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10 Different Types of Vampires


They come for our blood, and they come for our youth – yup, vampires ain’t the nicest of people. Well, it depends; if you are a vampire yourself, you probably don’t have a high opinion of people. After all, do you think vampires hold us in the same contempt as we do for our own food?

It’s a hard thing to know about, but one thing we do know is that vampires come in all shapes and sizes. From the classic Count style to the freakish vampires of hulking size found in more modern fantasy, vamps come in all shapes and sizes. That is why you should look to understand what kind of vampire you personally would like to spend time around. Or, perhaps, what kind of vampire that you would like to become!

While we aren’t aware of anyone being a vampire in real-life, at least at present, we do know of numerous kinds of vampire. Our blood sucking mates come in all different styles, from suave to sparkly, strong to sexy. It’s all about what you are into, we guess?

In this article, though, we’re going to break down some of the most important and popular types of vampire you will come across in media. If you are looking for a way to understand vampires, then you will find the following different types more than a little fun to read about.

From the big to the beautiful, we’ll break down every kind of vampire you are likely encounter as you turn the page or keep watching on the big screen. From those who sleep in a coffin to those who fly around as a bat, what are some of the most common types of vampire that you are likely to come across if you are looking around?

10 Types of Vampires

Find out all the different types of vampires we are discussing:

  1. Vintage Vampires
  2. Sparkling Vampires
  3. Animalistic Vampires
  4. Legacy of Kain Vampires
  5. Leyak
  6. Ekimmu
  7. Asema
  8. Penanggal
  9. Kallikantzaros
  10. Mortal Vampires

#1 Vintage Vampires

The most common form of vampire, of course, is your classic Count Dracula type. You know the type; petrified of garlic and sleeps in a big coffin. They sleep with their arms crossed, touching their shoulders, wear fantastic coats, and often reside in castles. They also have a passion for flying off into the night as a bat, and drinking the blood of unsuspecting fools.

For most of us, this is the kind of vampire that you are most likely to know about. They are terrifying in their own way. They also tend to be exactly the kind of vampire that we usually think about if we were to think of our bloodsucking buddies from our most beloved books.

#2 Sparkling Vampires

The most detested of all modern vampires, though, are the vampires from popular fiction like Twilight. Most find them very hard to relate to, as their general Vampiric nature is totally out of sync with everything we assume a vampire to be. Basically, nobody wants to read media whereby vampires are the good guys!

At best, a vampire can be like an anti-hero, like a Blade type of character. More on that below. You want to see vampires as complex characters who break the normal way we would look at a person. So, a series of vampires who sparkle in the night isn’t exactly as scary as even the most generic of vampires.

#3 Animalistic Vampires

This is another popular kind of vampire, and one of the weirdest. They tend to be massive and hulking, often far unlike anything we would expect of a vampire. One thing about a vamp is they tend to blend in to ordinary society without too much effort. In some fantasy movies and media, though, vampires are more akin to an ogre or something similar.

This can remove much of the usual fear around a vampire. Yes, they are still scary – but as scary as the original vampire, where much of the fear stems from their mentality as much as their powers? That’s a hard thing to say. Animalistic vampires are often hulking, large brutes who tend to resemble a bat or something similar – often the least terrifying of all vampires due to their generic nature.

#4 Legacy of Kain Vampires

Have you ever played the brilliant video games, The Legacy of Kain? If not, you are missing out!

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The vampires in this series are truly nuts. We don’t want to spoil anything, but basically one of the two main protagonists makes a tough decision that winds up leaving most of the vampires bereft of opportunity. They wind up mutating into horrific beings and each clan of vampire carries the most disgusting imagery possible.

However, they all add an extra love and zest to their collection: souls. They don’t just want to gorge on blood; some of them look to tap right into the very soul of a body and rip it straight out.

#5 Leyak

These are among the most common vampires ever talked about in culture. They hail from the island of Bali, and are the total opposite of their paradise-like homeland. They are essentially flying heads with a whole host of vile organs hanging from a severed neck. Their horrific faces are something that would keep you up at night.

They use their horrific tongues to suck out the blood of newborn babies, apparently. Yeah, whoever came up with the original story of the Leyak is weird. They have been a common example of vampires in fiction and popular culture for a long time, though.

#6 Ekimmu

The Ekimmu is one of the most popular forms of vampire that we can find references in ancient culture. It was known as an “evil wind gust” in ancient Mesopotamian society. They were supposed to be dead souls who have come back to life in a breeze-like form and look to suck out all of the life energy of those poor enough to get caught up in their evil attacks.

They are hellish creatures that were supposed to come into being if you were killed in battle, were murdered, were drowned, or were starved to death. They are a commonly used template for various others forms of vampire in numerous parts of fantasy and fiction.

#7 Asema

Asema’s are a Surinamese vampire tale, and one of the oddest vampire types we have ever heard of. The Asema is popular because it is such a unique and od type of vampire. During the day, it’s almost identical to a human. At night, though, it sheds off its human skin and instead becomes an evil … ball of light?

They go through the air and sneak into our homes, draining all of our blood. They are seen as one of the most terrifying vampiric forms as they can move so easily and elegantly. If you want to fight off an Asema, you need a fair punch of garlic as well as some nails – odd, we know, but it’s supposed to be work!

# 8 Penanggal

The Penanggal is an odd form of vampire, and much like the Leyak is mostly a head. They are from Malaysian history and culture, and seemingly took on the form of an attractive female individual. However, she would eventually remove her head and fly off into the night, killing and draining the blood of her victims.

It was a popular myth back in the day, and it’s one of the reasons why the Penanggal still lurks around in popular culture today. A little strange, yes, but definitely one of the more intriguing legends in the vampire world. It’s for that reason that we wanted to include it – definitely a change from your normal Dracula type!

#9 Kallikantzaros

The Kallikantzaros is the Greek approach to making up their own unique legend. They are supposedly created by being born during the day of Christmas and the Twelfth Night. This is a very interesting concept and was a major part of Greek occult culture in the past. Its’ for this reason that so many people see the Kallikantzaros is a fine example of the more outlandish vampires we can get in culture.

Those born during this time were apparently fated to become horrific creatures with talon-like fingers who would prey on their opponents. While it might just be another myth, it’s one that many Greeks took very seriously back in the day – going as far as to hold their kids feet over a fire to ‘singe’ their ‘talons’ – nuts!

#10 Mortal Vampires

The last kind of vampire we wanted to touch on was that of a mortal vampire – the oddest kind of vampire. They were seen as essentially maniacs who like to drink blood in most cultures, but they have been a major part of history for some time. Strangely, mortals drinking blood is actually more common than one would assume.

Today, people tend to drink blood that they buy from blood banks. Others will actively advertise for their own blood donor to drink from…yeah.

So, what type of vampire do you find most exciting or terrifying? What kind of vampire would you most like to be if you could choose from any of the above on this list?

© 2019 Bradley Morrison

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