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Vikings is about Ragnar Lothbrock (played by Travis Fimmel) who was said to be a direct descendent of Odin. The show tells of the sagas of this great Viking hero. Lothbrock is a farmer who is very ambitious and would like to sail to the unexplored western shores (Season 1).

With storytelling by writer-creator Michael Hirst, one of the writers of The Tudors, the show I knew was sure to be a hit> Vikings became the new #1 cable series of the year, averaging 4.3 million viewers and an Award Winning show in its first season., and a drop off from season 1's Sunday night viewing.

The main theme of the show is Family & Brotherhood (or friends).

Even with an epic sibling rivalry (forget Kane & Able.. I think between Vikings its worse) Rollo with his seething jealousy of always being in his younger brother Ragnar's shadow. Ragnar's beautiful wife Legertha being the shield maiden she is, will teach you not to mess with Viking women. Floki well you will understand the name of the character when you watch.

The sets are great, the battles epic, the actors superb, and the characters multi-layered. I can just imagine being one of the actors not being quite awake getting to set or maybe having dozed of & waking thinking you went back in time.

Everything You Need to Know About Westworld's Gustaf Skarsgård

Show News

The ingredients of a compelling drama

Interview with Ivan Kaye

Fun Fodder

vicious fighters of Vikings ranked

25 Details only TRUE Vikings fans would know


Have You got what it takes to be a Viking?

Entertainment Weekly's 7 reasons to watch

My Vikings series review & season 4 preview

10 Things we miss during the offseason

10 Things you may not know about the Vikings Cast

Michael Hirst asks the fans:

1. What did you think of Ragnar’s death last season?
2. Who is your favorite character on Vikings?
3. If you could fight alongside one Viking, who would it be?
4. If you could bring back any character from Valhalla, who would it be?
5. If the Seer gave insight on how your future was going to be shaped, would you want to know?
6. Which son do you think is the rightful heir to Ragnar’s throne?
7. Do you want Lagertha to find love again after Ragnar?
8. Snake pit or blood eagle?

Open News

Vikings Season 6: A Fan's Plea

Ahead of Vikings' final season, we urge the show to return to its former heights and give fans a fitting goodbye...

Season 6 to be FINAL season of Vikings

Help this Father and Son get LEGO to make a VIKINGS set (or 2)

Noteable Cast (all seasons)

  • Ragnar Lothbrok - Travis Fimmel
  • Lagertha Lothbrok - Katheryn Winick (Ragnar's wife)
  • Rollo - Clive Standen (Ragnar's 'Brother') (Miss Rollo? Read this)
  • Floki- Gustaf Skarsgard (Ragnar's best friend)
  • The Seer - John Kavanagh
  • Bjorn Lothbrok - Nathan O'Toole (season 1) - Ragnar's first son
  • Alexander Ludwig (s.2- ) Meet the new Bjorn
  • Princess Aslaug - Alyssa Sutherland - Ragnar's Mistress/wife
  • Ivar The Boneless - Alex Høgh Andersen ~ Ragnar's youngest from Aslug
  • Ubbe - Jordan Patrick Smith ~ Eldest son of Ragnar and aslug
  • Hvitsirk - Marco Ilsø 2nd son of Aslug and Ragnar
  • Sigurd Snake in Eye - David Lindstrom ~3rd son of Ragnar and Aslug
  • the brazen Norse brothers King Finehair and Halfdan the Black. played by Finns Peter Franzén and Jasper Pääkkönen
  • Bishop Heahmund-Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  • Astrid- Josefin Asplund
  • Torvi- Georgia Hirst-Erlendur's wife turned Bjorn's
  • Harbard-Kevin Durand
  • Erlendur-Edvin Endre-King Horik's son
  • Yidu- Dianne Doan-Aslug's slave turned Ragnar's 'toy'
  • Princess Gisla -Morgane Polanski
  • Roland- Huw Parmenter
  • Queen Kwenthrith -Amy Bailey
  • King Harald FineHair - Peter Franzen
  • Halfdan the Black-Jasper Pääkkönen
  • Kjetill Flatnose -Adam "Edge" Copeland
  • Eyvind - Kris Holden-Ried

  • Earl Haraldson -Gabriel Byrne
  • King Horik -Donal Logue
  • Gyda Lothbrock - Ruby O'Leary
  • Siggy Haraldson - Jessalyn Gilsig
  • Helga- Maude Hirst
  • King Ecbert - Linus Roache (s. 2)
  • Athelstan - George Blagden
  • Aethelwulf - Moe Dunford
  • Arne - Tadhg Murphy
  • Jarl Borg = Thorbjørn Harr


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Blue Jays Bringer of Rain

and one of Kathryn Winnick's Bros

Season 5 Trailer breakdown

Season 5

‘Vikings’ Boss On Surprise Cameos In Season 5 Finale And What It Means For Season 6

Vikings season 5 better answer these questions or we are going to lose it

Season 5 will deal with the fall out of Ivar's actions at that feast with his brothers and when we last saw Sigurd verbally attacking Ivar (as always). How will Ivar regret his actions, will he change?

Ivar's will still play the on going " I want to kill Lagertha for killing mom" (I'm getting sick of hearing it) So we have a sort of duo civil war.

Ivar vs Lagertha as well the sons vs sons.

Then we have the great army and Ivar's battle against Heahmund(Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Meanwhile Floki's trying to deal with the loss of everyone he's loved, being his family and best friend are all dead. Bjorn we'll see head to the Mediterranean but I am most waiting for what I would say is the now iconic image of Ivar with a face drenched and dripping of blood. Not sure if this was from the battle with Lagertha or Heamund either way this Scorpio loves it. Also curious to see if Ubbe and Ivar's eye injuries are due to heamund

Sifting through the corpses of the season 5 mid-season finale

Interview with alex hogh Andersen

Alex Hogh Andersen on landing his hit role

Edge aka Adam Copeland talks about his role on the Vikings

What's in store for Ragnar's sons in season 5

Creator Michael hirst Explains how season 5 expands the show's world

Sandiego Comic Con News


http://etcanada.com/news/ vikings-returns-premiere-date-vr-app-announced-for-season-5/


With the vikings season 4 finale death, Ragnar's sons who seem to be going their separate ways and new antagonist in Jonathan Rhys Meyers bishop Heamund, the next season will probably be like a different show altogether. The first season without Ragnar's Travis Fimmel (good thing the sons are so interesting that while I greatly miss Travis's acting and the character of Ragnar... his son's (especially Ivar) are definitely the cure for withdrawl.

We know Bjorn is headed back to the Mediterranean, Ivar wants to fight and raid so I'm guessing that means Ubbe will stay behind to protect their land in Wessex.

More than a villain Ivar the boneless and disability

Vikings creator Michael Hirst on season 4 finale and Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Katheryn Winnick: “ I Love Playing A Strong Woman” - Woman And Home


2017 SD Comic Con FULL Panel

Hirst and Vikings actors talk about season 5

Grimfrost presents Ivar the Boneless horn to Alex

Still Pranking the cast

6 Legends behind Vikings... (not sure how reliable)

Ragnar's sons' revenge

Sons of Ragnar and Aslug

the 4 sons of Ragnar from Aslug l to r:   Sigurd, Ivar, Ubbe, hvitserk

the 4 sons of Ragnar from Aslug l to r: Sigurd, Ivar, Ubbe, hvitserk

The sons of Ragnar

Bjorn Lothbrock played as a younster by Nathan O'Toole and in season 2 when we see him again it is now 4 yers later and he's 16 or 17 and so played by Alexander Ludwig (Hunger Games). Bjorn at the end of season 1 is mad at Ragnar for his infidelity sleeping with Aslug & cheating on wife Lagertha. In the beginning of season 2, Bjorn (Nathan O'Toole) has a hard decision to make, regarding the outcome of that relationship. He chooses to leave with his mother Lagertha after losing respect for his father Ragnar once his mistress shows up pregnant. That's the last we see of of the young bratty Bjorn.

Enter adult Bjorn Later in the season we see a grown Bjorn (played by Alexander Ludwig) in a home of some other Jarl, who is nothing but a wife beating alcoholic. This new jarl is very possessive of Lagertha and Bjorn. Bjorn wants to go back and fight alongside his father and Uncle, but this step dad won't have it. I think the grown Borjn is more likable than the younger version as he does not act like a brat. Once he finally gets to go back to dad, He admires and trains with his Berserker Uncle Rollo, falls in love with a Thrall (slave) and comes to be known as Bjorn Ironside.

Alexander Ludwig on his real life Vikings legend &


*Sigurd Snake in Eye played by David Lindström

Mother Aslug forewarned Ragnar of the 'Snake' that their 3rd child would bare in his eye. The emotional one, yet he's often bullied by his cunning younger brother Ivar, to which Sigurd is the only one who often challenges Ivar (which I don't think is intelligence)

*Ivar The Boneless played by Alex Høugh Andersen

Oh the Dark forces are strong with he youngest of Ragnar and Aslug's four sons. Ivar was born without fully formed legs, or was it a disease where his bones would break easily. While his mother babied (smothered) him even when he was older, his father doesn't coddle him. He treats and encourages him and doesn't say he cannot do something.

Floki is a large part of his upbringing while Ragnar was away. Floki was his teacher and is still a mentor.

exclusive alex hogh andersen on ivars journey & working with travis fimmel

and as described by Actor Alex Høugh

"Due to his disease he has always been the observing one—a lone wolf—but that has made him very intelligent. He is manipulative, skilled, religious and provocative, but most of all he is a sad, angry and vulnerable kid. All he really does in the beginning of this season is compensating for his disease and trying to prove himself, to be loved equally and rightfully."

and thinks Ivar inherits Ragnar's "quirkiness and a bit of his mannerism. Definitely his intelligence and his no-bullshit attitude with a little bit of his humor on top of that… and of course women proble

*Ubbe played by Jordan Patrick Smith

The eldest of the Ragnarsson boys with Aslug, Ubbe is a father figure to his younger brothers, and thinks of his family before making a name for himself as his father did. He's the closest to Ivar of the brothers and respectful.He's considerate, compassionate and sincere.

Jordan who plays Ubbe looks like the spitting image of Ragnar from season 1. I swear the actor could be one of Rangar Actor Travis Fimmel's actual brothers (if Travis wasn't the youngest) or a 1st cousin.

*Hvitserk played by Marco Ilsø -

is the 2nd of the sons had my Aslug and as he's bound for a journey with Half brother Bjorn to the Mediterranean he's the adventerous one. He often spars again Sigurd while training as well as Ivar (and Ivar usually bests the both of them) He's a silent fighter with a hidden dark side we have yet to see.

* as far as the show goes, we get the first look of the adult sons of Aslug & Ragnar during the season 4 Mid-season finale. (will be back in the fall) so as I learn more about them I will add to the character summaries

Sigurd Character Catch up

Bjorn season 4 catch up

Catch Up with FLOKI

Travis & Linus

Vikings season 4b trailer

Vikings: Toronto Blue Jay Josh Donaldson Becomes Hoskuld The Viking Warrior | History

FINALLY SDCC panel 2016

Catch Up with Rollo

Season 4 Promo

You have to Kill me to be king.. so who wants to be king?...

Meet Ivar The Boneless

Season 4 + news & notes

So far Ragnar is still sick when we start, in the meantime, Bjorn takes care of leadership while Queen Slug...I mean Aslug looks to the future in case Ragnar dies from the illness. A new slave has caught Ragnar's eye, Bjorn wants to go on a survival trip, in the wild meanwhile Kalf decides to share the Jarldom with Lagertha (ahem Jarl Ingstead)

While previous 3 seasons were 9-10 episodes long, season 4 will be the longest season of Vikings at 20 episodes (In the words of Ren & Stimpy: "Happy Happy Joy Joy" the

season 4 Trailers foreshadows Death and bloodshed

there also seems to be a passing of the torch with Ragnar's health failing at the end of last season (and that scene that had me balling because I thought he already had) the Possible and likely Season 4 death of Ragnar and could Lagertha be in danger as well?

There's a lot to look forward to and for some of us to dread, I just hope Princess (oh wait Queen) Aslug (doubt I can write here what I really call her) gets beheaded or something, I think she's the only character I despise on the show. It seems that she just may get her comeuppance (I do hope, especially from Lagertha)

After the battle on Paris, Ragnar seems to have disappeared from the picture this could be because if a Jarl or King was not good in their reign they are normally killed and replaced with someone else of power. Ragnar in his popularity you sort of can't kill but sets the challenge when he comes back to see his sons who are now grown up (and my jaw dropped! damn does Ubbe look just like him! Now THAT was great casting). Ragnar showing up throws the village pretty much into a confusion of power. He is still King so whoever wants to be king must kill him, as Ragnar did to King Horik (played by Donal Logue now starring in Gotham)

Rollo betrays his brother and family (again). Vikings star Clive Standen thinks his character in season 4 thinks this is going be easy marrying a Christian and working for that King (I forget his name) of France, where he'll be known as Rolf (wait isn't that the dog from the Muppets name?)

a few episodes into the 2nd half of the season Floki is making the ships for Bjorn's journey, Ragnar arrives 6 years after the defeat in Paris to the village now a bustling city of trade, and now grown sons. Ragnar wants to go back to England to avenge those slain in their village. there and Ivar is along for the journey. At some point, there just may be a Lagertha vs ASlug showdown. (which sadly was not much of an event, I was hoping it would be bigger than what happened.

Speaking of ASlug... apparently, Star Wars or the Sith existed way back then if you check out her Sith like make-up in episode 3 of the 2nd half of 3rd season (make that I think 13th)

Bjorn, though angry at his uncle's (Rollo) betrayal and almost killing his mother during the siege seeks to find a compromise as he must pass Frankia on his way to the Mediterranean. While Rollo must be bored with his new life as a Duke he goes along with Bjorn leaving behind Princess Gisla and 3 children one of which is William Longsword. You can take the Viking out of his country but you can take the Viking out of the Norseman.

my new favorite character (and I think sociopath or is it more homicidal maniac?)

Ivar as mentioned sails with his father as (he said) "One day with my father makes up for a lifetime of pity" (or something to that effect) We will see Ragnar's true heir, whose reputation for being cruel even among Vikings plays out.

Farmer Ubbe the eldest of Aslug's sons & Ragnar's twin is the leader of the brothers is loyal, Intelligent, strategic and sincere, who along with

Sigurd who is emotionally unpredictable stays home to protect their city while everyone else goes on their adventures.

the seemingly Quiet and calm Hvitserk who along with Ubbe almost drowned as children is the only brother to go along with Bjorn.

Was happy I would finally see a Lagertha vs Aslug showdown, but just like her name.. the snake in the grass cowered giving Lagertha back Kattegat, who now has it's rightful Queen.

The boys exact revenge on England, I was a little disappointed that with all the extras coming for a battle that we didn't get to see even a moment! They just cut to the sons dragging King Aelle (by Ivar's cart). I would have done worse to him and sadly we didn't get as fun of a blood eagle as Jarl Borg played.

Oh and Bjorn you MUST learn when Ivar smiles,(or laughs) it's not a good thing for who or what its directed at.

Interview with King Aelle (Ivan Kaye)






This article will help you catch up where we left off. vikings-midseason-premiere-moves-Wednesday


Clive Standen on Why It's Not Enough to Just WANT to Be an Actor (or Entrepreneur)


Other news of note


Comic-Con 2015

Comic-Con 2015 7 Reasons why Viking is the best TV panel @ Comic-Con


Will vikingsFinally Conquer Emmys? -travis-fimmel-katheryn-winnick-history-channel-entertainment


Skol to these stats. #Vikings pic.twitter.com/qADP7auzfk

— Vikings on HISTORY (@HistoryVikings) March 27, 2017

Scale of the show

Travis Fimmel - as Ragnar Lothbrok


You are not gone, because you are always in my heart

— Ragnar saying goodbye to daughter Gyda who died while he was on a raid

Ragnar & Travis

Ragnar the younger brother of Rollo is a farmer who lives with his wife Legertha, a shield maiden and his 2 children son Bjorn & daughter Gyda Ragnar is a Ferless leader and warrior as well as adventerous, he's curious and ambitious to go to western shores. (in season 1) The Earl of their area keeps having them go east, where riches are running dry. Ragnar gives his friend Floki what he has left from the last raids to make a ship of his own so he and those who would like to, go West with him. Ragnar and the Earl clash, ending in a fight for supremacy and the jarlship of Kattegat.

There's his brother Rollo who grows more jealous and resentful toward Ragnar. After Lagertha loses their 3rd child during birthing, Ragnar looks to other means of having more sons.

I have a seperate page on Travis Fimmel You can find the link in the Cast at the beginning of the hub

The cast talking about Travis' pranks


a Vikings themed workout

Here's another Workout

Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn


Catching up with Bjorn

EW s.3 and How to train like a viking

Season 3 raiding parties

SEASON 3 Teaser

The 3rd season started February 19, 2015 (this is my mother's birthday). Our Raiding party sailed back to England after the winter. They journey back to England and deal with King Eckbert (mmm Does Lagertha call him King Eggy?) They want to make a settlement and do some farming. The biggest battle yet happened this season with our raiding party climbing the castle in France, and Rollo is asked to marry the Princess. (and the reason Clive Standen showed up wearing a "Pardon my French" t-shirt at Comic-con. Just like Travis is the prankster on set, Ragnar has a worrisome trick up his sleeve! (I swear I had the Kleenex ready for that episode(s) with the attack on the castle!) I think this was the most exciting season so far. Sadly of course if you know anything about the Norse (or just read the Sagas..) You more or less know some of what will happen in the show, or reading the sagas... would be a spoiler as to the fates of our mmm heroes or anti-heroes not sure which to call them.

what-you-missed season 2 -Infographic ~


Fimmel, Winnick & Hirst season 3 interview

Vikings Comic Con Season 3 promo

Season 3 Links

Fear not death, for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it

— Rollo how to #Rolllikerollo

Gustav Skarsgard as Floki


Gustav Skarsgard


I guess you can say Floki is the comedic relief of the show. Honestly I started to watch the show because I love Vikings & Norse Mythology as well as hearing Travis Fimmel would be in it, but Gustav as Floki has won me over as well. He's a crazy sod and I would say as far as the show goes, he may be as beloved as Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the Thor & Avengers movies.

Floki is Ragnar's closest friend builds ships and like his name sounds, he's a trickster like loki.


YES he's Alex's younger brother (by five years I think)

& if you are swedish here's a treat.. because I can't read this article on Alex & Gustav Skarsgard

Gustav has been acting since he was 9 years of age, getting his start alongside his dad (well playing opposite him) Stellan in Cod Name: Coq Rouge. In 2003 he Graduated Stockholm Academy of Performing Arts.

Clive's viking experience

Start @ 52:13

Always remember to finish off your opponent

— Rollo to Bjorn on how to #Rolllikerollo

Rollo actor Clive Standen


Real men don't whale

Always remember to kick ass, it's a lot more gratifying than kissing it.

— Clive Standen

Clive Standen

Rollo Lothbrock

Rollo means 'Famous Wolf' and at least one of his tattoos is Fenrir the wolf or both are the ones that chases the moon & sun trying to devour it.

Rollo's he has a thing for His Younger brother Ragnar's wife Legertha. After Ragnar killed the Jarl, Rollo has a raltionship with Siggy, the former Jarls wife even offering to make her an jarl's wife again. For the most part Rollo is loyal to Ragnar even putting himself up to be baptized by the christians in season 1 (for whatever reason I have no idea).

As season 1 progresses, Rollo becomes more jealous, & resentful of his brother's popularity. When they go to negotiate with Jarl Borg, Borg tells Rollo: Ragnar I've heard of, you I have not. Which if Rollo were my tea kettle, he's whistling at a boil now. He makes a deal with the Jarl to fight against his brother and company. Which I'm sure means we will see the volcano erupt .

In the season 2 trailers, is it Rollo, that Ragnar is talking to when he says 'you betrayed me'. Rollo has some sort of alliance with Jarl Borg, and in the trailers we see Ragnar & Rollo's armies charge at each other.

The Handsome born in Ireland on July 22 1981 on a British Army base learned stunt work and swordplay at the tender age of 12 and though left handed is ambidextrous in the craft. He's a former international Muay Thai boxer and Fencing Gold Medalist. He lives in london with his wife (Francesca) who he married in 2007 and three Children Rafferty, Hayden & Edi

30 things you need to know about Clive Standen


Vikings is the job I've always dreamed of, but it's also opened all these doors where I can start picking and choosing roles I want to do that are so different to the last one, so I can really push myself as an actor," says Clive, who loves playing strong characters, and those which are as far removed from himself as possible. "I always remember what my mum used to say to me. She would watch me in certain shows and go, 'I didn't recognize my own son in that,' and that's the best compliment I could have. It's that feeling of leaving the physicality of Clive behind."

I can't go around looking like a Hell's Angel all year. I have to adapt to the character I am playing. The only way around that is to keep my hair long enough to be able to have hair extensions. Otherwise I have become easily typecast as either a Hell's Angel, a Viking, or an 80's rock star. - about the Hair Extensions he wears for his role of Rollo

da' man exclusive interview Clive standen

clive standen interview with Female First on vikings & taken tv series & more

Clive's Viking workout

Clive Standen Playboy interview


Clive Standen Talks Rollo, Future Characters & Complex morality


Read more: http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/Clive-Standen/story-27491745-detail/story.html#ixzz3hDXlgqI8
Follow us: @Leicester_Merc on Twitter | leicestermercury on Facebook

Rollo's tattoos

Clive on Rock Radio in Poland

other Characters

To trust or not to

Porunn- s.2 Started as a slave when she catches Bjorn's eye and for him it was love at first site. She is freed as a slave s.3 she's learning to be a shield maiden, under Lagertha. She and Bjorn are a couple and have a baby on the way. Porunn is injured badly in combat (her face) and she feels she can't face Bjorn.

Athlesan- former monk taken as a thrall on Ragnar's first trip west. Ragnar took him on as his slave and he is now a free man so to speak. He was about to be put up for a sacrifice but was still wrestling with his faith. In season 2 he's training with Ragnar and fighting alongside the rest of the squad. He is still battling his demons with his old & new faiths. "Priest' as Floki calls him ends up being captured by King Ecbert and ends up being a peace maker & moderator. Oh the poor Priest battling with his demons and Floki helps him with that.

King Horik (season 2) I'm not sure if I trust him, even though Ragnar does. I get mixed vibes with him. What no good dirty tricks is this king up to and I really wish someone would kill him already. Apparently my feelings were on the mark!

Siggy in s.2 ep. 2 says to King Horik "it's good to know your friends' weaknesses" I say if you are really their friend, you don't need to know that. So we know she's not tustworthy, all she wants is to be back as a Jarls wife. She has turned out to be loyal to Rollo but will she as well to Ragnar? (She owes him her life!)

Jarl Borg- (mostly in season 2) I don't like this guy at all but then again he really put Rollo against Ragnar. Whether the Jarl is the actual owner of the land or King Horik, I think someone else needs to tell them the longer they argue & fight & lose men over it the more those men's families get parts of the land! Well I get my wish for Borg (or as I called him Catfish cause the beard braids remind me of one) in the end... I'll just say I got my wish, he became a block eagle!

Aslaug (season 2) a Very un-welcome to her from me... I have plenty of nasty nicknames for the so called Princess, who says her mother was the shield maiden Broomhilda & father (I forget the name but is the one who killed Fafnir) While Ragnar and company were off in Jarl Borgs lands some of Ragnars men saw her washing and so said Ragnar owed her an apology on their behalf. They meet, get on a bit too well and well let's just say things are awkward in the Lothbrok house right now. Meet Princess Aslaug, I absolutely despise this character not to mention got bad vibes the moment I saw her & my intuition on things like that is usually right. Ragnar seems like he's grown tired of Aslug or at least she really annoys him at times. I think she's a manipulative, conniving, snake in the grass.Not to mention very jealous. I didn't trust her from the moment I saw her & even less now. I'd trust Siggy before I trust this one. Glad I didn't trust her. She a jealous woman, and goes an cheats on her husband. (Honey if they cheat on you just leave them as Lagertha did, and if they abuse you well that's another thing... Do it back to them three fold!

Meet aslug video http://www.history.com/shows/vikings/videos/meet-aslaug?m=5189719baf036&s=All&f=1&free=false

Alyssa Sutherland interview

At the end of season 2 and 3 I still don't like her or trust her but haven't figured out why.

King Ecbert of Wessex All I can say is to watch. I will say although I am pretty sure he's supposed to be a villain (or like) I'd say he is fair; he's also a bit like Ragnar quite curious and learning from Athelstan. 'Eggy' learns some of the Vikings culture and language through Athelstan and so on, so I can respect him as a King. He is an enjoyable character with a man crush on the priest!~ Unfortunately he's not to be trusted by mid 3rd season.

Helga- Floki's Now Wife (as of season 2) and has his daughter (which I didn't catch what they named her) Floki as much of a loyal friend he is to Ragnar, has taken his distaste of the priest too far.

Vikings season1

Costume Tour

Season 2

Season 2 Crisis of Faith, power & relationships (trust & betrayal)

Well as far as the season previews shows.. There will be a battle with the brothers Rollo & Ragnar facing off against each other. Rollo in the preview is shown bound with rope making me think of Fenrir the wolf. Apparently his jealousy and resentment of Ragnar is now unbound as he breaks free and so seems to now be under the thumb of Jarl Borg.

Is this a psych out and will he kill this Jarl or will he actually try to kill his brother to become a Jarl of his own making? I just noticed that Athlasan seems to be missing a hand like the god Tyr, & blood drips on his cross. Does that mean he is drinking the viking mead and fighting along with the rest of Ragnar's crew? Floki.. I really don't want to think of it. It seems in one of the trailers we may lose our jester of the group. Be it Ragnar or Floki if either make their way to Valhalla I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch anymore even though I LOVE Norse mythology & Viking sagas. I do know that Bjorn who is played by Peter O'Toole will be replaced at some point in the season by Alexander Ludwig. Lagertha, we see drop the wifely facade and go into battle mode. I hear we will finally see the shield maiden in all her fierceness. How will she take the news of Ragnar's unfaithfulness (there is a coming attraction with this in it...) will she do what Bjorn mentions she would? I just haven't figured out what is with King Horik, Ragnar's Mistress who is daughter to Broomhilda (I see a tear, drop.. does she lose the baby as well) & what of Siggy who is sided with Rollo. Will we lose one of the brothers or will they both go on their separate ways?

Learn more with the Vikings Ultimate interactive experience"

Variety review on Vikings

I got a sneak peek at the FULL first (?) episode!!

episode 1 picks up in Scandinavia in 796 you might want to have some tissues or a pillow handy because this is a sad episode! I was terrified while watching the battle as to who might be slain in battle and even after.

Vikings Postmortem: Skarsgard & Louge discuss the FInales twists

San Diego Comic Con Best pics of Day 2

Vikings Star Travis Fimmel and Creator Michael Hirst Talk Season 2 Finale

1 Million Britons descended from Vikings

The Vikings 'What you missed character infographic http://www.history.com/shows/vikings/infographics/season-1-what-you-missed

Vikings Goofing Off

Season 2 by the numbers

originally posted by @HistoryVikings

The Battle in episode 9 took 5 days to shoot, 650 extras, 105 stuntmen & 91 horsemen 57 cast members.

No cruise ships in Kattegat, 507 rowers powered through the filming of season 2

They put the blood in Blood eagle: 150 litres of fake blood were usedbetween costume propsup for thing of this season

400 antlers were used to create the skulls of season 2

this season required 200 litres o & 300 liicone for both prosthetics and make-up

147 leather belts were made for this season

280 Viking Shields were made for protection this season (that would be massive Shield Wall!

417 spears were used

Vikings Season 1

Starts in 793 in the East Baltic and has themes of strength in it

For a quick summary I thought I'd note what happens in each episode to catch you up if you watched and if you have not. DOn't worry I don't think I have any spoilers in here.

Ep. #1 Ragnar & Bjorn go to the 'Thing' (an assembly) where grivences are heard, sentencing & punishments carried out and plans for the next raids.

#2 -3 Ragnar and Company Sail West & are reprimanded for it

#4 Another day another raid Ragnar again 'humiliates' the Jarl (earl) and both of them look to the future.

#5 Ragnar's Village comes under attack and he's badly hurt. Winter has fallen, and we get stories of the gods from Floki by the Fire

#6 Ragnar & the Earl go Head to head

#7 A meet with the English King and their camp is attacked

#8 The Lothbrocks' travel to Uppsala (they go every 9 years) to pay tribute to their gods

#9 Ragnar and crew travel to meet with jarl Borg over what King Horik says is his land meanwhile back home sickness befalls most of the population. (I think Ragnar should stop going on adventures something bad always seems to happen when he's away) Ragnar also meets Aslog daughter or Shield maiden Broomhilda

season-1-what-you-missed http://www.history.com/shows/vikings/infographics/season-1-what-you-missed

My 'review'

If you like Game of Thrones You'll Love this! However this is not a work of fiction, but the Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok and his family and his rise to notoriety.

Floki with Rolo & Ragnar Lothbrock

Best mates

Best mates

I wanted to step out of your shadow; but when I stepped out there was no sunlight. No sunlight at all

— - Rollo (Clive Standen) Vikings s. 2 e. 1

The Family

The Lothbrocks

The Lothbrocks

Alex on Sexy badass Shield Maidens

A beautiful couple

Ragnar & Lagertha Lothbrock

Ragnar & Lagertha Lothbrock


Katheryn Winick

Lagertha Lothbrock - The Shield Maiden

Don't mess with Viking women they don't play games, they kick ass! This one I'm sure may be on her way to becoming a Valkyrie (which in my belief, like Warriors go to Valhalla, I believe the woman warriors become Valkyries).

Legertha has battled alongside Ragnar and if I remember right, even saved his life, earning his admiration and respect.

She's the Mother of Bjorn who has in Viking community become a man (season 1) and daughter Gyda. She was pregnant with Ragnar's 3rd child and lost the baby.

Canadian Katheryn is an accomplished martial artist gaining her first black belt at the age of 13, and currently as a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do and a second degree in Karate. Kathryn was training to become a (licensed) bodyguard and she has opened some Tae Kwan do schools around Toronto. So even in real life, she could be a shield maiden at least in a modern form.


vikings-star-katheryn-winnick-talks-s.4 & what its like cutting of a man's manhood

Katheryn Winnick Teaches Us to Fight

Travis, George, Clive & 'Goose' pt 1

The guys pt. 2

the 2015 prank, I can't get enough of

Battle Cries

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on May 01, 2014:

My husband loves this show but for me it is a little too violent.

Kim (author) from Yonkers, NY on March 06, 2014:

@BLouw: That I'm not sur eon.. are you able to go on history.com/vikings ? Then you might be able to watch it. I'm sure they have episodes but not sur eif the first season would be up

writerkath on March 06, 2014:

My husband likes the Vikings series. I can see why it's so popular!

Barbara Walton from France on February 07, 2014:

Looks astounding. Wonder if it's on UK TV. The UK were much affected by the Vikings although it's difficult separating fact from fiction.

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