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The Next Step Up! Step Up 6: China and Step Up: High Water (2017)

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The Next Step Up! Step Up 6: China and Step Up: High Water (2017)

The Next Step Up! Step Up 6: China and Step Up: High Water (2017)

Country: China

Language: English

Release Date: 8 October 2017 (China)

Also Known As: Step Up China

Lionsgate and Chinese company Infinity Pictures with Yue Hua Entertainment Culture Communications produce the next Step Up! Step Up 6 is a Chinese-language sequel to all the previous 5 Step Up movies. The series of five movies grossed more than $650 million worldwide but usually performed better overseas than it did in the US, especially it’s popular in Asia. Also, Lionsgate and YouTube Red are teaming for a new drama series based on the franchise that’s coming to YouTube Red this fall! The full casts of both movies and all the details haven't been revealed yet but there is already some news!

Director: Ron Yuan

Writer: Li Wei

Cast: Jade Chynoweth, Janelle Ginestra, Lil Swagg, Meiqi Meng, Zack Roberts, Bobo, Yixuan Zhou, Jingxing Huang and others.

Supervising Choreographers: Will ‘Willdabeast’ Adams and Janelle Ginestra.

Cast & Crew

Production began December 9, with filming in Beijing, China and Los Angeles. As the new sequel is under the direction of Ron Yuan, filmmaker, actor and fight choreographer, it incorporates martial arts, though that’s all that has been revealed so far, so how it combines with dance we will see later, on screen only at the end of the year.

The Chinese Step Up 6 is produced by Du Hua, an influencer who has deep ties talent in the Chinese film, music and dance communities, and Dede Nickerson ( the Kill Bill films, Shaolin Soccer ).

Youth from different social classes in Beijing come together to form China's best dance crew and learn what it really means to be family.

Step Up 6 (Year of the Dance) Trailer!


Will ‘Willdabeast Adams’ and Janelle Ginestra are the lead choreographers for the Step Up 6. Professional dancers and choreographers with strong YouTube subscriber counts and resume credits, they created IMMA SPACE,a dance studio located in La, Ca, that hosts some of the best choreographers and educators in the dance industry. ‘Willdabeast’ Adams created the dance company immaBeast. It has grown to an international level. You can watch some of his and Janelle’s dance videos and also read more about them and some other dancers here: 10 Dancers You Should Be Following on Instagram.

Watch Step Up 6 China BTS

Rising Star

What Do We Know About Step Up 6: China?

What Do We Know About Step Up 6: China?

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As it has already been mentioned before, the full cast isn’t revealed yet, but we already know some of the American dancers that take part in this movie of the franchise. The Step Up 6 stars Jade Chynoweth, an American dancer, actor, and social media personality. She has a huge social media following and reached 1 million subscribers on Instagram. She performs all dance styles including jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, and tap. As Jade takes lots of classes at MDC, you can see her in many YouTube videos in the Millennium. And though she’s only 19, she has already worked with the Pulse and also worked in several popular movies (‘300: Rise of an Empire’ and ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and in two seasons of ‘The Last Ship’). You might also have seen her in one of the latest Alex Aiono’s music videos ‘Work the Middle’. Moreover, Jade plays a lead role in Step Up: High Water, a YouTube Red and Lionsgate original 10 episode series that airs this fall!

You can watch some of dance compilations with Jade Chynoweth here: 10 Dancers You Should Be Following on Instagram

MY Dance Journey | Jade Chynoweth

The Step Up franchise is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

The franchise began with 2006’s Step Up, the Step Up 2 The Streets (2008) followed, along with Step Up 3D (2010), Step Up: Revolution (2012) and Step Up All In (2014).

A new web television series Step Up: High Water is currently in the works for YouTube Red and is now being shot in Atlanta.

The series focuses on hip-hop and dance industry in Atlanta. Sage Odom (Ne-Yo), the legendary founder of Atlanta’s High Water Performing Arts School and Collette (Naya Rivera), a former dancer who is now a High Water administrator are one of the main characters. Faizon Love (‘Couples Retreat’) plays Uncle Al, who houses twin dancers who moved from Ohio to attend the school.

Besides, many dancers in this movie come from YouTube itself: Jade Chynoweth (plays Odalie Allen), Lauryn McClain, Petrice Jones, Marcus Mitchell, Carlito Olivero, Terrence Green, Eric Graise and R. Marcos Taylor.

Follow @jadebug98 and @stepupseries on Instagram to always know what’s to come and when! YouTube Step Up series premieres this winter!

Step Up: High Water | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Watch Some Episodes Right Now!

Watch Step Up: High Water online!

Watch all episodes of the Step Up: High Water online on! All you need to do is just search on this website for Step Up: High Water. It's the website where you can watch this tv series for free. But if you have subcription to YouTube Red, then you can go to Step Up: High Water YT Chennel and watch all the episodes there!

Step Up:High Water Season 2 First Look (Teaser)


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Will it be released in the United States?

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Do you know when it will be released in the US or if it will even be released in the US?

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