two men arrived to find the flat empty except for Hendrix lying in a mess on the bed already dead with a scarf or some other article of clothing knotted around his neck and soaked in Red wine, it was on his clothes and in his hair and all over the bed apparently. They say they tried to revive him as is standard procedure, then wrapped up the body, put it in the ambulance and drove to the hospital where he was pronounced DOA.

So Dannemann wasn't even there when the Ambulance arrived, let alone riding in the Ambulance with him. All this nonsense about his death being something to do with how the Ambulance men laid him down is untrue, as he was already well dead by the time he was even in an Ambulance. Her hanging round and trying so hard to get Hendrix out of that party could be seen as jealousy or something darker, the flat was not broken into so whoever killed Hendrix was let in or had a key. Could Jeffery have bribed Monika to let him in and make sure Hendrix was there when he came?

The big question is what was Dannemann hiding? If Jeffrey and his mobsters really did come round and kill him, she must have witnessed it or even been involved. I notice too she kept feeding him, could she have been lacing this food with the barbiturates they found in his blood? They normally came in capsules filled with powder so it would have been easy to do. Also where did she go before the Ambulance arrived? And why did she claim she was still there? And why have the media swallowed her version of events so readily for so many years?

I'd like to ask her but unfortunately she's dead, she was found in her fume filled Mercedes a couple of days after losing her court battle with Cathy Etchingham I mentioned earlier. The verdict was suicide, but was it really? or was someone afraid she would finally start telling the truth after all these years?

Or the more boring truth could simply be Hendrix stayed in her flat alone that night, and she was simply a bit of a delusional woman who invented this whole story to draw attention to herself. She did make quite life for herself out of giving interviews about the 18 months she claims she spent with Hendrix and he was subject of many of her paintings. Anyone could have made the 999 call for an ambulance no one really knows for sure it was Dannemann we only have her word for it, and as we can see her word was never really very reliable.

Monika Dannemann's Book on Jimi Hendrix. - Cathy Etchingham took her to court to stop it being published, one of the more controversial books about Jimi Hendrix

Found this on Amazon the other day and was surprised to see it. One of the more interesting Jimi Hendrix books as there was legal battle to stop it being published as she apparently called Cathy Etchingham a liar, so I imagine parts of it have been removed or changed. It is available at lower prices than the one shown here too.


Devon Wilson

Super Groupie and heroin addict, but was she involved with Hendrix's death?

Devon is supposed to have slept with many rock stars including Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, and Miles Davis, and she is said to be the subject of the Hendrix song "Dolly Dagger" and was in the control room when it was recorded.

Hendrix reportedly visited her before going to Dannemann's the night he died, but Dannemann claimed he visited her first and she drove him to Devons, Dannemann also said he later told her Devon may have "slipped him an OD".

There are rumours that Devon was another of Hendrix's girlfriends and they argued after Monika told everyone they were engaged and flashed a ring around. So both Devon and Jeffery were being dumped by Hendrix and it is possible she was paid to slip him something by Jeffery, not realising his full intentions. She was badly addicted to heroin and did desperate things to get it, and she apparently became hysterical at Hendrix's funeral and tried to jump into the grave with him.

She also died a year after Hendrix and was apparently going around saying Jeffery had killed Hendrix, she fell from the 8th floor of the Chelsea Hotel in New York in February 1971. Some think it was suicide but there are many rumors about foul play.

Who Do You Think Killed Hendrix? - Vote for the suspect you think is most likely to have killed Hendrix.


Based on what you've read here who do you think killed Hendrix? Do you even believe he was murdered? Or do you think it's all a conspiracy theory and we're all mad for even thinking about it? I've now added a debate module below so be sure to get involved if you have a strong opinion on the matter.

Join The Debate. - Do you believe Jimi Hendrix was murdered?

Over my time of writing about the circumstances surrounding hendrix's death I've often come up against people who don't believe that he was murdered at all and just think we should accept that he died of an accidental overdose. Though we will probably never be able to prove what actually happened I feel that there is enough evidence of foul play to reject the idea that his death was purely an accident, what do you think?

Do you think Hendrix was murdered?

Book Review: Rock Roadie Backstage And Confidential With Hendrix, Elvis, the "Animals", And An All Star Cast.

It was seeing the author of this book James "Tappy" Wright interviewed on more 4 news that first sparked my interest in the circumstances surrounding Hendrix's death. So I quickly bought his book, here is my review.

Book Review: The Covert War Against Rock.

It was during my research for the blog posts that led to me making this lens that I stumbled across an extract from this book and subsequently bought it. It has proved to be an Interesting read, it discusses the death of many other Rock and Rap stars dating from the 60's right up until the 90's including Jim Morrison Brian Jones, Peter Tosh and Tupac Shakur.

My Conclusion

My thoughts on what really happened to Hendrix on the night of his death

As you can see it's a very complex story involving jealous lovers and money, and even a possible military assassination since Hendrix was being watched by the FBI and CIA and had his own mysterious military career that finished abruptly. It's also alarming that all the principal people involved have died suddenly, Monika Dannemann died just as the investigation was being re-opened, and was always dead against suicide, her ex partner also has claimed there was foul play.

It's also been suggested that Michael Jeffery's confession was fake to draw attention away from why and by whom Hendrix was really killed, and it's pretty safe to assume that Jeffery was still working for the military in some capacity. If the military really are involved then we'll not have any answers for another few years because of the official secrets act, and even then they'll only release what they want us to know.

Another thing that strikes me as odd is knowing what we now Know about what happened between Chandler and Hendrix, why would Jimi Have rang him for help of all people? Was Chandler also lying about the night Hendrix died? We know he can't have liked Hendrix by then, and that he can't of spoken to him at 10am as he was long dead by then.

Eric Burdon has also lied over the years about what happened that night too, at one time saying there was a suicide note, but has apparently since admitted he got a phone call from Monika much earlier than he first said, and went round the flat after Hendrix was dead to help get rid of any drugs that were there. These things show how afraid people were of Michael Jeffery and what he might do to them if they spoke out at the time.

It seems to me Hendrix might have lived longer if he's been able to keep it in in his pants a little better, though his behaviour in the army and towards his friends wives suggests he may have been a sex addict (yes that is a medical condition believe it or not). Also if he'd taken time to chose his management more carefully he might have led a longer life, it would have been interesting to see what he would do next as I think he was only just beginning to show us what he was capable of musically. With advances in technology he would have produced some amazing sounds I'm sure.

Before he died mysteriously on 2nd July 1969 Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones spoke of forming a new band with Hendrix and John Lennon, which at the time would have broken up the Beatles too if he had been successful. But I'm not touching that one with ten foot barge pole...

My original blog posts were enhanced by the comments left by readers, if you have heard anything that's not here or want me to look into some other angle leave me a comment and I will update the lens.

Tell me your thoughts...

Inductive Deduction on September 20, 2015:

It does look shady, just like with Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, etc. (and maybe even Brian Epstein & Dylan's motorcycle crash and the Beatles' breakup.) Has anyone ever looked into the possibility that the US Government, particularly J Edgar Hoover & the FBI were involved? Could the (in)famous meeting of Nixon & Elvis have been the government attempting to quell what they saw as a dangerous revolutionary movement (especially after seeing how huge Woodstock was) by talking to its perceived "leader" (the King)? Perhaps after finding out Elvis had not a lot to do with any organized revolution (a figment of J Edgar Hoover's paranoid imagination), the govt decided they needed to "intervene" and assasinate key "subversive" targets who had the largest potential to inspire change in society and empower the growing youth movement to become politically conscious, thus taking power away from the powers that be (military industrial complex / mafioso kingpins)... Is it any coincidence that many of the smartest and most thought-provoking artists died in 1970, the year after Woodstock, and the same year the Beatles broke up, and even harsher anti-drug legislation was passed? Immediately after, the MC5, a militantly political group who had just released the very catchy "Back in the USA" and threatened to rise to popularity, became addicted to heroin, and the similarly rebellious Stooges broke up for the same reason. Frank Zappa also changed his musical direction to become more humor oriented and musically commercial soon after his his neck was broken and a venue he was playing at burned to the ground. The official stories are that he broke his neck after a fan pushed him off stage and the club burned after someone fired a flare gun, but how do we know what really happened?

The 1970s continued with rock being bigger than ever, bringing in LOTS of money and with huge potential for power to effect change, but largely watered down to apolitical and unintellectual entertainment without many of the more thought-provoking figures and groups, and the rise of corporate rock (culminating in disco!)

Years later, circa 1986, the burgeoning politically aware alternative / independent / punk music scene had several simultaneous break-ups and deaths - the Dead Kennedys disbanded, the Minutemen's D. Boon died, Black Flag and Husker Du broke up, and Flipper's Will Shatter OD'd. Abbie Hoffman dies under suspicious circumstances. Not long after, the whold underground culture movement would become mainstream (and many say co-opted) when Nirvana got signed to a major label and went on to world fame (and then after the underground was under control of The Man, their singer conveniently commits suicide).

The same for the rap movement, where intellectual and empowering artists like Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions that urge becoming educated and avoiding drugs, are rising up, to suddenly disappear in favor of mindless gangsta rap, whose focus is on drugs, guns and money.

Again, we see an alternative underground cultures threaten to take power away from the status quo and empower the people, get co-opted and made into harmless entertainment, and key figures die. Eventually alternative rock fades away to be replaced by American Idol and Britney Spears, until today it is no more thought provoking than a nursery rhyme.

Is it all a coincidence, or is there a pattern to be seen here?

This kind of story is ages old. Just look in the history books, starting with Jesus Christ getting too popular, and executed by the Romans, who then take over his religion and turn it into their new vehicle to stay in control (the Roman Catholic Church).

Same old story!

Scrum Drum on July 25, 2015:


I just saw a post on the rogue Crosstown Torrents site, where they don't believe Jimi was murdered, that blamed Monika and said "Too bad Jimi couldn't keep it in his pants". That strikes me as blaming the victim. The poster also said it was unlikely others murdered Jimi because murders are usually committed by someone the victim knows. Jimi knew Michael Jeffery very well. Glebbeek is an uncredible creep and liar. The majority of Crosstown members agree with his credulous publication 'Until We Meet Again'. Crosstown bans anyone who tells the truth against their moronic contempt.

Jimi Investigator on October 10, 2014:

In the Sharon Lawrence book; 'Jimi Hendrix, The intimate story of a betrayed Musical Legend', Chapter 12 interviews Monika Dannemann where Monika discussed her and Jimi drinking wine. She doesn't 'remember' what KIND of wine it was, but she blurts out 'red wine'. At that point Ms. Lawrence, who was a 'Close friend' to Jimi, disputes Monika's claims of 'innocence' in the 'knowing' of exactly 'what' happened to Jimi the night he died.

Dan from CNY on June 08, 2013:

First time I had ever heard of this. I mean I had heard of this involving Cobain, but didn't know Hendrix was a suspicious death too.

Otto Phillips on May 22, 2013:

I think Hendrix was using too many drugs and that low-life Michael Jeffery encouraged it because Hendrix was his meal ticket dead or alive. Great Lens very informative.

Barbara from USA on June 26, 2012:

The death of Jimi Hendrix was not "overdose" it doesn't make sense. He was murdered.

LynetteBell from Christchurch, New Zealand on June 20, 2012:

You have out a lot of woirk into your lens. Well done!

anonymous on June 15, 2012:

Nancy: I don't think Jimi was murdered as a warning to Jeffery. Any relationship that underground forces would have with Jeffery would involve interests that needed Jimi alive to exploit. Any mafia type interest that would kill to send a message to Jeffery would only do so over their stake in exploiting Jimi. If you killed Jimi in this circumstance then you would be killing the origin of the need, or golden goose. No, there's a much simpler explanation. Jimi had fired Jeffery 12 hours before he was found dead. While Tappy Wright's admission may or may not be directly true, what it describes is, as shown by the forensic evidence. Have no doubt that Jeffery killed Jimi because he threatened him and his interests by firing him. Jeffery was an intel wolf who reverted to his evil intel ways once pressured.

rallo-smith on June 14, 2012:

Great lens and I believe he was murdered. You put a lot of time and effort in gathering great information here, thank you.

Sky-lab LM on June 01, 2012:

Wow this is a kind of lens I like :) Interesting story and not written in hurry!

Nancy Farrell (author) from Isle Of Wight on February 22, 2012:

I wasn't suggesting that that's why he was murdered full stop, just that his behavior cost him good friends and led him down the wrong paths which made it easier for whoever wanted him out of the way.

I definitely think his murder was something to do with Michael Jeffery, though his confession may have been false. I think it's most likely he was killed by others as a warning to Jeffery. We'll never know for certain what happened, but it was certainly no accidental barbiturate overdose

anonymous on February 22, 2012:


You're generally on the right track but you've tangled a few lies given by the witnesses with the real happenings. You've made some mistakes by presenting things I've discovered to be lies as fact and used them to form your conclusions. Jimi was dead by 5:30am. Dr Crompton was never involved at the Inquest nor did anyone give any time of death estimate then. Dr Crompton was the London Coroner's Office successor to Dr Teare, the man who did the original autopsy. When Kathy Etchingham presented a petition to re-open the case to Scotland Yard in 1992 Dr Crompton then reviewed Dr Teare's notes to determine the whole grains of rice he witnessed forensically established a time of death no later than 5:30am. You can tell Dr Crompton was dangerously correct because he was attacked soon after and accused of using "antiquated methods," even though no one specifically detailed what was wrong with his estimation. Dr Crompton was right, of course, and the official time of death of around 11:45am would have been 9 hours after Jimi was witnessed eating that rice and therefore would have disallowed any "whole grains of rice" witnessed by autopsist Dr Teare. This, along with Dr Bannister's witnessing of the wine, is conclusive medical evidence of murder the British Government went to lengths to ignore.

Jimi was murdered without a doubt. He wasn't murdered because he refused to "keep it in his pants" (though that probably didn't help).

sonelt lm on February 19, 2012:

Wow, this was some though provoking $#**!

You really put a lot work into this thank you for sharing it.

Pam Irie from Land of Aloha on February 19, 2012:

I read the whole thing. One word - fascinating.

hendrixwasmurdered on December 11, 2011:

@anonymous: creating an electrical problem at jeffrey's nightclub in mallorca ? then creating an air traffic control strike in france ? and the finding military personnel to direct two planes to hit each other in mid air ? one of the two planes landed ok - what if that had been the plane jeffreys was on ? wouldn't the cia have had to murder many more people who knew about all these actions to stop them ever revealing their involvement ??

anonymous on September 24, 2011:

@anonymous: I feel the same way you do, that the late sixties was a magical time in my life and I try to relive it. I collect old records from Sly Stone, The Doobies, Chicago, and Led Zepplin. Not only was the music scene changing, there was the political scene, civil rights and the feminist movement. I was young and wish I could participate in the movements. I was a mixed up teenager, who could have become a drug addict because I suffered from bipolar depression, Maybe that is why I idolize Jimi so. Now, they are saying that he too was bipolar. Just the same it was the age of Aquarius,

anonymous on September 24, 2011:

I've been a die hard Hendrix fan since I first heard him 1967. I'm an African American Female, who was exposed to all kinds of music because in Flint there were no soul or R& B stations in our area. I've listened to rock music since the Beatles first arrived on the scene. The only time I heard Hendrix was when I was going out of town on the radio. I seen TV footage of his wild stage performances and I loved the song "Purple Haze. I really started digging him when he died. I can remember reading the paper and it said that Hendrix was found at Electric Ladyland dead from an overdose with some other women who died with him. It was quoted that "He didn't want to grow old". 30 years later, I read various accounts of his death. In 1996, Monika Danemann died and Hendrix body was exhumed. I understand Hendrix's father had to make his life insurance policy pay off because they felt he committed suicide. He also had to fight for the right of Jimi's royalties. A few years ago, a son popped up to claim his rights to Hendrix's fortune. it was said the resemblence was so striking there was no denial of his paternity. Jimi's brother is fighting for his rights to Jimi's fortune with Jimi's stepsister, Janie. What I am really interested in is what happened to Devon Wilson. Supposedly, she fell eight stories from the Chelsea Hotel. I first became interested in this chic when someone made a DVD called "The Last 24 Hours of Jimi Hendrix". This woman was a devious, manipulative, street wise chic, who rose from a teenage prostitute to a high price call girl, who made it with the most popular musicians. I've even heard she had a baby for Mick Jagger. Was this self destructive person overdosed on drugs or killed on purpose. Jimi Hendrix's death is a mystery like Marilyn Monroe. Both seemed to suffer from bipolar depression,

Nancy Farrell (author) from Isle Of Wight on May 17, 2011:

my apologies for not posting your comments sooner, of course I know most of it is speculation, but there are such a lot of unanswered questions, and lots of things people who were there are now saying that they didn't before. I find it difficult to believe he just died of a straight forward drug overdose. And what they are supposed to have done to jimmi was not water boarding as some people say, the mouth is covered for that. The wine would have been poured directly down his throat with his head being pulled back, this was apparently an old gangster method of execution, the victim would drown.

anonymous on May 17, 2011:

Ah come on! Don't be afraid to post my comments! I'm ready fer ya!

anonymous on May 17, 2011:

My goodness. You conspiracy geeks are certainly entertaining, but maybe you should devote your energies to writing crime novels and the like.

It is very sad that you guys have willingly suspended normal reason and keep believing half-truths, and out-right lies! You guys literally make things up like, for example, "Alcoholic Waterboarding" there is NO SUCH THING! Besides, actual waterboarding IS NOT LETHAL! Or Jimi being "targeted" by various intelligence groups. How the HELL could you guys possibly know that?! One guy here actually says, as fact, that the same people that "killed" Jimi killed John Freeking Lennon!

I can go on and on. For some reason, otherwise normal people feel compelled to believe these things and preach them as part of their "crusade". Why? What good could possibly come from it? Except maybe to assuage their deep insecurities and make themselves feel like they possess some esoteric knowledge that the rest of us "dupes" are too stupid to see. Then, as my experience has shown, when you answer their "evidence" point by point, back it up with facts, all they are left with is to call us "non-believers" petty, immature, childish names.

I sincerely hope you will post this, as I eagerly await the "enlightened" replies from the crusaders.

anonymous on May 17, 2011:

You are aware, aren't you, that 90% of what you have written is pure speculation, most of which is easily disproved? You are propagating a cruel hoax and adding to the fire of this non-controversy that has so many good people believing the horrible lie that Jimi was murdered. I have heard ALL of the "evidence" you and your friends present. What isn't easily explained is easily proven not to be true!

Let Jimi rest in peace, okay?!

anonymous on January 02, 2011:

If you want a good cry, wait til the next time you see our monstrous Orwellian media tell the public Jimi died of drug abuse and an overdose. Or even better, some of the genuine nitwits who call themselves "Hendrix Fans".

anonymous on January 01, 2011:

I'm broken up here, now, just after seeing a new (cable-TV) documentary of Jimi Hendrix's life. It reminded me of the 60s, those amazing 1960s. People were experimenting with new things then, no one more, really, than Hendrix. He challenged those "while collar conservatives" like no one else. He could have seriously slowed or stopped the fascist military build-up that has taken place in the USA since his reign as the greatest guitarist that ever lived. Hendrix inspired people to stand up to the war mongers. I'm learning that John Lennon was murdered for the same reason and that Chapman was a patsy. Hendrix & Lennon could have gotten too many people to question the build-up to the corporatocracy we find ourselves mired in today. I remember the 60s. Laugh if you want, but that was in fact a truly magical time, an age of Aquarius. The music was a powerful motivator then against the CIA-fueled war machine that runs things now. Look what's happened to music, the media, art, thought itself. It's all tightly controlled by big-moneyed multi-nationals. Lennon and Hendrix had to go; they knew this. I feel such a loss about Hendrix. He had everything to live for; more than anyone in the world when they brutally took him down. I'm sure they took him down. Now I'm going to have myself a very big cry. Why don't you cry with me, because there's a lot that's been lost forever.

anonymous on November 04, 2010:

Jimi Hendrix was most likely killed by a CIA/COINTELPRO political assassination operation. If you follow the money Jeffery kept the money he stole from Jimi in some offshore Bahamian banks that CIA also kept some very sensitive funds in. Read Michael Collins Piper's book 'Final Judgment' to understand the connection between the CIA and mob in those banks and how they were used to channel mob proceeds into CIA black ops bank accounts. CIA had a deal with organized crime that if they helped control communism CIA would look the other way. CIA then took a cut which ended up in those same Bahamian offshore banks that Jeffery kept Hendrix's stolen money in.

I openly suspect Michael Jeffery was recruited straight out of MI-5 in order to participate in the British branch of this program. He ripped-off the Animals, before he ever heard of Hendrix, through the same banks. I suspect Jeffery was the go-between for this program and was tapping unsuspecting rock acts as a funding source for this CIA black ops program. That explains why Jeffery had no problem taking those acts over from the mob.

Jimi was murdered while he was in the process of sending his lawyers to investigate those Bahamian bank accounts. They were literally CIA's most sensitive bank accounts and were their main funding source for their worst black operations. CIA used offshore accounts in order to prevent having to explain what they did with the money or where they got it from. Those monies could then be used to fund some very wicked anti-communist operations. CIA was not interested in having lawyers snooping around those banks. Jimi was murdered by classic CIA alcoholic waterboarding in combination with barbiturates shortly after he initiated a tracing of his money. The main Bahamian BCCI Bank was shut down a decade later when it was determined it was mostly a dirty money laundry. Wikipedia BCCI Bank if you don't believe me.

Jeffery told Tappy Wright "I had to do it, I had no choice". You bet your ass.

Interesting that two months after confessing to Wright Jeffery was called to Majorca to help fix an electrical problem at his nightclub. On the flight back to Britain his Iberia Airlines DC-9 collided with another commercial aircraft and crashed. All 68 on board were killed. It is my suggestion that after killing Hendrix by covert means giving Jeffery a heart attack or some other covert death would be too obvious. No one, however, would question a mid-air plane collision.

While Jeffery was drawn to Majorca French Air Traffic Controllers went on strike. They were then replaced with military controllers less familiar with the operation. It was during this time that Jeffery's flight crashed. It is my direct suggestion that intel were the only ones capable of creating the nightclub electrical problem pretext, as well as getting the air traffic controllers to strike, and also steering two jets towards each other. If Jeffery died there would be no one to publicly connect him to those CIA banks or investigate his background once it was established the money was unaccountably gone. Perhaps this is why Jeffery confessed?

Jeffery's charred and mangled body was identified by a Hendrix road crew member - either Stickells or Barret, I can't recall. He identified Jeffery through his unique jewelry. And although he never saw the remains themselves they were photographed.

I'd also check out Monika Dannemann's background because it is very possible she was used as an intel infiltrator. I suspect the super-strong sleeping tablets that ended up in Hendrix's reach the night he died were swung in there by a subtle CIA black operation. And, ironically, very possibly one Jimi may have inadvertently funded himself.

anonymous on August 04, 2010:

Hi,i find it very Sad that Jimi Hendrix had no Real Friends after nearly Four Years of being a Rock Star.He was just a Golden Goose! A lot of Drama came to a Conclusion on September 16th 1970.Like his Fellow Rock Star Brian Jones,the Truth of his Last Night will Remain a Secret.Yet again the Media created a Diversion from the True Facts,not even trying to find the Truth.

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