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Our Prediction For Top Rock Songs of Summer 2018

Queens Of The Stone Age - “Head Like A Haunted House”

Josh Homme and the gang are at it again with their latest single from the critically massive new album ‘Villains’. Although rooted in the niche desert scene, QOTSA have managed to creatively outdo themselves over and over, while delivering unconventional singles that the world falls in love with. “Head Like A Haunted House” is just the rock n’ roll track we need for Summer, whether you’re cruising the blvd, hanging at the beach or just looking for that audio escape.

Alison Merton - “Roots”

What surely will be a song at the very top of the rock charts this Summer is Alison Merton’s breakout hit “Roots”. If the listener isn’t tapping their toes throughout this infectious track then...well move along! The minimal instrumentation and perfect bass/drum arrangement drive this track right into the hearts of music fans worldwide.

Betty Moon - “Parachute”

On Betty Moon’s 8th studio album ‘Chrome’, she conjured up by far her most diverse arrangement of songs that rock and then some (some even tread into EDM waters). With “Parachute”, Moon goes back to roots and infuses funk, soul and a touch of 90’s style pop for what will easily be her biggest hit to date.

Bad Wolves - "Zombie"

A massive rock hit that came in the wake of The Cranberries’ vocalist Dolores O'Riordan untimely death. With a dose of hard rock and touching tribute, this epic cover of “Zombie” has worked its way internationally into the top charts. Expect to hear this track all throughout Summer at your favorite Gym, rock festival and played on mainstream rock radio all over.

Ghost - "Rats"

Looking beyond the theatrics and dark imagery of metal phenom Ghost, lays some of rock’s most contagious hit songs. With “Rats”, their music video lends a next level layer of ballet, dark theatre, and straight up headbanging riffs done with such good taste that this could covert legions of pop music fans to the dark side. Listen for “Rats” invading your household this Summer!

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Foster The People - “Sit Next To Me”

Forget about those pumped up kicks, Foster The People are inviting you to take your shoes off and “Sit Next To Me” with their latest hit. Although we may have heard the song at an H&M or Urban Outfitters, expect this track to make it’s next stop to the radio waves this Summer.

Echosmith - “Over My Head”

Beyond being just the cool kids, Echosmith has done it again with their sing-along worthy single “Over My Head”. With infectious drum/bass and keys, this minimal rock track with a huge pop appeal is destined to make the top of the charts in the coming months. This is the type of group that appeals to the young at heart, which let’s face it, are most music fans out there.

Portugal. The Man - “Live In The Moment”

Well over 10 years since their humble beginnings, Portugal. The Man have tasted sweet success and continue to ride the train with their latest smash “Live In The Moment”. Already being featured in film and TV, the 2nd single off their instantly iconic album ‘Woodstock’ will progress to the top of charts worldwide. It’s almost natural considering how this group of talented musicians combined with hit songwriting has created a musical monster that can’t be stopped.

MUSE - “Thought Contagion”

The UK icons MUSE have been hitting the pavement worldwide for close to 25 years, and show absolutely no sign of losing steam. Constantly reinventing themselves, MUSE never forgets the guitar driven roots they began with and Matt Bellamy’s riffs continue to drive the band with “Thought Contagion”. With singalongs, ground shaking synths and some of the best bass licks on the planet, MUSE remains a household name whether you like it or not.

Pale Waves - “Heavenly”

When listening to “Heavenly” and watching the video, many can draw immediate comparisons to The 1975 with stylistic influences from 80’s/90’s icons such as The Cure. The beauty is that they stand on their own two feet, while keeping a familiar sound that is sure to be a smash hit for Pale Waves.

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